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On the spiritual path, all the teachings revolve around dos and don’ts, and more often, there are don’ts. Still, when it comes to physical reality, you cannot completely negate it and move forward on your spiritual journey. You certainly need to create a balance between both the physical as well as spiritual world.

The realization of source or God is possible in everyone’s life, and certainly the path of life change with it, and for the better. The point is what are the things that need to be followed on a daily basis that can bring you closer to the source?

After the realization of source, when it comes to the outside reality, or outside situation, people or the world around you, nothing change, but when it comes to you, everything change. Your perspective to see everything around you changes.

You don’t see the world with the same old perspective; rather you see everything with absolute clarity.

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Your view comes directly from the source. You see life directly from consciousness. Your mind learns to see life, rather thinking or dreaming about every different aspect of life.

After the realization of the source, you make the choice with the things that are essential to keep you closer to the source, and the things that you no longer need, you simply detach yourself with it.

Let’s see, what are the habits that can bring you closer to the source?

The first thing that brings you closer to the source is the practice of meditation. The source or god exists in you. You have to take the attention of the mind inward and move deeper and deeper within your mind, to experience the source.

It’s much easier to say, but when you start practicing it, it may take a life-long effort to realize the source within.

So, to come closer to the source, there is no other way, but meditation. Every day you have to consciously spend some time to practice meditation and take your attention deeper and deeper in yourself.

The way to the God is from within. No matter what’s your age, but once your intention is clear to realize God, all you need to do is close your eyes, and look inward.

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With the practice of meditation, you turn your mind from thinking and imagining things to seeing things. The mind becomes an observer of life, by practicing meditation.

The practice of meditation is an art of doing nothing. Usually, the mind is so engaged with life, that it doesn’t know, how to do nothing. It always keeps itself busy with something or the other.

With the practice of meditation, you direct your mind inward and rather remaining engaged in activities, you give him the task to observe. The mind sees the inner world. It’s only the attention of the mind that is directed inward can serve you to realize the source within.

To realize the source within, you have to go through the complete process of transcendence, which is not possible only with the practice of meditation, considering the householder life.

Along with the practice of meditation, you also have to follow the regimen of daily exercise. Physical body too is an important instrument to take care of, to realize the source. The physical body cannot be negated, as in the physical reality, one thing that serves you the most is the body.

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A healthy body is not only an important instrument in the outside world, but it also serves well, for the rapid progress on the spiritual path. If you don’t take care of your physical body, it’s impossible to get hold of your mind.

Everything is important and everything serves on the path of spirituality. The source is not limited to one thing but the source exists in everything. The source is one and the source is all. Everything else is the by-product of the source. Anything that exists in the universe comes out of the source and move back to it. Everything from the source to its by-product, everything works in synchronization.

The source is the vibrational force that gives rise to the subtle energy and pure intelligence. This subtle energy along with pure intelligence creates the physical world into an empty space and here we see the whole universe. The source of life is the vibrational force, out of which everything comes up.

So, you may not find the direct source within the stone that is lying on the side of the path, but it’s the creation of the source, and thus part of the source. Nothing in the universe exists, that doesn’t come out of the source.

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When it comes to humans, the source exists in them, but to realize the source, you have to explore your inner world, beyond the surface layer of the mind.

The mind is already equipped with the daily chaos of life, and thus unless you settle that chaos in you, you just cannot rise beyond the surface layer of the mind.

Taking care of your personal and professional life is equally important if you have opted for the spiritual path, being a householder. Sometimes, when we adapt the spiritual path, everything else takes a back seat, be it our personal life or professional life.

But mind you, if you are a householder it’s equally important to take care of, every aspect of life because if you don’t take care of one thing then that one thing will become the hindrance on your path of realization.

The journey towards the source has to be peaceful. You cannot carry your chaos to the source. The thing is, when your mind is completely free from all the inner chaos, only then you can realize the deeper layer of the mind, where the source of life reflects.

Stillness Speaks

It’s only with the deeper layer of the mind you realize the source. You have to see, what goes into your mind. If you have all other things other than the source, then, first of all, you have to be fine-tuned with everything, before you touch the deeper layer of the mind.

Along with the meditation and physical exercise, there is one more thing that plays a crucial role in getting you closer to the experience of the source.

The balanced diet plays an important role on the path of realization. In meditation, unless you have a proper balanced diet, it’s difficult to keep your mind inward and explore the deeper dimensions of the mind.

As you come closer to the source, your path of life, tend to shift on a daily basis, with a growing awareness at the moment. When your awareness grows, you see the things around you, with more clarity. With the clarity at the moment, you tend to make better choices and decisions in your life.

Our life revolves around our own individual ideas, and we all carry our own ideas of life. When we connect with the life that works as a whole, we drop our own ideas about life and live with the natural flow of life.

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Then we don’t carry our own personal identity every moment, but we see where the life flows, and try to adjust ourselves to that direction. We do everything to become one with life.

As life comes closer to the source, we accumulate less and tend to detach more with everything around us, from within. The realization of source is an ultimate fulfillment with life, and as you start living with the source, you get less attracted by the things of the outside world.

The journey towards the source is carried out in half of the time if your mind is intended towards the source. So to know, where your mind roams, throughout the day, it’s important for you to make a connection with your mind and thoroughly know your mind.

Life doesn’t end with the realization of source, and you have to keep on participating with the daily life. All the above habits are highly recommended to come closer to the source, as once source is realized within; the source itself becomes the guide to take your life’s journey forward.

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    • Balanced Diet, is that goes well with your daily schedule.

      Say for e.g., when I exercise, I have a heavy diet, but when I am only practicing meditation, slowly I reduce my diet.

      It also depends on, what kind of task you are involved in, throughout the day. When my mind and body is engaged into one or the other work, throughout the day, I increase my diet.

      When you practice meditation, you should have enough vital energy in the body, so that the process of meditation happens on its own. You feel sleepy in meditation or sometimes it gets difficult to sit in meditation for a longer period of time is only due to the imbalanced diet.

      Work or daily task is also important. Your daily task should include both your mind and body. Then it becomes easier to move deeper in meditation.

      So, you have to work around your whole day schedule, to grow your awareness in the moment.

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