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Consciousness is an empty space of the mind, where there is no thoughts, emotions, the identification of the body or the sense of self-exists. What remains is an empty space. All the peace and silence is experienced in this space.

The expansion of your world, from this space, gives you a complete control over your life. When you create your life with the consciousness, you create your life directly from the source.

With the source, you become the creator of the mind and heart, and then your creation doesn’t pull you down with life, but you always remain in control of your creation and your life.

Consciousness is an empty space of the mind, that can be experienced in deep meditation. When you dive deep inside, you go beyond your normal process of body, heart, and mind. You lose the sense of personal identity and what remains is pure consciousness.

When you remain aware of the external reality, your attention still remains in the external world, and your mind thinks and imagines things of the external world, but when you enter into the space of pure consciousness, you leave both your external and internal world behind.

After the experience of pure consciousness, to live life out of pure consciousness becomes your priority in life, and then you don’t follow what exists outside but you create your world out of proper understanding.

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When you come out of pure consciousness, you become more conscious of every step. It’s easier to look at your own action as a detached observer and improvise on life as and when required.

The life on earth comes out of mind. With the empty space of the mind, you can see the different movements of your mind. You notice life as an observer.

With the pure consciousness, you can detach yourself from the actions, and still make your acts possible. You can observe yourself performing actions, and at the same time not feeling as a part of it. It can happen out of practice.

When you do the act, and doesn’t consider yourself as a part of it, you don’t hold any impression of it on your mind. The impression of the situations gets formed when you are emotionally attached to it.

The state of consciousness is above all the thoughts and emotions. The situations and actions in life don’t hold any tension or stress in itself, but it’s our capacity to handle those situations brings all the stress and discomfort in life.

One person can handle the situation of life too well, while the other suffers going through the similar situation.

Pure consciousness helps you to stay in the same state of mind, going through different situations of life. No matter what the life’s situation demands from you, you only create what you have imagined for yourself.

The outside life is formed out of many probability, but when you live out of conscious state of mind, you rise above all the probability and manifest life out of choice.

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With the conscious state of mind, you give power to your thoughts and uplift your emotions to present it in your actions. The mind gets confused when it goes through too many situations of life, but with the conscious state of mind, even if the mind wanders in a different direction, you can bring the mind back to the task at hand.

With the conscious state of mind, you only pick the quality of thoughts from the mind and manifest your life out of it.

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The world you create around yourself comes out from the world that you carry inside. You hold the subtle world, that helps you to manifest your physical reality.

Once you know and understand this truth, you can change the reality of your inner world, and thus the outside reality improves on its own.

Life seems like a chaos when you are disconnected with the subtle reality, i.e. thoughts and emotions. When your actions come from the subtle world, you manifest life full of love. All the chaos you see outside can never be your physical reality if it doesn’t exist in the subtle world. If you can create the perfection with your inner reality, outer reality reflects the same.

Many people have the problem with the rich people or rich ones feel pity for the poor ones. The real problem is not the outside reality, but what each one thinks and creates in their inner world.

You have the power to write your destiny, and not to remain caught up in the physical reality of life.

Allow this truth to sink deep inside, that the outside reality only comes out of your inner subtle reality.

Inside Out

When the flow of thoughts is many, it leads to similar emotions inside. It’s not that only the mind bothers with stress, but emotionally too you suffer.

In a long run, conscious suffering is good, as it helps you to expand your capacity to handle the situations of life and serve you to understand life better. But it’s not necessary to suffer and go through stress every time, as life rise higher with the understanding and as you move upward and have a better view at life, you not only forget about your suffering, but you understand the real importance of it, in your life.

The existence supports us with all the solutions in life. No problem or query is too big for the existence. It needs your trust and the right method to crack the code. If you look for the solution outside, you may find something temporary, but the permanent solution of your problems are only available inside.

The highest understanding of life connects you with life. The reality is different than what you think, believe and experience in the external world. The reality is experienced from much deeper part of you, i.e. the inner flow of energy.

The path of consciousness comes with the attention on the breath, to emotions to thoughts to the state of consciousness. The path to consciousness is to create the path in the mind and go beyond mind.

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  1. consciousness is so interesting. From the sound of this post, I can tell you meditate often. Great post man. I especially like the part where you write, “The world you create around yourself, comes out from the world that you carry inside. You hold the subtle world, that helps you to manifest your physical reality.”

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