Create Your own Culture

create your own culture

Culture has been developed by individuals, over the time, and later got spread over to the personal, professional or to the environment, the person belongs to. When you begin to experiment, explore and experience life, in your own way, you create your own culture for life.

Facebook, google, yahoo, Microsoft, are the companies, that owned their own culture, but the culture is not developed by the company, but the individuals who choose to walk, on their self-discovered path, and embraced all the success and failure’s, by experimenting and exploring every nook and corner of their lives.

This is how the culture has been developed, over the past. The culture begins with you. If you look for anywhere else, you will always fall short of it. It’s not ready-made, but you have to create one of your own and mind you, each person who walk down this earth, has the potential to create his own way of living.

To develop a culture is to develop your own way of living. You develop your home environment. You develop your own way of work culture. Not imbibed from others, but out of your own experiment and exploring the different situation, events, and experiences of life. You don’t carry a pre-conceived idea for life, but straightaway enters into life, with the joy of your heart and add whatever you have, to life.

Life responds to every new choices you make in your life. You add something new and life adds from his side, and this is how, you come with something fresh and innovative in your life.”

The Path of Individual Liberation

To develop your own culture is to create your own heaven and hell, leaving nothing to luck, chance or fate. Certainly, you expect the life to respond from time to time, to your actions, and when you receive the response from life, you make further choice and decisions out of the response from life.

There are two ways to wait, once you deliver the action. One way is to wait in anticipation, to have the result, you have desired into your mind, and the other way is to carry the bigger picture into your mind, and take complete responsibility for the result, so that you can plan your steps ahead, and move forward on your path.

Life is a continuous process, and either the result is positive or not up to the mark, your idea with life should always be, to move forward with life.

Whatsoever you create, doesn’t stay forever, and thus it needs to be revived and rejuvenated time to time, as you grow and evolve with life. You can’t get stuck in the same process, but as your understanding grow and expand, you bring the necessary changes around it.

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Culture is a way of living, that enhances the quality of life, at physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. The culture is all about getting better with life qualitatively and thus there is no way to improve upon life outside unless you grow at physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level.

Culture allows you to go through a process of life, where you learn and unlearn by going through different experiences of life. Every religion has its own culture and each religion has come out of individuals. No religion or culture can ever be developed by commune or group of people. It all begins with a person, and later grows and, spread over to the commune.

When you go through the culture, around the world you will find certain similarity, that can also be experienced, once you move on the path of developing the culture of your own.

No culture can exists without unity in itself. Either the culture comes out of an individual or followed by a group, it needs a union from within. No culture can exists without a union. Every culture opens up with time, to a new possibility of life, as it moves forward. Every culture has its unique way of expression and has its own way to add colors to life.

“No culture can ever exists without music, festival, celebrations, dance, songs, and meditation. There can be only two types of culture. One that appears from the heart and the other from the mind. One feels your heart with love, while other gives you a taste of wisdom.”

I Celebrate Myself

Culture sometimes do carry certain rituals that may appear like, as if it doesn’t hold any significance, but as a whole, it adds spark to life. The same rule applies to the life of 50. 60 or 70 years, where a major portion of life, seems irrelevant, but the different aspects of life, serves the purpose of life, in its own way.

Culture is developed deep down from the heart, and utilizing all the highest potential of the mind. To develop the culture of your own, you have to explore all the different facets of life.

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You not only set a culture for yourself, but also for every being into your circle, and this sets you up, to push yourself, to the limit, to develop something, whereby, every person in your circle, can touch to his or her highest potential, by being in your culture.

With the culture, you create an environment and ambiance around you, where each person blossoms, into his highest potential, and can contribute to the existence, with his highest intelligence.

The very purpose of every culture is to bring the best out of every person and bring him closer and closer to the experience of self-realization.

The First and Last Freedom

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