Create New World by Shredding the Old One


Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. In two hands, you can’t hold more than two balls. If you want to create something new, you have to be ready to shred your old world. The new world is established in your old world.

Life is such that it keeps on moving, even if we choose, not to move.

We all live, breath, survive, struggle and at-last die in our past. The Past is old, future is New. We can only handle one ball in one hand. Either we can think about the past in a moment, or about the future. We can only have one thought at a time. The Past will create the similar world, while the future will bring the change in our life and the change in the world.

We have to work in the present moment. But to work, we need an idea to work upon. That idea can be from the past, or it could be from the future. The time we cling to our old thing, we create our future, out of our past that is no different from the past.

People feel bored, they suffer from pain, disease, not because the physical body and their mind lack something, it’s just because they create the same thing again & again from their past, that they feel frustrated from their own life.  On the other hand, there are many souls, who are not ready to compromise, with the life, & follow their heart, until the end, to bring the best out of their life.

Our life is all about expression from our experience. If we don’t accumulate enough fresh experience, we cannot create anything new in our life.

Our old habits need to die, & it’s only possible if we focus our attention on accumulating fresh new experiences each day, and bringing it into our expression, to create more freshness and more new experiences in our life.

Try to change everything you do, or start noticing what you do and how you do, in your every day’s life.

The real juice of life comes with a change, and change can come only from inside. Our mind, body & emotions should be fresh each day, so that we can produce something fresh, & spread new freshness to the world.

Pushing yourself each day, with your work and trying different things with the most common things, is the best way to bring small changes in life.

A positive change creates a beautiful song within our heart, and the more we play our song, the better our song becomes, and it spread like a viral around our circle, to create similar energy around us.

A Little Anecdote:

                                       A story of an old The old 76 years. He went for a walk on the top of the mountain. It was an evening time, & the path seemed cloudy to an old man. All of a sudden his leg slips from the side ways, & he found himself hanging on one of the branches of a tree.

The old man was cursing himself all the time, while hanging, for an evening walk, & asked for the plea from God to save his life. All the night, the old man was hanging, so God felt pity for him, & sends one of his angel to save the old man. When the angel came to the old man, he has described himself as an angel sent by God, and his reason to be there. The old man has been asked to leave the branch of a tree so that he can save him.

The old man refuses to believe him and kept on hanging on the tree. The angel warned him, that because of your age, if you will be hanging on the tree, until the morning, anyways you are going to die, then why not trust me, so that I can save your life.

Old man refused to budge and kept on hanging till the dawn, & at last died, hanging on the tree.

The life of people on this earth is similar to this old man, who refuses to trust the angel on this earth, and keep themselves hanging on their past old beliefs. They at last die, with their beliefs, but not ready to drop, what they have accumulated in their life. They will pray to God, to save them, & when God will offer the help, they will not show enough trust, to even receive that help.

This happens with most of the people. They will hang on to their old habits, although they are certain that one day, they are going to die, but refuse to listen to their heart, and doesn’t put enough trust in the world. There are many angels, who work on this earth to save them, and lift them up, but they will die while hanging on whatever their old beliefs ask them to do, but will not leave their old world.

We have to learn to come out of our shelf and start living life more from the heart. We all are the children of God, and the world has been made out of desires. The kind of desire, you pursue, the same will be gifted to you, provided you work towards it, and even you will meet the angels on the path, who will always there to guide you and take care of your needs.

Life is pleasant in its own way. But you can only see the pleasantness of life if the flower is blossoming into your heart. With life, the flower in the outside world grows in the equal proportion, of the bud growing in the inside world.

“Life is made up of beautiful moments, everyday situations, honest commitments, little dedication, & small changes here and there.”

Once we know this rule, we start living this rule in our day-to-day life, and can bring the best out of our life.

The more we give, the more we receive, the better we perform, the nicest applaud we receive, & as much as we share, it comes back thousand folds to fill our heart.

We can talk about the new world, & new life, and creativity. But to create a better world, we have to shed away our old world.

The law of nature is to change for the better. When we see the nature of the things of existence, it evolves from nothing to something, & then flourishes and again dissolves into nothing.

If we follow the nature, it’s easier for us to leave our past behind, as we can hold only one thing in our hand as our mind can hold only one thought in the moment, be it of the past or of the future, be it positive or negative.

We have to make a choice to what we choose to hold in a given moment that will create the life for the future.

Every person creates two worlds, one world for himself, and one his contribution, as a whole to the world. If we create our world from the past, our contribution to the existence will be our past world, & we will not be able to contribute anything significant to the world.

When we go higher with our understanding about this world, we can see & feel, the old world exist not in the outside world, but within us, and the time we shattered our old world within us, we get the opportunity to see the new world, on the same earth.

The heaven exists on this earth, but we are not willing to die, to see that heaven. We can hold either heaven or hell. A choice has to be made. If we wish for the heaven, and pray each day, but don’t want to lose hell, then we choose the life of a hell, & even god cannot show us the path of heaven, unless we create the honest desire to drop the hell, from our life.

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