How do you start and Manage Healthy Life-style?

Healthy Life-style

Life is all about realization. Each day you realize something new and fresh, that keeps the life alive in you and keeps you going. Life becomes steady if you don’t create something new for yourself or realize something, that gives you absolutely new dimension of life.

Before you live a healthy life-style, you have to create one for yourself. Yes, you create a healthy life, with the conscious efforts, experience and experimenting life in different ways.

A healthy life is all about balance. The balance with the body, mind and spirit. With the balanced health, life flows in a motion. Everything happens. Force is required when you are in disorder. When everything moves in order, life flows like a river.

The physical body and mind too an extent is visible. Whats not visible is your soul. The more you realize your inner being, the more you come closer to balancing your life outside. The balanced life comes from living life inside out.

To create and manage healthy life, it’s very important to know your body, mind and soul. Every person when it comes to life identifies himself with the body. When it comes to healthy life, the mind cannot think beyond the body. Life has a subtle aspects of it, in terms of mind and soul. You have to look deeper within to experience other aspects of life beyond body.

Life is not limited to the physical dimension and thus its necessary to experience the subtle dimension of life.

When you move inward, you realize that life exists beyond the physical body. The whole process that allows the life to happen within the body, takes place inward, from breath to sensation, from feelings to emotions, from thoughts to imagination.

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The physical body is an outer structure while the subtle engine exists inside in the form of soul. Yes, not in the form of mind, but in the form of soul. Even the mind is part of the soul. The process of development of physical body starts from mother’s womb. When your mother feeds herself, at the time of pregnancy, you begin to acquire physical shape and form in the mother’s womb, out of the food, water and breathe taken by the mother.

It happens out of the natural process. When you come out of the mother’s womb, you carry a physical form. You only see yourself, as a physical identity and miss to see the process that goes inside.

When you deeply identify with the physical body, the real process of life gets a miss, as your perception towards life, appears from the physical perspective. All the reasons for many ailments and disease lie due to the limited perception carried by the individuals.

When you realize yourself as a soul, most of your perception gets dropped and you experience life as a whole.

The physical body is made up of food, air, water, and energy. Whatever you eat, on a daily basis, turns into your physical body. Each day, you need something to sustain the body, that you have developed over the time.

With the physical body, balance can be maintained once you know yourself and know what you really need to sustain yourself. There is no predefined rule for anyone, but each one has to decide for himself, by observing their daily life.

The balanced life can never come out of the identification with the physical body, and thus, we need to look deep within for the truth, that can help us to create a fine balance with all the different aspects of life.

The mind plays a major role in creating a balanced life. Before you come up with the balanced life outside, you have to create a fine balance inside.

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Nothing appears in your life, all of a sudden, but you create enough energy inside of you, to attract similar life outside. All the activities of the mind are possible because of the spiritual energy and the energy that you create inside, by the food, air, and water.

Food, breathe and water creates sufficient energy within you, that allows you to go through the process of life, with the physical body, but you also receive energy from various other means. You can receive the natural energy from sun and moon. Even during your sleep, you create energy inside the body, that serves you, for the sustenance of life.

You also have spiritual energy locked inside the bottom of your spine, that not only recharge your body, heart, and mind but its also the source behind the formation of body, heart, and mind. 

Balance with life comes when you understand life from inside and begin to live inside out. The spiritual energy is the source of the brain, heart, and body.

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The outside energy is always limited, and it’s only when you connect with the spiritual energy inside, you touch the higher dimensions of life. The truth of life beyond physical reality is possible, only when you rise above the limited capacity of mind.

You are not limited to the images and thoughts of your mind, but you have the spiritual energy and part of higher vibrations, that allows you to experience entire cosmic universe within you.

The highest experience you can ever have, of yourself, is the vibrational space that radiates at a higher frequency within. Beyond the physical body, when you turn inward and move deeper into the sensation, you will experience the spirit in the body, that can not only detach itself from the physical body but can also lift itself up, to the space of higher vibrations within the body.

“Out of the natural law, no spirit can leave the physical body, before mortal death. The spirit within the body can be experienced as a subtle thread, that works through the brain, heart and body to carry out the process of life.”

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The sensation too is a part of a spirit and serves you to experience life, within the body. You only experience life, in the body through sensation. All the experience of life is possible through sensation. Without sensation, there is no life, within the body. It’s the sensation that allows you to experience life through the physical body.

Spiritual experience too can be experienced by the brain, through sensation. The actual spot of the experience through spirit can only be realized through sensation, as sensation moves along with the spirit, at the time of experience.

When you come from the highest experience to life, you create a fine balance with everything from body, heart to mind. The part of God is always present in you, and each individual has a free-will to connect with the creator, by realizing his true identity within the self. 

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With life, it always remains an individuals choice, of what he wants out of life. You never receive something that you are not. You only receive not what you deserve or you don’t, but who you are, at a deeper level. Life attract life as per the energy that you carry inside.

If you create an intent to have the realization of your true self, the outside life, will create a path for you, that will lead you towards the self.

The balanced life can only come with your true authentic self. The more you intend to move inward, more you come closer to your real self.

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