Create Heaven on Earth


Your Mind is Heaven.
We all have heard of heaven, and if there is any, we all would like to have one for our self. Can we create heaven on this earth, even after all the chaos?

Heaven is a state of mind. It’s an inside quality. When everything seems to flow in order, we feel like heaven, on this very Earth. If the heart is in a blissful state, all the time, and we flow like a river, with all the understanding of life, fulfilling our purpose, we feel heaven on this earth.

What can we expect in heaven?

The imagination that shows the heaven with all the comforts and luxuries of life, and we can have all the pleasures of life, without making any effort, towards it. If this is the idea, we have for heaven then we have completely misunderstood the world, Heaven.

When the person is in heaven, his mind is calm and peaceful, and his heart is in the blissful state. He enjoys every moment of his life, and fulfill his purpose on this earth, with effortless ease, while serving others, and showing them the path to heaven, inside.

Look for Heaven Within.

Heaven is the less road traveled, and not somewhere, above the sky, but within. People find difficulty in traveling to their innermost space, and thus to avoid the path less traveled, they create an imaginary idea of heaven after death. If heaven is ever to be experienced in life, it has to be only while you are alive, and on this very earth.

When we live out of ignorance, the life seems like a hell and the time, we understand all the aspects of life, it becomes heaven on this earth.

When we see the mess in the outside world, we feel, that the mess came from somewhere else, but we forget, that we are the one’s, who have created this mess on this earth, and that too because of our lack of true knowledge. The work that is needed is from our side. Unless we understand life better, we cannot express ourself better and unless we express ourself better, we cannot create heaven on this earth.

The balanced mind, anything it perceives, arrange the things in order, and with the balanced mind the external view of life too seems alright. When the mind is not in order, it  not only perceives the mess in the outside world, but it also add more mess to it.

The external reality is a result of our inner reality, and unless we sort out our inner reality, we cannot clear all the mess from the existence.

We all project our dreams and desire’s into the world, but if our dreams are limited, to serve only for the personal good, then rather creating heaven, we only add more suffering and misery to life. If the idea of a person remains to take more from life rather share what he has, we cannot expect heaven on earth.

The real work is needed within. The time, we choose to work on our self, we always feel love and compassion for others. When we try to understand ourself, in true sense we begin to understand others. We uplift our self so that we can uplift others.

When we focus, only in the outside world to accumulate material abundance, we only develop a mind to accumulate more and never really understand the process out of which the material abundance take place in a natural way. When we only run to accumulate more, we have to struggle more to achieve even a little and thus, its hard to share even that little with others. On the contrary, if we try to understand the process of life and adjust our daily living accordingly, we can create and manifest anything with our life, with effortless ease. When it’s easier for you to achieve things, it will be easier for you to share with others.

The Idea of Heaven develops in Mind.

The idea of heaven should expand in mind before we present it outside. Once we satisfy our self, in mind, and feel blissful at heart, we can slowly move on the path, to spread the idea of heaven, with others, and create the world, i.e. more peaceful at mind, & blissful at heart.

One person’s idea and emotions are enough to spread across the world, but the real work has to be done inside. The way, the idea of Jesus, spread around, about his begotten son of God, and through Muhammad spread the name of Allah, in the entire world.

If one person holds a beautiful vision in his mind, for the world, it slowly gets spread across the world.

Before we move out to create heaven on this earth, we should start with working on our self. If we choose to have a blissful life, the health should be in a prime state, and heart should overflow with bliss, all the time. With a healthy body, we take the first step towards heaven.

With a sound health, we move to the next level, i.e. at the level of the heart, where the heart is free from all the anxieties, fear, worries, and have more trust and love towards himself and for life. We can grow more love towards oneself, and life, if we live more out of intuition, and follow the heart, and not the mind. The love and bliss happen at the level of the heart, and if we are not happy and blissful, we cannot rise higher, to the state of heaven.

The person who loves what he does, every moment, will never have any disease, with his heart. He will be more joyful, and playful with every activity, and he will put more love to his work, to enhance the quality, and to bring most out of his work.

It’s good to follow the heart, more often, to have a better understanding about life. The heart and intuition are part of the soul, and soul is part of the existence. At the level of the heart, we always know, what we need, out of life, but if we deny the heart more often, we usually get into a habit of road routine, and as we develop a habit of road routine, it takes an equal amount of time to get out of it.

Bliss & Wisdom creates Heaven on Earth.

When we learn and understand life, out of others experience, we train our mind, with the different experiences of life,that helps us to live life with courage, understanding, and clarity. The knowledge about the self and the existence is very important, to rise above the level of mind. The confidence to face life comes with understanding.

Before we think to create heaven outside, it has to be created inside. Heaven built Inside, shows up in the outside world. Life is like a flowing river, that continuously flows.

So, if we choose to create heaven, the path should be ever flowing, full of bliss with every action. If we have a peace of mind, at every step and bliss in the heart, we feel the sense of heaven, from inside.

We can experience, the heaven on this earth, if we have a path to walk upon for our self, which is full of love and bliss. When all our actions are perfect, according to the law, then we move on the path, to create heaven, and the people who carry the similar thoughts, join us, to make the vision come alive, on this very earth.

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