Create a Fine Balance between Movement and Stillness


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You cannot find anything with your life, other than the movement, and stillness. Movement is your day life, while stillness is the night. In the movement, you are completely involved with life, while in stillness, you pull yourself out from life.

Create a good balance between movement and stillness. Your daily life should include conscious movement and conscious stillness. With the balance between two, you grow and evolve with life.

Your daily movement with every activity of the day has to come out of conscious mind. No activity of the day should happen unconsciously, rather you should consciously make your move with every activity of the day.

Your sitting at the desk of the office is not the movement of your body. The movement of the body requires the complete involvement of your physical body. The best way to keep your body moving is to include physical exercise in your daily schedule.

The need of the physical body can be understood, once you spend the active time with it. It takes time and the repetitive process to know something.

Stillness is part of the mind. The life starts with the mind. To bring the best out of the mind, its necessary to silent your mind first, and to silent the mind, you have to spent some time with yourself daily, to just observe your mind.

You can make something the part of your life if you add up in your daily schedule. By and by it becomes a part of your life, and slowly with the time, you get attune with it.

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When you are not aware of your mind, it can direct you in a different direction through the senses. It’s hard to control your mind without knowing the process of it, but spending some time with the mind, to observe the thought process and the activity of the mind, helps you to understand the process of it.

Life is all about experience and understanding. You experience first and then you understand life.

Once you can have the handful of experience about the physical exercise, or falling in love consciously or silencing your mind, slowly you develop understanding towards it. This understanding acts as a thread, and just by holding the thread, you can move into the desired direction of your life.

It’s very important to understand that, experience with life comes first and understanding later. You have to get into the situation to have an understanding of it. With life, you can never understand the whole thing and then never act.

Yes, understanding is useful, to get the experience, but the same understanding also becomes the hindrance, if you only pick the understanding and drop the experience out of it.

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Understanding is of no use unless you bring it into your experience. Experience and understanding is the key for growth and development. People fail when they misunderstood the understanding for an experience. Understanding is merely an imagination unless it becomes a part of your experience.

It cannot do good to you if you haven’t gone through the experience by yourself. The balance with the body, mind, and heart is the balance with the movement and stillness.

You can bring the best out of all the three if you consciously take active steps to improve upon it. Your life comes out of your body, mind, and heart, and the quality of your experience depends on upon the quality of your body, mind, and heart.

Your life you see in the outside world comes out of your body, mind, and heart, and the better you get with it, you see its effects, in the outside world.

Working consciously on your body, mind, and heart, you take control of the process of evolution. Unconscious man lives on the mercy of nature for its growth and development. Life throws him into different situations in his life so that he can learn and rise above it.

Life happens moment by moment. Everything out of the natural process takes time to grow and flourish. You cannot expect the baby to turn into an adult before time, and if you do, you prevent the natural growth of life.

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The same law applies to you. Work on your body, mind, and heart each day and go with the flow of life. Embrace and accept the life, and gradually grow and evolve with life.

When you are conscious on your part, you certainly enrich your experience with life. The struggle of a man is when he moves away from the natural understanding of life, and either moves too fast or go too slow with life.

When the person tries to possess all the things at once. When you expect all the change at once, you create an illusion for yourself. Life moves movement by movement. You have to play well with all the movements of life, and that too with proper understanding.

You don’t have to run or sit at the same place, but have to walk with the natural process of life. Make sure to show up at life every day, as life happens every day. If you show up every day to life, then you don’t have to worry about anything, but the natural process of life takes care of everything.

This is the golden rule of life. Get into the experience, develop an understanding out of it, accumulate enough experience to create a thread out of it, and then hold the thread and keep on moving with it, till you reach the end of the road.

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The life ends not with the physical body, but the time you are done with a thorough understanding about life. The time you utilize your body, mind, and heart, you don’t have anything left inside to give, and you become utterly empty.

Nothing remains in the body, with your heart and the mind. You reach the state of absolute nothingness from inside, where no seed remains within you, to come back to life. But this happens if you have gone through all the experiences of life, and develop a thorough understanding of it.

You can have a beautiful balance with the movement and stillness. You silence your mind, make enough movement with your body to stay healthy and fit. Make a genuine effort to pour love, with every aspect of life, and you keep on moving into the gap.

Your liability is not for the effect, but for the cause. If you serve the cause, an effect is bound to come out of the natural process. You don’t need to worry about the effect. You have to take care of the cause.

Your body, mind, and heart are the cause, out of which the effect of life you see in the outside world. Your situations, circumstances and the people in your life are also a part of the same cause, that you carry within you.

When you improve upon the cause, the effect is improved by default, and when you follow the right process of life, you also grow with the experience and understanding of life.

Magic with life happens everyday and mystery of life too is revealed everyday. If you connect with life on an everyday basis, you are bound to grow with life.

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As your understanding grows towards life, slowly the mystery of life is revealed to you. The mystery of life is the natural process of life. Once you know the natural process of life, you don’t resist with life, but you align your steps with it.

On this earth, you cannot find something new. Everything already exists on this earth. The subtle world of mind and heart also forms images and creates thoughts from the same existence.

The nature of the mind is to think thoughts and form images. Out of its very nature, the things expands in the mind and later on this earth. Life starts with the subtle world and ends with the physical manifestation of it. When you work on your body, mind, and heart you connect with the source of life.

There is something higher than the body, mind, and heart that exists in human. That is the higher self, above the mind. The job of the mind is to discover.

With the level of energy it carries inside, and with its attention and intention, it discovers the things outside, that seems useful to him. The same mind when directed inward, it discovers the higher self, that resides within the mind but remains absolutely detached from it.

The highest mystery of life is the self-realization. Once you realize your higher self from within, there is no another thing of the world, remains a mystery to you, and all the different aspects of life are revealed in its true identity, along with the human and the things of the existence.

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