Count your Blessings and Manifest your desires

Count your Blessings

Count your blessings. You have heard it many times, but you might not be aware that, if you don’t count your blessings, it will be perished.

We take our life’s gift for granted. Many times we don’t even realize the people, situations and events in our life as gifts, rather consider it to be a part of road-routine. This allows us to act and treat them differently.

When you don’t add value to the people, situations, or events of your life, you won’t be able to give due importance to it. Its only when you start valuing each and every situation, people and events of your life, you actually understand the importance of it in your life.

When you look for the blessings in everything, you see the brighter side of life. You see your life from a different perspective. The life remains the same but your perspective to view the same life change.

Life in the moment is neither positive nor negative, but it’s you who perceive life out of your individual perception.

Life is a blessing but you have to acknowledge your blessings and give due importance to it.

When we take things for granted, we get into a road-routine. We miss the wow factor in our life. When we consider every part of life as gift, every moment of our life becomes interesting and we relish every moment of our life.

What is the Meaning of Life?

Experiencing life as blessings connect you with the life of the moment. You see more in the moment. Your perception expands in the moment. You see the same life with a different perspective. Even the small things appears important to you.

You don’t take any moment of your life for granted, rather you realize that, everything that is part of your life, acts as a chain to take your life forward.

Just when you understand the importance of blessings in your life, the process of manifesting your desires becomes effortless. Manifesting the life of your choice comes out of a process.

When you understand the process of life, you don’t struggle with life rather simply align yourself with the process and your desires gets manifested out of the process. This doesn’t mean you don’t act. Action is required, but your action remains in alignment with the process of life.

When we struggle in life, it shows in our actions, and at the same time, when we flow out of natural process of life, it too reflects from our life.

Usually, when we desire something, we want it to get manifested right away. But that’s not the process of life. Before you manifest your desire into the physical reality, that desire needs to shape up in your subtle reality. Unless it gets a proper shape in your subtle reality, it’s not possible to bring your desire into physical manifestation.

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Whenever you want something out of life, don’t simply jump on action; rather allow the desire to grow in you for a while. Meanwhile, don’t fill yourself with unnecessary things; rather stay with your desire.

It takes some time for the mind to get acquainted to new things and same applies to your desire.

Once your mind gets comfortable with the desire, you start feeling ease with your desire. When you stay with your desire, that desire takes over your mind. You experience the manifestation of your desire in the subtle world. Once the desire gets manifested in your subtle world, it takes no effort to accomplish in the physical world.

All the struggle and hard work exists because you dissociate with the process of life. You consider physical world to be the only reality, and thus don’t give much importance to the subtle world. Unless and until, your desires have shaped in your subtle world, it’s impossible to build and sustain in the physical world.

Manifesting your desire takes time. You have to go through the process before you manifest anything in your life. The process of manifestation flows inside out.

When you experience your life as blessings, the process of manifesting anything in your life becomes effortless.

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Life comes with an open-end. No moment of your life comes with a close-end rather every moment of your life comes with an open-end. Every moment you have an opportunity to change the direction of your life. Life is absolutely flexible and you can mold your life the way you want, provided you consciously involved in it.

We like to indulge in too many things all at once. This adds confusion to the mind. When you give one thing to the mind, there remains enough space in the mind to think on that one thing. Once the mind puts its attention on one thing, it starts looking for the ways to manifest that one thing in the physical reality.

When you keep yourself engaged into too many things, the mind remains confused, and you don’t find the way, to move forward. Your mind has to be absolutely clear about the path and the destination, before you choose to manifest anything in your life.

When you see life as blessings, your mind remains open to life. When you stay open to life, ample of opportunities cross your mind and you can choose that works best for you, according to your situation and circumstances.

Manifesting your desires out of natural process of life, not only serve you to create the life of your dreams, but you also remain one with the natural process of life.

When you flow with the natural process of life, you don’t get attached to your desires; rather manifest them out of natural process, and flow ahead with the process of life.

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In life, manifestation is not the only thing that is important, but you should also have an understanding of the process of life. Many people build wealth in their lives, but don’t know the actual process of it. So, when the stage comes when they lose all their wealth, they don’t know how to build their fortune again.

Life is all about attention. Wherever you put your attention, your life tends to flow in that direction. Looking for the gifts in everything allows you to attract the same into your life.

Even your desires need your attention. If you bring down all your attention to your desire, naturally the way gets created in you to accomplish your desire.

The struggle in life doesn’t happen on the path or with the destination; rather the struggle only happens when you don’t know your destination, or the path that takes you to the destination.

To know your desire is important but you should also know the path or the process to manifest your desire.

Manifest Your Destiny

Life is interesting, if you carry your curiosity with every experience of life. Whatever you want out of life, align yourself with the ways of life. Don’t necessarily struggle with life, rather simply connect with the life that is happening in you, and follow the inner ways of life, to reach your destination.

The effort and struggle in life only happens when you disconnect with your true self and connect with the things of the outside world. When the outside world, becomes your center point, you invite yourself for the struggle but when the self becomes your center point, naturally you connect with the process of life, and sail through life with effortless ease.

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