Convince Yourself First, before the World gets Convinced



The first lesson I have learned in my life is to convince myself before I expect the world to get convinced. Unless your mind gets convinced about something and moves on, to have an experience of it, you cannot expect anybody else to get convinced of it. Before the world gets convinced, you have to convince yourself first.

Everything needs to get clear in your mind. The physical manifestation requires huge exploration in your subtle world. When the picture of the idea gets cleared in mind, necessary emotions gets developed for the body to take action on an idea. This way everything gets manifest on this earth.

When the picture of the idea gets cleared in mind, necessary emotions gets developed for the body to take action on an idea. This way everything gets manifest on this earth.

We all Live with the Idea.

What I have understood from the past experience, is that our life revolves around an idea. This idea is our belief system, and our whole life circle moves around that belief system.

To look into our life, it’s important to know what idea we believe in, and where does it come from?

I have read an article on Richard Branson. In the article, Richard Branson revealed his idea about life, that is to get into the zone of life, where he feels most uncomfortable and change the scenario of the situation, to an extent, where he felt ease into that given situation. This was his reason to launch “Virgin Atlantic Airline.” The situation at that time was no favorable for the airline business, and all the airlines at those time was facing loss, but Richard Branson has his own idea to go about it, and today we can see, the standard he has set for other airlines to follow.

Unless we expand the idea about life, we cannot push our limits. First of all, it’s important to know what we live for.

Say I write on Life and God, and do Video Blogs. My idea of life is to explore the spiritual world through daily living and share the experience with the world. It seems like an imagination, but when I live every moment of it, it becomes my reality and it seems so simple, for me to present the idea of God and Life to the world. Every day, I go deeper into myself, to figure out the higher truth of life, and then live it each moment, so that I can share every bit of experience with the world.

Any Idea has to be a part of an Experience.

No idea seems practical, unless it becomes a part of our personal experience, and serve us in our daily life. Everything is practical, and anything is possible under the sun if we convince ourselves for it.

Remember the director will not get an idea to become a psychiatrist, and he has not to convince himself for it, but his mind will only give him the picture of something, i.e. possible for him. But once the idea is received, it all depends on an individual, how he explore his idea and bring alive on this earth.

All the humans are the possibilities of life and are here to explore themselves and reach their peaks so that they can bring out the highest form of themselves on this earth.

If I get the idea to do something. I have to explore the idea in all possible forms unless it becomes the subtle reality in my mind. Once the idea is explored inside, slowly it begins to shape in the external reality.

Once you receive the dream or get an idea for life, you don’t receive the whole picture, but you only get a glimpse of it. later on, when you walk upon that idea and put on the necessary work on it, then it begins to show up in the physical life.

We all are divine being in a human form, and we all have the potential and the talent to present our best self to the world if we can convince our self for it.

Life doesn’t come all of a sudden. It requires lots of courage to stand, on what you believe in the tough times. The subtle reality doesn’t manifest into the physical reality unless you pour everything of yours into it.

Patience and Perseverance.

The reason we give up on something is out of lack of patience, and ability to persevere with the idea to make it a reality.

Say for e.g., In a room, you have your passport, and the room is filled with lot other stuff. To search for the passport, you have to go through many other things. It may possible that you come across many important things, but those things don’t serve the purpose at this time. So when you focus only on the passport, you will not take your attention of it, but you will do all the things to get to your passport.

Now, in those moments, if the passport is important to you, you will stay around to clean the mess, and do everything to get the passport, but if it’s really not important to you, then you will let it go, or find an excuse for yourself.

When we really want something, we are ready to wait, and strive with all the might, for what we want in our life.

We only allow the things to let go, if we are not sure if we really want it in our life. Life is no fluke or chance, but unfolds in the same way, as it unfolds for other. Life doesn’t favor anyone, and each one has to strive for himself, for what he want out of life.

whatever you want, in the form of experience happens inside of you. The seed of an experience pulsates inside. It all depends on you, how you nourish and take care of the seeds, that’s rising in you. Nobody knows what you carry inside, and nobody else will ever know unless you bring your inner reality outside.

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