Connect Yourself with the Time and Space of the Moment


“Know your time & Subtle Energy.”

Life happens in a day. The 24 hours of this day, sums up the whole life, we have lived till this date. If we choose to make any changes with the life or get better with it, it can be done, in this 24 hours, so that if we receive another day, we can live with better understanding, and grow and evolve, with each passing day. Life is, of time and energy. If we know the time and energy, we can make the better use of it.

We all have 24 hours of the day but do we live the day making most out of it, or the days just pass by, without we getting notice of it?

We can observe the day if we put the due attention to it. We can only understand the inner flow of our energy if we hold ourself to know, where we spent our time and energy throughout the day.

Knowing is very important. Unless you know something, it cannot be improved or you can get better with it. We can divert the flow of energy in the desired direction if we can read the flow of our inner energy. It’s very important to know where we spend the time of our day to make effective use of every hour of the day.

The life becomes full and complete if we live each day, and every moment, with full of awareness.

We can overcome any obstacles of life, and  any idea on this earth can be manifested, if we have the thorough knowledge of time and energy, we utilize throughout the day. We relate our self with the actions and the results in life. Try to approach life, by connecting with your time and energy, and you will better understand life, and you can make most out of every situation of your life.

“Plan it’s usage.”

When I know, where I spent my time and energy of the day, it’s better to plan the things in advance. Sometimes we spent more time, on the active side of life, due to which the passive life, from which we create our active life, is completely neglected.

We all are looking for the success in life,but when we focus too much on the action plan and the result, we miss the life lesson’s, for which we have been put into those situations of life.

“Life is a balance. We act, so that we can learn out of it. We learn, so that we can make our action plan better. “

“Evaluate and check the Usage.”

The first thing that happens, when you know your time and energy, and with it, you plan the things in advance, is you fail. You fail not once, but again and again with your plans and schedule for life. Here is the life lesson.

Whenever you commit something bigger than yourself, all of your weaknesses come to the surface. Don’t take it as a setback, but make it an opportunity, to understand & work upon, on all the different aspects of your life.

Once you plan your things in advance, you put the things straight in order, be it your personal or professional life. When you know your actions, or when you know what you give to life, you know what to expect from life, and thus you don’t create unnecessary expectations, from any aspects of your life.

You develop a realistic approach when you plan and schedule your life. The next thing happens, is once the things are in order, you grow and get better with it, every time, you move out to perform the task. This creates more confidence in you. When the things move in order, and you follow the straight path, you can check and evaluate your actions at every step.

“Improve upon it.”

We can feel real joy and happiness with life if we grow and improve with life, at every step. When we grow and improve, the world around us gets better, and we get more inspiration to get better with life. To satisfy means to be contented with less. Grow and improve upon life, means to serve the life itself.

We only grow, if we have a bigger intention, to serve the human kind.

When we grow and get better, we support the nature. We take a role of nature. The person evolves out of pain and suffering or out of love and understanding. People suffer, because they don’t really know the purpose of life, and they miss the path of truth.

We face the problems in life if we lose the path or straight order. Straight order for life are not the rigid rules set by others, but straight order with life is something we have set for ourselves out of our understanding and experimenting with all the different areas of life.

When we improve our life, we never think to stop at any step, but we take pleasure out of every step and feel blissful in every situation of life. Remember life is a continuous process, of learning and growth and getting better at every step, and not to think of retire at any point.

“Go Deeper into it.”

Life is at the physical level when we look for satisfying our basic needs of life. When we go deeper, we can see the emotional aspects of life, where we can see the dreams and desire’s, that compels us to go at any limit, to satisfy our self.

When we go deeper, we get to the level of thoughts, where we have the option to choose our life, with every thought. The thought process is part of the moving energy in the body. If the energy is high, the mind creates positive thought, while the energy is flowing low, the mind creates negative thoughts. Remember the person doesn’t think thoughts, but thoughts come to the person. We accept thoughts that are useful, and we negate those, that may add negativity to our life.

At the level of mind, we choose the best of our thoughts for the action, and we see its result in our life. It’s been said to think positive thoughts, but when you really observe your thoughts, you realize that you cannot think positive thoughts, but all you can do, is choose from the flow of thoughts, that suits best to you in the moment.

When we go deeper into our mind, we find different layers, that is connected with the different parts of our life. One layer is for the pleasure, the other one is for the basic needs, the third one is for the emotions, the fourth is for the intellect, the fifth part is for imagination. The life is a design out of this layers, and once we go deeper, the bigger truth is revealed about life.

Always go deeper into life, to know life better. The more we choose to live in the subtle region, the better understanding, we get of our world.

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