Connect Your Life with Time & Space, to Live Eternal Life.



Eternal Life is beyond time and space, but to live eternal life, you have to rise above the time and space, in your mind and experience the eternity in the moment.

The eternal life is ever-present, and as sun, moon and stars appear, you too can experience the eternity within you. You hold the part within you, which is eternal, but unless you understand the different aspects of mind, you cannot rise above it, to experience the eternal.

The mind understands time and space. The life on this earth moves in a circle of time and space. Anything which is physical form, carries the time and space with it.

Life and death too are part of the mind. You come at a specified time, and after the period, the time comes for you to leave. You get the chance to express yourself in this stipulated time. You can make the most out of your life, by connecting with the space and time. To connect with the time and space, is to present in the moment, with your task.

Space is where you are placed now with your body, while the time is the circle of twenty-four hours. To connect with the time and space is to remain aware with your time and space every moment.

When you connect with the time and space with your mind, slowly you move in the direction of eternity. The mind can only rise above something either out of understanding or in the case of total surrender.

To connect with your time and space, is to plan your day in advance. When you plan your day in advance, your entire focus remains on yourself, and you create a mind-map for the mind to follow.

When you plan your day, you know at what time, you will be present in which space. Planning your life in advance, doesn’t mean you will not fluctuate from your path. It will happen many times, but longer you stay with your schedule, more clarity you will receive with the happening of different situations and events of your life.

In a twenty-four hour circle, your life repeat itself. If you are simply aware, you will notice that there are very few variations, you experience throughout the day, and the life very much repeat itself with the same activity throughout the day. Your part is to remain aware throughout the repetitive process and develop your awareness in those moments of life.

With life, you cannot take a moment lightly. When you are not aware of the moment, you allow your mind to slip away into the old process. You have to be aware all the time, and as your understanding grows, you apply it into your life, to improve upon life.

When you don’t carry any plan for life, you don’t set the path for your mind, and you lose the connection with life. Planning doesn’t mean to be rigid with life, but planning is only for, to check and evaluate the fluctuations with life.

You don’t learn from the repetitive process of life, but you learn from the deviations. This deviations from the usual path, allows you to learn the patterns of life. Planning your life in advance, serves you to learn the patterns of life.

It’s hard to accept life, without understanding. When you learn the patterns of life, you mold yourself according to the patterns. You cannot understand life, out of your own life. You have to connect with your own situations, events or experiences of your life.

“Everything that happens in the outside life, leaves the foot print of it, inside you, and you also plan your life, with what you carry inside of you.”

When you organize your life in advance and connect with your daily situations and events of life, slowly you start to get control over your actions. With the organized life, you include all the things, i.e. important and as you move on to complete the task, you create the space into your mind for expansion.

To be organized with life, is to get better with it. The outside tasks of life can always be improved and can get better with it. When you get better with life, you create the space within yourself, that allows you to expand from inside.

“The more you improve and get better with life, the more you move deeper inside to connect with the higher truth of life.”

The eternal life is beyond time and space. The enlightened beings live into the space, which is eternal and come into life, i.e. time and space, does their work, and move back to the same space of eternity.

The eternal life is full of wisdom and bliss. You remain in awe of life every moment. But to experience this life, you have to go through the entire process of body, mind and heart. Body, mind and heart is limited to the time and space.

There are two ways to connect with the eternity of life. Either you understand your inner world of thoughts, emotions and energy that allows the outside life to take place or you can connect yourself with the outside world by understanding different situations, events and experiences of your life, to realize the truth of life.

Most of the people on this earth are inclined towards outside life, but you cannot go on repeating the life process, that leads you nowhere. You have to somewhere connect with life. You have to make your own effort, as life follows its own circle since eternity and it will go on and on, out of its natural process.

If you have an intent to know life, and connect with life, you have to set yourself in advance, and be aligned with your schedule.

You will be off the path, several times and there will be many things that (you may think) will put you out off the track, but slowly as you develop your understanding towards life and grow with it, it will be easier for you to hold onto life, that you have imagined for yourself.

It certainly asks for a dedicated practice. But once you will understand all the different aspects of your daily life, slowly the understanding of life itself, will lift you up from your daily routine, to give you a higher understanding towards life.

The process of life is all about the continuous growth from inside and constant improvement outside. When you evolve from inside, you connect with the natural process of life. Than you follow the same schedule of life, or rather the life happens through you, but you rise above it, with your understanding.

” Before Enlightenment, I drove to the well and fetch water, after Enlightenment, I drove to the well and fetch water. – Zen Proverb”

When the situations, events or people of the outside world, doesn’t have any hold over you or you remain stable in all the different experiences of life, you connect with the eternity within.

Everyone carries the eternity within himself. The eternal life is a state of mind, where the body, mind and heart does its regular functions of the outside world, but you remain completely detached from the both the inside as well as outside world.

“You follow the same process of life, but with the eternal state of mind, you simply rise above the mundane life.”


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