Connect with the Higher Perception, to Lift your Life



Each one holds its perception of life. The perception is created with the experiences and impressions of life. No two person holds the same perception towards life and hence look at life in its own way.

Be aware of your perception towards life, and connect with the higher perception, so that you can grow and evolve with your life. You can always pick the things from the person who views the world, with the higher perspective and apply, to improve your perspective towards life.

You cannot have exactly the same life, the way others live, but you can always learn, improve and grow with your own perspective towards life, and get better with it. Each mind holds its own perception about life, and to improve with it, is what the process of evolution is all about.

Even thousand people look at the same situation, they all carry the different perception about it. Not only that but even all the enlightened beings, those who have experienced their higher self, when came into words to describe their experience, it was impossible for all them to share the same experience, exactly the same way. Each one describes in their own way.

With the mind, it’s irrelevant to get away from your perception. Each person on this earth has a unique way to look at life. If the person is full of fear out of his experience and impression, he tries to secure himself with life, while the person who has a pleasant past, is not afraid to push himself with life, but constantly grow, improve and evolve with life.

You cannot see any other way, the way you perceive your world now, and the time you accept yourself completely, with your body, mind, and heart, it will be easier for you to accept others, with their perception towards life.

The most important obligation for every human on himself is to know how he views the world, and what are the ways, through which he can improve his perception towards life.

The situations and experiences of life happens not only outside but also in your mind.

You view the situations and experiences of your life in a certain way. When you come across the situation with people into it, it’s impossible for you to get to the bottom of their perspective and figure out what perspective, the other person carries into this situation.

Even the other person tries to explain to you in words, as it is, you miss to get to his perspective as you already carry your own perspective about the situation, the person, and life as a whole. In a moment, many things go into your mind simultaneously.

Rather judge the situation or the people into the situation, the best way to handle the life’s situation is to accept them, and try to evaluate your own view about the situation or the person and figure out the ways to improve upon it.

When you work to improve your perception of life, you come across different ways to do it. Meditation is one of the ways, where you can move into the deeper part of your mind, and come across the higher truth of life.

The improved perception is the deeper realization of truth. As your perception improves, you come closer to the truth. Even the daily habits of physical exercise can serve your presence in the moment and you can view the world with more clarity.

Every nerve of the physical body is connected with the mind. Any positive changes to the mind, have its effect on your life.

When you physically exerts pressure on your body, i.e. physical exercise, you remove the toxins from your body. The mind holds pure awareness, and the thoughts are the clouds of your experiences and impressions of life.

When you get deeper into the meditation and physical exercise, you break the patterns of your experiences and impressions and touch the deeper part of your mind. The deeper part of your mind brings you to the present moment, and if you can utilize this time to enhance your life by evaluating it, plan for your future in advance, then you can make most out of your preparation, as the mind in the present moment, can easily understand what you want out of it.

Mind don’t slip back into the past experiences or impressions if you plan the things in advance and apply it into your life. Once you can get the positive impression for the future, then you can build the better experiences out of it.

To be creative with every aspect of your life also serves you to expand your perception towards life. When you are creative, no matter how small the act is, you expand your imaginative mind. The future takes place out of your imaginative mind. All the understanding towards life lies in your imaginative mind. All the love and inspiration towards life comes out of your imaginative and creative part of your mind.

When you know your perception towards life, you can also pick the people, who carry better perception towards life, and connect with them, so that your perception too gets improved with life.The best way to know the person is to know their thoughts. You can read, listen or watch the people, you admire.

When you connect with the people who carries higher perspective towards life, it’s necessary to have an open mind. Only then you can allow their thoughts to enter into your life and make it a part of your life.

Love is another factor, that serves you to enhance your life. Make sure do something for your loved one’s every day that allows you to keep the fire of love burning into your heart. The daily acts leave long-lasting impressions in your life and serve you to transcends your life for the better. The purpose of life is to connect with the process of life and get better with it.

This may sound like a simple statement, but when you connect with the process of life, all the mysteries of life is revealed to you and nothing is left for you to know. You follow the process of life, not to gain something out of it, but you understand out of your personal experience, that its only the truth of life and the only purpose of life is to follow the process of life, to learn, grow,improve and evolve with it.

With life, you cannot think to stop, but always carry an idea to move forward with life. This has to be the message of every enlightened being.

Every person who walks on this earth, carries a firelight in his hand, and the time he is on this earth, his responsibility is to keep the fire alive in him, and the time comes for him to leave, hand-over the firelight to others, to pass out with peace.

Knowing about what you do and why you do, brings you the clarity about life. The life takes place moment and by moment and in a similar way the understanding gets into you. Don’t try to understand everything all at once, you will fall short of life.

The nature takes care of the person, who doesn’t hold himself back with life. The future resides, in the present action and effort of this day.

People talk about visions and goal settings. But when you connect with life and expand your imagination, future is shown to you, along with the path. Then you don’t resist with life, but you surrender yourself to allow the life process to happen through you.

When your imaginative power for the future expands, your body, mind, and heart move into  that direction effortlessly. You don’t have to make efforts, but you move effortlessly along with the process of life.

All the struggle and efforts with life are to understand life. Once you understand the process, then you train your mind, body, and heart to get adjust with the process of life.

The life is all about adjusting your mind, heart, and body with the life itself, rather expecting the situation, people, and experiences to get adjust to our thought-patterns. Once you adjust yourself with the patterns of life, then you flow like a river and life happens to you, and when you flow, whosoever comes in contact with, satisfy his life-long thirst, and move forward on his path.


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