Collect the Happy Moments with Everyone, in Your Circle.


Many times you see your loved ones, and your heart fills with joy. Have you ever imagined, what makes your heart click that way, with only a few, and why the rest of the world, doesn’t ring the same bell into your heart. The reason is your pleasant memories or special moments with your loved ones.

The happy moments with anyone is always remembered and cherished by the heart. You never forget those moments, and even when you remember in the worst phase of your life, it still brings a smile to your face.

Collect the happy moments, with everyone in your circle, and add more and more joy to your life. Don’t wait for the festive season or golden moments, but resolve yourself to make each experience you come across, into your circle a happier one.

Happy moments add joy and happiness to life, and it makes life more lively. Don’t wait for the happiness to come to you, but begin the process from your side, and life will automatically respond to you. The life has a strange way to act. If you develop a deep desire into your heart and begin to follow it, life too tends to respond to you. This is the way of life.

Happiness or even sadness don’t come to people, but people consciously choose to stay in those state. Yes sometimes, life puts us in a situation for the life’s lesson, but no way that suggests that you carry the past sadness, all the way to your future. You have to learn to drop all the pain and sadness behind and learn to move forward with life.

Forgiveness is the key to life. When you come in contact with people, the relationship doesn’t remain same all the time, but you notice different emotions, at different times with people.

If you tend to recollect past events and live the present life, you certainly carry the past garbage into your present life, but if you enter into your life, with the fresh approach, and move with all the joy and happiness into your heart, you certainly change the direction of the relationships, out of choice.

“When you consciously choose to make each experience of life blissful, you allow the positive impression and experience to spread over, into your circle. This allows you to attract more of such situations, events and experiences into your life, as everything in life completes the circle.”

If you send out hatred, it completes the circle, and if you send love, joy, laughter, and happiness, it too completes the circle of its own. Whatever you send out, it comes back to the person.

If you really wish to add life, to every relationship, you have to take initiative from your side.

Life is too short to waste on unnecessary things. Every moment of life is equally important and each one should make all the necessary effort, requires to make most out of it. Life has its own purpose to serve, and that purpose is served, in full exploration of human potential.

Your thoughts, emotions, energy, and actions rubs into your circle and spread in your environment. Each one of us, has a choice, to either stand up for what we really want out of life, or we simply accept what life offers us.

The man has the power to move mountains, then do you think, it would be difficult for a man, to add joy and happiness to everyone’s life, of whosoever he comes in contact with. When you add joy and happiness into the life of people, you do more favor to yourself than others.

Life follows different mechanism inside. Whatever you wish to share outside, it gets created inside first, either love or hatred. You are affected more by, what you share outside. Before you think to destroy someone outside, the part of you get destroys inside, because it takes an equal amount of energy in planning and plotting things to destroy others.

On the other hand, if you think to add love, joy, and bliss into the life of others, you have to fill yourself up, with all that stuff.

Never be afraid to share your expression, with the world, if you think it can make the world beautiful. If you have an idea go for it, if you have a thought, try to finish up the thought. Don’t worry about the consequences. This is how you learn the lessons of life. You have to experiment with life before you gained enough experience.

Your job is to express the best of yourself to the world, and then wait for the response from life, but if you simply stop playing your part, you cannot expect any response from life.

You cannot allow your mind, heart, and body to do things, that simply brings the downfall to your life. Every thought, feelings or emotions can either take you forward or can make you fall backward. You have to choose for yourself.

If for some reason, you don’t get the thoughts, that take you forward, you at least have a choice, to not act on the thoughts, or feelings, that create more stress to your life. At least you can hold yourself back with life, for some time. Even that can add to your advantage.

The process of life is understood, not only moving forward but sometimes, also falling backward. Only when you fail or fall, you realize the real importance, of moving forward with life.

“Sometimes, there are deeper lesson’s of life, that can only be learnt, when you pull yourself out of life, and simply sit and observe everything around you. This gives you a clear reflection of your life.”

You can only give, if you know what you want, for your life. You can only add happiness to others lives, if you really know what truly satisfies the people, and what are the people’s need, deep down inside.

People don’t care what you give to them, but what they care about, is how you made them feel. We all are emotional beings, and we only understand the language of the heart. The memories and experiences of life always stay forever in peoples heart. Strive for the better experiences and better memories, for your people, and you will satisfy them, to the core of their heart.


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