Clarity with Mind, Allows you to see Future Events.


The mind has to be absolutely clear, about present situation, and how you carry on your daily tasks of life. Once the mind is cleared with how to act in the present moment and what to expect from life, you allow your mind to foresee the future.

The nature of the mind is to think thoughts. It goes on wandering about the things, for which it’s not cleared. It’s not necessary that life follows according to your plans, but once you clear the air from your mind, you can at-least take powerful actions, in your desired direction.

Once you prepare your mind for the present, you are more prepared to handle the unexpected situations of life. The mind gets focused, when you give it the mind-map to follow, and the focused mind performs better than the wavered mind, in any given condition.

The future of life is not written in advance, but your present thoughts, emotions and actions decides your future. Your actions depend upon the thoughts and images, of your mind.

The nature of the mind is to flow. You can direct him, in any direction. If you are clear with the present moment, the mind allows you to see the things of the future, based upon your present events.

When you already know the things in advance, you direct all your energy in that direction. This is the only reason, why the people with the vision, achieve more with life, as they can see the things that their contemporaries can’t.

The failure with life, is lack of preparation and unrealistic expectations from the situations or people. In life, you can expect anything from yourself, but when it comes to people and situation, you cannot run your imagination, to fulfill your expectations.

The clarity of the mind has to be with the action part and not the result out of it. Once you take action on anything, it certainly bring some outcome. If the outcome is useful, you can carry on the task, and if the outcome doesn’t serves the purpose, you change your action plan.

But the higher wisdom always asks you to focus on the action plan and the action plan should never be based on the outcome.

“Life is all about intentions. When your focus is on action, your intention is more on giving to life, while if you set up your action plans, based on the outcome, your intention shifts to receiving.”

Life is for learning. You learn from both the outside world as well as your inner life. The person evolves both in the outside as well as inner world.

Although with the outside world there is a limitation, as you cannot move beyond the mind, while when you move inward, there is a possibility for you to go beyond the mind.

You see the progress of the science, which is becoming better and better with the time, and so does the human with his inner accomplishments. The life that happens inside, is also an inner science, and you can go on exploring it, as much as you want.

The inner science and outer science are inter-connected with the mind. The basic nature of the mind is, that you give him an object, and try to explore the object, and do miracles with it.

The object can be anything, but the source remains the mind. The science is all about the object and mind.

The inner science works with the subject and the mind. The personal identity, imagination, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and energy are part of the subtle world, and includes in the subject of inner science for the mind to explore.

The outer science has its limitations with the object, beyond which you cannot explore. It has an end. You come to the point of energy & vibrations and beyond which you cannot find anything to explore.

Than the science change the object, and look for the bigger dimension or form to explore, and at the end they reach to the same point.

The similar thing happens, when you go on exploring the inner science. You start with the breath, and move to the sensation. Slowly from the sensation, your attention shifts to the feelings & emotions, and thoughts & images of the mind.

If you go on exploring with the mind, you reach to the state, where no thought remains. This state is no-mind state.

From the no-mind state, “I” which is a transcendent part of the mind, you enter into the new world of energy and vibrations. These are the spiritual experiences of life, that brings bliss to an enlightened beings.

When you go on exploring the inner world, you experience the higher state of vibrations.

This experience takes you beyond the physical & subtle world, and you experience the flow of energy and vibrations. You experience the ecstasy, which is beyond any happiness of the world.

The images and imaginations of the mind takes you into the future. Hold a picture of a friend or someone close to your heart, and you will notice that back to back you start receiving the thought about that person.

You recall different situations and events, with that person. Any life event or situation is no more than a passing image.

When you have absolute clarity with your present life, the mind continues to roll over and brings you the images into your mind, out of which you carry on for your future. With the clear mind, you cannot stuck with life, and keep on moving on the path.

There is another way to experience life though, i.e. to move within. Once you are absolutely clear with what you want outside, and prepare your mind with it, you can always be sure for the future.

Now you can continue to explore the outside life, but with it, you can always choose to move in, and explore the world of body, mind & heart, which is thoughts, emotions and energy.

When you create the future, simultaneously you can move on exploring the inner world. The real wisdom and bliss of life comes from with in.

The outside happiness and understanding is always limited to the mind, but when you explore the inner world, you create the space within you, to have the experience beyond mind.

You might have heard about no-mind state. The experience of the no-mind  state, is where you are left with no thoughts or images in your mind. This experience is possible, when you choose to sit silently with yourself, and allow the world to let go from inside.

“The real exploration starts, when you move beyond the no-mind state, and explore your inner energy and experience the higher vibrations.”

Once you experience the higher vibrations, its hard to forget the experience, and you go again and again back to the experience.

With the outside life, you cannot stick with the same thing for the longer time, either its happiness or sadness, success or failure, you got to move on with life.

But after the realization of the self, you are so fulfilled in the moment, that no part of the outside life can attract you towards itself.

The nature of life is to choose higher over lower. The experience of the realization of the self is higher than anything else on this earth. After the experience, you choose to stay with the experience, and fulfill your obligations towards life.

The higher self within you, where you vibrate at a higher frequency is the source for your energy, mind, heart and body. No experience of the world equals to the experience of the self-realization.

With the mind, you live with the past, present and future, but with the higher self you are always present in the moment. You are deeply satisfied and contented with the world, where you are in now, and you move on with life to share your ecstasy with the world.

The mind is highly volatile, and you need different ways to tame mind. With life, it’s not necessary to understand life itself, as no life happens other than the individual or collective mind, in the outside world. Once you understand your mind, the outside laws of life becomes clear to you.

Only the mind carries all the complexities of life. The mind-map is important, so that the mind follows the mind-map and you move on with life, discovering different facets of life. 

” You and your mind are not one. The personal identity “I” or ego is the transcendent part of the mind, which grows and evolve with the impressions and experiences of life. “

All the situations and people in your life create impressions and experiences for you to grow. It shows your nature, that you carry inside.When you live outside out of choice, and make decisions with life, you create & innovate and improve to get better with life.

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