Change the Internal World, for the Change in the External World



If you don’t like something outside, change the situation inside, & the outside situation will change. Many times, we come across people & situations in our life, that doesn’t look like, according to the plan, we have in our mind.

These people & situation can’t be avoided and so the only option we have, is to drag with such people & situation, or change them.

Now, it’s not possible to put aside the people & situation from our life, but certainly, we can change the perception of the external world inside, & we see that the response, we receive from the same people, & situation too change.

This is the law of existence that never fails.

Remember, if we can’t change the things from inside, we fail to see the result outside, but if someone is determined, & if he can change the inner image of the situations & people, in his life, he can see the similar situation, in the outside world.

For e.g.

One of the Buddha’s disciples, a novice, came to the Buddha’s monastery, from west. He was determined to attain Buddhahood, so he was sincere & honest in his practice, & he used to practice, whatever has been told him to do.

Looking at his sincerity & dedication, the other disciple from east, start to get jealous, & try to persuade the master, to trick the westerner, so that, he cannot attain the Buddha-hood, before eastern disciple.

The master was chosen, from Buddha himself, but as the master was from east, he was persuaded by the disciples, & sent the westerner in the forest, to practice all alone by himself, for next three years, laying him, to be a special message from Buddha.

The westerner followed the order, & went into forest, & started his practice day & night. The situation that was set for him to create adverse situation for him, turn out to be a boon, for him.

He attained the Buddha-hood in less than a year’s time, & when he came back to the monastery, the master, himself doubted his achievement, & took him to Buddha, to confirm his Buddha hood.

The entire story of a boy was revealed to Buddha, & Buddha laughed at the story, & shares his message for his disciples & the master:

“No adversity of a man can set him aside, for which he is determined to achieve.”

Our monasteries are for those, who fail to achieve by themselves, & not for the sincere & dedicated seekers. The one, who really want something in his life, is surely going to get it, by himself.

All the image & situations of our life, we carry inside. All the situations & circumstances we feel inside. The outside situation is as it is, however, you try to convince yourself, but it’s just the creation of your mind.

All the struggle of life is inside. If we can sort out everything inside, we will always have possible solution in the outside world.

It may be hard to digest, but this is the highest truth of enlightened beings, & it applies to all the humans, of any cast & creed, or any color, who exist on this earth.

The only reason to share this is to share that, this thing is possible. We have to decide, are we ready to put the real efforts, to achieve this feast, & change our life, from inside.

Life is a matter of choice, & sages, always claim to choose higher thoughts for themselves, & for others. This way, they lift the world, & make the existence better.

When we live to improve & to grow, & to evolve, we serve the whole existence, to improve, & to grow, & to evolve.

We are part of the existence, & all our success & failure impacts the whole existence.

One family of this world is connected to the whole world. Try to connect the link, & you will find it true.

When one person in a family falls, part of the existence falls, because one man of a family is connected to the other member of the family. These members have their own world, & that world gets impacted, by that one man.

It may not be possible for the person to serve the whole world, but it’s always possible, for him to keep his spirit up, & inspire & motivate people around him. This way, he can serve the whole world.

To bring such change, lots of patience & perseverance is needed. When the person make an effort to change from inside, many times he falls, & many times he choose, to get up on his path.

On this path, a person learns lots of wisdom. Wisdom happens from inside. Wisdom doesn’t come from joy & pleasures of life.

Wisdom comes from striving. Wisdom happens, when a person gives it all, & sees no result, & still carries a huge smile on his face. Wisdom is not what you get, but what you become.

When you move out to change your world, you will be ridiculed, shattered, shown down, pushed back, thrown into a pit. But you will stand up & move on.

A Man develops after a real fight. You don’t know, who you are, till you choose to become bigger than your present self.

We all have heard about soul. But the experience, of soul happens, when you face the real life, & stand for something bigger than yourself.

By birth, we don’t come to life. But striving hard with life, & after all the failures, & all the disappointments, when we keep marching towards, what we have dream our self, & for our people, than life happens to us.

Everything holds its price, & the one who pays the price. Life is simple, but the one, who is afraid, makes it more & more complicated, & then avoid taking the path, & even stop others, by showing the danger on the path.

When we move to change the world, from inside, we start discovering our new self. We get new power to face our situation. We meet many such people on the path, who lived that way, & encourage us, to move forward on the path.

“Courage brings courageous people in our life.”

Life tests us all the way, before it offers something to us. If we are ready to face with a smiling face, we can take a blow & move on. But if, we resist the change, we can never bring freshness to the life, & the life remains, what it is, for all the 60, or 70 years, till we die.

“Distinguish clearly these bitter yet fertile human truths, flesh of our flesh, and admit them heroically: (a) the mind of man can perceive appearances only, and never the essence of things; (b) and not all appearances but only the appearances of matter; (c) and more narrowly still: not even these appearances of matter, but only relationships between them; (d) and these relationships are not real and independent of man, for even these are his creations; (e) and they are not the only ones humanly possible, but simply the most convenient for his practical and perceptive needs. – Nikos Kazantzakis”

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