Can we Ever Seek or Find God, or Become One?


Many seek God outside while others look for him inside. Can God be ever found inside or outside or you yourself become God?

Life of a human is a making of God. You never find God but you become one. This is the magic of life. When you understand this truth, the whole perspective towards life change.

When you move into life, to seek something, your perspective towards life remains different but at the same time, if your whole efforts remain in becoming, your whole approach to life gets change.

On any given day, you will reach to the state of realization; you will never find any other God, except you. You are the God, you are searching for, either externally or internally.

How You Can Talk With God

Your identity is not limited to the identity of your mind, but it’s only the surface reality of yours, and your real identity lies much deep in you. Life moves higher and higher from within.

When you only walk straight or in a circle, you know what lies ahead, but when you climb higher, you have no clue, what lies in front and the only thing that is visible is the next step.

When you get into the process ever, of becoming God, your path will not be a straight one or you move in the circle, but you will rise higher. If you already know, what lies ahead, then you again get into the straight path.

The straight path is important, to relax and refresh yourself, but if you only know to walk on the straight path, then you never realize your true identity, that resides, in much deeper part of you.

The path of a seeker is to search God, but if he is really looking something in the outside world, he will only move into the circle. Unless he is aware of the fact that, whatever he is going to realize, that will be within, he will only look for the experience outside.

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The path of becoming God is dropping each layer, as you move forward on the path and remember here moving forward doesn’t mean, you cover the distance, but you simply get closer to your being.

You just cannot attach with anything either externally or internally. You have to be absolutely detached from inside, to experience the ultimate. This doesn’t mean you have to leave your present life. Your present life remains as it is, but all the changes or the process of transcendence takes place inside.

Can you imagine your thought process before five years? What do you think about yourself or how you perceive life before five years and in the present moment? Can you figure out the difference?

What do you think about yourself or how you perceive life before five years and how do you perceive in the present moment?

Can you figure out the difference?

This is how life evolves within. The personal identity of the mind that you used to identify with before five years, in the present moment, you no longer identify yourself with the same identity, because something has grown within you.

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What is that?

What has been grown in you, that doesn’t allow you to identify with anything other than your present identity?

That’s understanding. Understanding in relation to life and yourself. As your understanding grows with life, it’s hard for you to relate to the things, that looks silly. Life is happening in the present moment, and you cannot see your identity other than that exists in your mind in the present moment.

The being in you just cannot hold itself with the illusory part of life but your present identity likes to live in an illusion. For the mind, the energy comes from an illusion, while the being likes to rest in the eternal reality.

Thus, with the external reality, whatever you achieve nothing satisfies you, and you always strive for more or look for one thing or another.

Unless you realize yourself as God, your being can never get satisfied, and you will always try to engage yourself in one thing or another. Rather looking for what you want with life, look for the observer in you.

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Rather looking for what you want with life, look for, who is creating this want?

You have to search the one in you, who is searching for God. The identity of the mind, in ignorance search for God. The time the identity gets drop forever, the God comes to the surface. Till then, it’s a long circle of life for the mind.

You are covered with different layers inside of you. The more you move deeper, not with your action, but simply with your presence, the more you come closer to the truth, and the surface layer simply gets dropped from your mind.

Your mind is covered with layers after layers and you only experience the external reality, out of that layer. You neither understand anything outside nor do you try to figure out, the truth behind your individual identity.

The Mind: a beautiful servant, a dangerous master 

Your ultimate experience of your being is no lesser than God. Your being chooses to get into this life and get into the body to experience different experiences of life. This is the truth of your being.

The process of becoming God is not moving forward, but slipping back into your being. Your attention doesn’t move out, but it moves inward. Slowly the stage comes where your attention itself begins to slip backward.

In the initial stage, you need to direct your attention inward, but slowly when you realize the point of attention in you, the attention begins to slips backward.

It’s like, the space in you, from where the light falls outside and when you turn the light within, the light begins to move to the point of its origin. When the light realizes the point of origin, it begins to slips backward and space gets created inside.

You don’t have only physical body to experience life, but you also have the awareness field and sensational body that allow you to experience life.

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When you touch any part of your body, you experience the sensation. Now, this sensation is not part of the physical body but you have another subtle sensational body inside that you experience while touching your body. It’s like sensation experience sensation.

The sensational body covers the entire physical body internally, so that process of life takes place. The thing that you know as the mind is not limited to your brain, but the mind is spread all over your physical body and act as an awareness field. The sensational body and awareness field work together to experience life through the physical body.

When your attention shifts inward and moves to the point of attention itself, slowly the attention shifts backward and space gets created in your mind. The attention is part of the awareness field in you.

The process of becoming is not of doing but simply an act of observing. The internal process has been designed in such a way that it seems impossible for you to sit quietly even for some time at one place.

The Miracle of Mindfulness

The reason behind it is the sensational body and the awareness field. Unless you realize yourself beyond the physical body and realize your sensational body, the sensational body will always keep you restless and you will always have an urge to do something or the other or to achieve one thing or another with your life.

Remember all your thoughts, feelings and emotions are part of your external reality and it has nothing to do with your being. The realization of being is beyond all the process of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions.

You have to become witness to life, not only of the external reality but also of, everything that goes inside of you. The witness in you can observe all the movements of the sensational body, awareness field and the play that goes on between the sensational body, awareness field, and the physical body.

The witness in you can observe all the movements of the sensational body, awareness field and the play that goes on between the sensational body, awareness field, and the physical body.

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