Can you see the Heaven and Hell at the Moment?

heaven and hell

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To experience the heaven you have to walk down the path, and to experience the hell too, you have to walk the path.

If you can see both the heaven and hell in the moment, you can choose your path and walk in that direction. But the point is, can you see the heaven and hell at the moment?

You don’t, and thus the problem arise. If you can see the heaven and hell in the moment, its easier to pick the path and walk in that direction, but the issue is, you don’t bother to see the life at the moment.

Is it possible to see the heaven and hell at the moment?

Yes, it’s possible. When you simply observe life, you can see both the heaven and hell at the moment. You know, what kind of thoughts, feelings, and actions will take you to heaven and the thoughts, feelings, and action that will get you to hell.

We all wanted to go to heaven, but nobody knows the path to heaven. When you become an observer of life, you can see all the paths of life at the moment, and then you can make the choice for yourself.

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Here lies the magic part of life.

Even hell is not a problem if you consciously choose it for yourself. The problem only arises, when unknowingly you find yourself in hell. Then life appears to be a problem.

The most important things of the heaven and hell are, it doesn’t lie somewhere at the top of the sky, but it exists in you. Not in the outside world, but in you. You experience both the heaven and hell in you.

Do you think happiness and sorrow exist outside?

When you live unconscious life, every moment of life appears to be a hell. You walk thinking, you are moving into heaven, but when you reach your destination, it appears to be a hell.

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You pick things into your life, thinking it will lead to heaven, but no sooner it appears to be a hell for you. This is the stage of life, where you don’t know, what to do. You have picked something out of choice and still it leads to hell, then where is the problem?

The problem lies in seeing. Your choice comes out of your desires and not out of understanding. Seeing allows you to see through life. You can pick whether the situation will lead to heaven or hell.

You have to develop an eye to see through life. It happens when you have to become an observer of life. In the moment, all different paths of life should appear clear to you.

Your pick in the moment should tell you, what will be the effect of it in your life.

Remember, the act of observing life will take you to heaven, and the unconscious life will take you to hell. When you are unaware of, what is happening around you, no matter what you do, it will take you to hell. Life is all about your presence in the moment. Your simple presence holds the power to organize both your inside as well as outside life.

Heaven is a state of mind and hell too. In the midst of all the chaos and confusion of life, you can experience the heaven, but when you are not feeling well inside, even if you are in heaven, you will experience the hell inside.

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We all wanted to have good things in life and we condemned all things which are bad in the outside world. We never apply the same principle to our inner world. In our inner world, all the bad things exist, and yet we expect all the good things in the outside world.

We struggle each day to make our life better in the outside world, but inside us, the vices run in our mind all the time. We never make any effort to overcome the inner vices and create heaven within us. Remember, if you ever come across heaven in your life, it will always be in you.

As I have mentioned, heaven is a state of mind. This state of mind can be experienced only when you rise above the vices of the inner world, and create heaven within.

Your outside life is a reflection of what exists inside and the time you start making changes in your inner world, you notice the rising of the heaven in the outside world. It’s your inner heaven, that you experience in the outside world.

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We live life, but we don’t understand the fundamental principles of life. We make all the efforts in establishing the physical heaven for ourselves, but forget that, unless we don’t have the subtle heaven inside of us, its impossible to experience the physical heaven in the outside world.

The problem is not an actual problem in life, but not seeing the problem as a problem is an actual problem of life.

The problem lies in you, and you go on correcting the outside world. Whatever effort you make gets wasted, as you spend your energy in the wrong direction.

The life is simple and not at all complicated rather all the complexities of life lies in your mind. The time you declutter your mind, you see the natural flow of life.

Declutter Your Mind

We all have a habit to fight out everything. When the problem arises, we blame others and start fighting. The same thing happens when we get into the trouble. We start working hard and try to get out of the problem as soon as possible, but we never try to see things as it is, in its natural form.

When you develop an eye to look at life, in its natural form, you don’t have to do anything, rather you notice that everything gets resolved on its own. Many times our actions out of ignorance make the things more complicated. All it requires from our end is an attention in the moment, and the solution to our problem comes to the surface.

The process of life is working through you and it knows, how to take you to the heaven if you simply align yourself with it. You only experience hell, when you drift yourself away from the natural process of life.

More you come closer to the natural ways of life, more you come closer to experiencing heaven inside. All you need to do is, start living life inside out and follow the ways of your inner world, and no sooner you will experience the heaven in you.

Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life

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