Build your life. One step at a time.

Build your life. One step at a time.

You build your life. One day at a time. You build your life. One step at a time. No matter what you wish to achieve in your life, you have to create the ground. You have to work on the root level, before you create something magnificent in your life.

Life doesn’t happen to you; rather you create it, knowingly or unknowingly moment by moment. You build your life.

Don’t chase big dreams, rather work on your smallest dream, one day at a time, and one step at a time. This way you will always be moving forward.

Don’t expect your life to change in a day, rather work on your life each day by taking that one step at a time. All the transformation needs time. All you need to do is, work on your goals on everyday basis.

In the moment, all you can do is, take that first step. That first step will open the doors for many more steps. That one step will lead to another and then another.

Your role is to stick to your chosen path. If you are on your path with firm determination, you are bound to attain your goals.

The goals in our lives should be defined by our happiness. The happier you are on your path, the better is your progress on your path. The happiness has to be the benchmark for your progress.

The Happiness Advantage

Life serves those, who serve themselves. All the attainment of life is possible with your actions. When you move life moves with you. This is the secret of life. You can’t create something without action. It’s the actions that take life forward.

You have the energy in you, which is constantly moving. If you are aligning with your inner moving energy, you too can sail swiftly with your inner moving energy. It’s the energy that makes the manifestation of life possible. Your inner moving energy is part of the universe. Your energy is naturally aligned with the universe.

Whenever you create something in the physical world, it’s just the transformation of energy. You need to know, how to transform one form of energy into another. With the actions, you can transform your subtle energy into the physical one.

Life needs your attention. You have to be very careful with your focus. If your mind is diverted in different directions, it becomes easier to get distracted in the moment. At the same time, if you are focused on your goal, and keep moving towards your goal, all the energy of the universe, serves you to attain your goal.

Like attracts like. The way you transform yourself on your path similar energy gets attracted into your life.

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We never realize the natural flow of life, unless we become conscious of it. You can consciously choose your life or you can allow the unconscious mind to run your life. The time you become conscious of your everyday life, your life tends to transform in a positive direction.

When you are conscious of your every action, you create your desired life. But if you get distracted on your path, all your efforts that you have put on your path go into vain. Creation happens when your whole energy is focused in one direction.

Our lives are like climbing the hills. With every step you move upward. Although it takes efforts to move upward, when you reach at the top, you experience the view that you have never experienced before.

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Life follows the process. If you follow the process and become one with it, you flow with the natural flow of life. At the same time, if you act without understanding or force life to happen your way, you simply add misery to your life.

Life is all about understanding. Your inner life is interconnected with the outside life. More and more your inner life energy is aligned with the natural force, more you will experience the smooth flow of life.

It’s only the mis-alignment that makes you suffer in life, whether at the level of body or mind. Life happens at the level of the soul. When you realize your inner soul, you also realize the soul of the universe.

By realizing the soul of the universe, you align your inner soul with the soul of the universe. Then you don’t have to strive hard in life, rather you align your every activity with the activity of the universe, and life follows naturally through you.

The ways of the life can be known, but for that it’s necessary for you strive to know the ways of life. Life is known to those who strive for it. If you take that first step, other steps get known to you. Life wants you to take those unknown steps, to reach to your ultimate goal.

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