Bring Your Attention & Develop Focus, on the Priorities of Life.


The nature of mind is to go all over the places. Even the little impression that cross-over the mind, is enough for the mind, to start its process of thoughts.

Each day you have new priorities of life. There are things that comes from inside, and there are situations that happens to you from outside. You have no direct control over the outside situation or people, as you never know what comes to you at what time, but you always have control, of what you carry inside of you, and how you schedule your daily life.

Bring your attention on your daily priorities of life and develop focus on them. This helps you to shed away the unimportant things from your life. The life starts with mind. Everyone knows in advance, what life expects from them, every day. Life wants you to show up, with whatever little or more you know about life, and give everything to it. This effort is enough for the life, to show you the higher path of life.

When you plan your things in advance, you automatically bring your attention on the things which is important, and shift your attention from the lesser importance tasks of life. Once you know what is important, you stick to it. When you stick to your daily action plans, you develop focus, and with focus, you acquire more efficiency with the task.

The daily life, is all about being attentive of the task and develop focus upon it. It’s a process. When your focus improves, you become more attentive towards finer details of life, and when you are more attentive towards the task, your focus moves deeper.

The mess with life happens with the mind. When you want something with life and you direct yourself in a different direction, than you create chaos with life. Your body, mind and heart should be in alignment with what you asks from life. Its not necessary that you remain on the path. Sometimes you get out of the path, to move back on the path more strongly. But in the process, you never forget the goal.

“All the thinking, for the daily task should be done prior to the task, and once you decide on something, your job is to remain with it, till the end.When you deviate from your plan, you slip back a little.”

The nature of the mind is to flow. If you have already set up an energy with the mind, heart and body to roll over in a certain direction and for some reason, if the outside situation or sometimes your own mind asks you to shift in a different direction, than such things create mess within your mind. To deviate the flow of the mind, is to stop the running man and change his direction. It breaks the flow.The energy and emotions follows the mind and the physical body is just an instrument for an action.You have to be very careful with the mind.

“At different times, you have different priorities with your life. Not all the time, all the things are important to you. At work place, the only priority is your work, while at home nothing is more important for you, than your family.”

You have to set your priority for yourself. The mind needs to be trained with all the different aspects of life, so that it can be best utilized, in all the different dimensions of life. Once you focus your mind, on what you want out of life, the mind out of its nature, will pick the best thoughts, to get you closer to your desire’s.

The mind can be an obedient servant, or a dangerous master. It all depend upon, how you are connected with your mind. You let loose your mind, and you let loose your life. Your life comes with the understanding of mind. Only the ignorance, keeps you into the trap of life.

“When you are not clear in your mind, you mess around with the situations and people. The real problem exists inside and ignorance allows you to blame the entire world.”

When you are focused with life, it becomes easier to read different situations, and with the attention you get the best solution to tackle life.

Without focus, it’s easier to get distracted in the outside world. With the ever-growing population, too much things happening in the world simultaneously. For everything you have multiple options. If you are not clear within your mind, it’s easier for you to get caught up in the complexities of life.

Life follows a single path. One thing leads to another. No personal or professional life is divided, when it comes to yourself. You are the linked between your personal as well as professional life. You are the one who moves from one space to another. The life’s path moves in a circle. Every-day circle repeats itself. You have to remember the repetitive process of life.

When you guide your mind in a right direction, you can be successful both in your personal and professional life.

“The person cannot be more successful in his personal life and less successful in his professional life, as the person remains the same. The success happens to the person and not the personal or professional life.”

This division is only in the mind. The person who fails in his personal relationship, sooner or later will fail in his professional life, if he don’t know, how to cover the bridge within.

The success and failure of life is an inner thing, and the personal and professional life are just the different experiences of life. The personal life are the experiences of the heart, while the professional life are the experiences of the mind. The mind and heart follow each other. In reality your feelings and emotions comes out of the thought process of the mind. The right part of the mind and heart are no separate thing.

It may be possible, that few live by heart, while others follow mind. Say for e.g., the person who follows his heart often, lives his life by intuition, and thus is more successful with his personal relationships, but when it comes to mind, he may not be that calculative with his profits, but in the longer run, heart always wins over mind.

The person with the logical mind need to know, when to follow his intuition. Following the heart expands your right side of the mind, and thus you can have far-sighted vision for life.

The imagination of the mind can be of two types.The part of the imagination is something, that you force yourself to think, out of the need based desire’s or sometimes because of the ambitions that you carry inside. The second part of imagination is the one, when you flow with life, and life start to talk to you, in the form of images of the future. The people those who have access to the second type of imagination, brings creativity and innovation to life.

There has to be a fine balance between mind and heart. The life starts with the logical mind, and moves to heart. Mind is when you think, and heart is when you feel. Even when you imagine, create, innovate, you may think, its part of the mind, but its directly connected to your heart. The right side of the mind is connected with the heart, and thus with the expansion of the right side of the mind, you trigger the feelings and emotions of your heart too.

Either you make the use of your logical mind or follow your heart, attention is the key. If you are not aware about what’s happening with your life, either you live out of the logical mind or follow your heart, you will call for the trouble, as you move to the extreme, with one part of the mind.

Only with the attention, you can shift from the left part of the mind to the right side and from right side to the left. This can happen once, you are attentive towards your life.

“Your attention with life, allows you to understand the outside situations, and simultaneously the changes that happens with it, in the inner world.”

Life comes out of you. You can be attentive towards the task and develop your focus on the actions, if you daily spend sometime, working on your mind. The important thing to remember, is the priorities of your life. Only when you know, what you want, you can give everything to it.

You can be fully satisfied with your life, if you can make the full utilization of your body, mind and heart every day. Each-day life fills you with the energy, to carry on the tasks of life. It depends upon you, how well you connect yourself with the energy and make use of your body, mind and heart to get the best out of it.

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