Bring Divinity to Your Actions


Divinity In Life.

We all have heard about God, angels, and divinity, but in today’s life, if God or his angels gets the chance to live in a human form, how they will show their divinity?

To live as a Divine is a quality. When we bring quality to our actions and grow with every action of the day, we bring divinity to life. When we see our life, as constant growth, and improvement in our self, and with our action in the life of others, we uplift our actions for the benefit of others. We bring divinity to life with our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

When we create an intention to grow, we leave all the small thoughts behind and act only those action’s, that uplift our self, and our world. With the divinity, we establish ourselves in a higher place, & choose our actions wisely.

The actions start to form, at a subtle level, of our thoughts. If we constantly think about something, over a time, no sooner it will show in our action, and it becomes a part of our life. If we choose to lift our self, we should work on a subtle level, and constantly remind ourselves, to think right and think uplifting thoughts, so that we bring our uplifted thoughts into action.

To raise the standard of work requires a serious amount of work from within. We have to make a conscious choice to grow from within so that it can show up in our actions.

Walk towards Your Divinity.

To bring the divinity to our actions, we should change the image we carry for our self and create an image of a growing man, that can be, do, or have anything, he desires on this earth for himself and for others. It all depends on the capacity of a person to receive, comprehend, and bring into his actions, out of his thoughts. To bring the divinity, we should have complete control of our actions, and the result that will arrive out of the actions. Every step has to be taken out of authority, and every task should precisely be clear, and should carry till the end.

When we know, what we do with our life, we create an opportunity to make our actions better, and once we grow with our actions, our mind, body and emotions develop in equal proportion, and we can give more to life, through our actions. When the mind is clear about the path, we walk with confidence and bring more power to the actions.

When I choose to take care of every step, I don’t have to teach people with words, but the action speaks for itself. People more relate to what we do, and not what we say. All the time, the words interpret different meaning, other than it has spoken.

The law of nature says, that if a single person of a family evolves to 100%, his family evolves in proportion to 1 to 10%, according to an individual effort. The impact becomes huge, if you entirely focus on your personal growth, and unknowingly you serve your world to become better.

Imagine Yourself , as a part of the Divinity.

Many times we see the influential personality, and get impressed by them, but never imagined our self into that position, or what path they have chosen to reach to that place.

If we personally choose to do that, we can have a feel of that path, and if somewhat we understand that path, we can uplift our actions to reach to that level, and try to increase our efforts. Rather than getting impressed by the people, imagined yourself in that position, and check every step, how they took, to lift themselves up. This will be more beneficial in your life.

When we choose to rise above, we cherish every breath, and every situation of life, and make it a foot step to take us to the next level. Everything happens inside. The quality of our actions designed by the quality of thoughts, and if our mind doesn’t produce those thoughts, then we should look for every opportunity to imbibe those thoughts by any other source like reading, by taking the guidance of the mentor, or every time, updating ourselves with the information from the right source.

Overcome the barriers between You & the Divine Within.

We all are the divine souls, and it’s the birthright of everyone to realize the divinity from within. We are in the time period, where we have lot many examples, who have realized the divinity within themselves, and now it’s not something that our mind cannot conceive or the heart, refuse to believe. It’s all depend on us. Either we choose to live life, and take actions that take us higher in life, or we choose to stay, where we are.

The pain and suffering are a part of life, and we have to face it at every level, but if we consciously choose to take the pain, for  uplifting our self, then at least we can savor the fruit of satisfaction from inside, and in the end, we also get satisfy with our efforts. The heart only gets convinced, if the person has honestly given everything to life, and always looking for more opportunities with life.

“The state of bliss doesn’t come on its own, but one has to go through all the physical, emotional, & mental torment to achieve this state.”

Everyone has to do his action on this earth. So why not choose to do something that is good for us, and for all the fellow beings. Any path will record its success and failure, then why not follow the path, that can lead us towards the self-mastery, where we are less dependent on the outward success and more rely on our internal growth.

Create an Intent, for it to Flourish.

When life happens to you, life itself lifts you both from outside and within. But before it happens, one has to work to create space from within, and the capacity to receive.

Overflowing life from within is a responsibility, and the love and bliss we receive should be shared with the world. It only happens to the people who is willing to give everything, if the time demands.

Many times, we see people full of the divine quality, face the life’s most complex situation, with a huge smile and embrace life, with all its pro’s & con’s, and even being the public figure, they never allow their disappointments, to come into the public. They hold themselves high, & refuse to budge in any situation of life.

Remember, life tests everyone equal and doesn’t spare anyone, but some learn to take their pain, with a pinch of salt and rise above their present condition, by keeping themselves separate from the pain and pleasures of life. Life is created at every step, and so every step of life is equally important.

The base gets strong if we work on our roots.

Signs on the Path that leads to Divinity.

Life is all about understanding. The better we understand and comprehend the situation, and apply those understanding in life, the bigger chances of our success in the world. We have to learn to value everything in life. Nothing should be taken for granted, and always be ready to give our best in life. This way we prepare our self, to become better with every situation, and we keep our self-ready, to face any challenges of life.

The word divinity has been associated with god, and we never feel, we can bring divinity to our ordinary life. But it’s the process of evolution, to figure out the best from within and present to the world. If we accept it as part of our life, we can certainly gain something, but if we don’t believe, and prefer to live our monotonous life than we drop all the possibilities to bring the divinity from within.

Experience doesn’t come to us. God-realization, Enlightenment, super success, can happen to people, who work towards it. It can happen, to you, if you move towards it, and expect and believe that can happen to you.

Anything can possibly happen to a human if it creates a strong desire along with the capacity to receive, and enough dedication and devotion to work towards it.

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