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dedication and commitment

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Life is not a single event but the series of events, both in the personal and professional life. It requires daily dose of dedication and commitment, to all different aspects of life. You cannot take any event of your life for granted and if you do, you pay the price for it.

Whatever you want out of life, comes to you, when you initiate the process to give yourself to life. Life doesn’t see only your actions, but your dedication and real commitment to life. Dedication and commitment boosts your will-power and then you don’t do things, but things happens through you.

This is the magic of life, where you reach the certain stage and you don’t have to be committed to life, but the mind, heart and body are prepared in a way, where commitment to life, comes naturally to you.

You don’t have to ask anything from life, but with understanding, give everything that you have, with the thoughts, emotions and efforts, and the life will bring the finest things of the world, to you. The concern with the result of action only arise, if you are not willing to give everything to life.

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The body, mind and heart you receive is to give to life, and serve the purpose of life, as a whole, that may be hard to understand in the moment. But as you grow and evolve with life, you come closer to life, and than the life’s real purpose is understood.

Before the life becomes clear to you, all your intentions has to be, towards giving everything to life. If you hold anything back, you don’t make efficient and enough use, of that part of life. With life, you never fall short of anything, if you develop an attitude to take every steps out of understanding.

Understanding allows you to correct the mistakes from the past, and serves you to create better and higher path for the future. If you give everything to life, on a daily basis, your concern never remains about the result from the action, but your mind, heart and body gets satisfied, simply with an effort.

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It’s the best way to understand the functions of the mind. When your mind, body and heart is involved into an effort, you have no time to think for the result from the actions, but when you don’t have anything to do or your intention is more towards fulfillment of your desire’s, it becomes easier for the mind, to get off the track and get caught up in the illusions of life.

You can hold yourself back from the physical actions, but if you don’t act, doesn’t mean your mind and heart too remains still. The nature of the mind and heart continuously follows the ongoing process, but when you run away from the commitment of responsibility, the mind tends to slip back and turns towards the negative side of life, rather making most out of, itself.

The mind is like fruits and vegetables, if you don’t make use of it, often, it gets pale and stale, in its own way.

Unless you know your mind and what’s going into it, you cannot be really committed to life. You have to understand your mind, before you give everything out of it, to life. The mind can only be directed into a different direction, if you know the nature of it.

No action in life comes without intention, and bigger and better the intention, more your actions will show the deepest part of your being.

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao

Every individual makes an effort to get something out of life. When you have something, it may not give you the real happiness, but if you don’t have those things, that can certainly lead you to the suffering. Say if you have a house and a family to take care of, it may not add much joy to your life, but if you miss any of those, it certainly can become the reason’s of your suffering.

This is how life takes place. If you don’t have something, it can add to your suffering, but if you don’t have those things, it may not bring the real contentment with life. So you have to rise above the basic fulfillment of life, to touch the deeper aspects of life, and if you look for more, you certainly receive the response from life, to take you into the deeper realms.

Commitment to your daily events of life, allows you to fulfill the daily obligations of life, and takes you deeper, to understand the subtle nuances of life, which is not possible, if you carry a laid back attitude. Commitment allows you to rise above the mundane life, and makes the biggest problems of life, appears small.

“The biggest myth or the belief that keeps the person small is the possibilities and opportunities with life. There are unlimited possibilities and opportunities with life, at every step for each individual, if someone is bother to look into his life.”

What Do You Do With an Idea?

The commitment with life should not be with the person or situations of life, but the commitment should always be personal with oneself. With life, only commitment to yourself will count.

You cannot keep commitment with the outside world or different situations of life, as it turns out, from different probabilities, but you can always keep the commitment, you have made with yourself.

All the juice of life, comes from inside. When you commit to life, you begin to live life inside out. Commitment to life boosts your will-power.

The mind bifurcate things, situations, events, people and experiences of life, if your attention is outside, but when the same mind is directed to life itself, it starts to value everything, and all the different aspects of life. The higher level of commitment, with all the different experiences of life, is possible if you view life, without any judgement.

The mind likes to value things that is closer to himself, and doesn’t give much importance to things, that it cannot relate to, and this close the different possibilities with life, for the mind.

With commitment, you stay with the life’s path longer. The life exists within the mind. The commitment to life allows you to drop everything other than the single event, that you are supposed to focus upon, in the moment. The focus with the different aspects of life, at different times, can be possible with the commitment to life.

With life understanding comes later, first comes commitment. Commitment allows you to stay with the things longer, and longer you are with the situation or events of life, the better understanding you develop towards those aspects of life.

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