Bring Awareness to your Feet to Experience the Moment


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Highest awareness allows you to see the world without the interference of the impressions and experiences of the mind. Awareness is the presence in a moment. Everything exists, but you don’t exist. Your identity doesn’t exist at the moment. Only the flow of life exists.

The awareness to the feet is the best way to experience the moment. The mind is always lost in the experiences and impressions. Either its dwelling in the past or creating the future. The present is always missed by the mind.

The present can only be experienced by dropping all the experiences and impressions of the mind. The moment is always there. But the moment remains hidden behind the experiences and impressions of the mind.

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Shifting your attention back to the feet, allows you to stop the thinking process for the moment, and you experience life.

People have lesser or no control over themselves. The activities of the mind hold complete control over their life. First, you nourish your mind with different experiences and impressions of life, and then mind allows you to see life only through those experiences and impressions.

The awareness at the moment is a powerful way to enhance the quality of life. Your presence remains present in this moment. No matter what goes in this moment, you remain as a witness. You are present at this moment.

With the presence at the moment, you work. You don’t allow the work to overpower you, but you allow the work to happen at its natural pace, staying aware of your presence. With the presence, your awareness expands at the moment. Your mind drifts lesser.

The presence in the moment is the magical band in life, if you really understand the importance of presence in the moment.

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You carry the same awareness, wherever you go. While you eat, sleep and whatever action you perform throughout the day. Your mind, again and again, slips into the past and future, but you simply observe your mind and bring your presence back to the moment.

Presence is your attention. You always know where is your attention at the moment. You cannot force your attention, but the gentle reminder is enough. If the mind has reached too far, it takes time for the mind to come back to this moment. But if you remain present all the time at the moment, then little nudge to the mind is enough to bring it back to the moment.

You perceive life through a different level of awareness. Consider the eye-glass as your awareness field. All the beliefs, experiences, impressions, images, thinking are the coating to the eyeglass.

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You can see life directly through the eye-glass, i.e. your awareness field, or you can perceive life through the coating on the eye-glass.

With the attention at the moment, even for some time, you can drop the coating from the eye-glass and directly perceive life at the moment. This is the whole purpose of life. To experience life direct without coating. Life is a direct experience, but the coating of the mind doesn’t allow you to experience life, the way it is.

The awareness grows inch by inch. It’s the process of evolution. The process of evolution is to touch the deeper layer of awareness, where all your coatings from the eye-glass get drop and you see life directly from the awareness field. The awareness shifts deeper if you keep yourself in the present moment. The present moment is more powerful than anything else in the world.

The Quality of Life accelerates with Awareness.

Your world you see is the projection of the perception you have developed through your experiences and impressions of your daily living. As you bring your presence at the moment, whatever you perceive, comes as a clear picture. You don’t get confused looking at the situation, event or people, but with the presence, your understanding grows, towards everything that happens around you at the moment.

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The feet are the idle way to feel the presence of awareness at the moment. Your feet brings your mind to the moment. You see life not with the thoughts, feelings or emotions, but you see life, the way it is.

The mind is the awareness field in you. You are that plain awareness field, where all the experiences and impressions of life take place. If you are not aware of, what’s going on in your mind, the mind chooses anything that goes into the mind, and all your energy is directed in that direction. If you remain present at the moment, you cannot get deceived by your mind.

Even with the little awareness, you can change the path of your mind. The mind needs direction all the time. Either you direct the mind consciously, or else mind will always have one thing or the other to pick from the experiences and impressions of the mind.

The experiences and impressions continuously hover on the surface of the mind. If you don’t remain aware at the moment, the mind can choose anything that goes within the mind, at the moment.

The mind doesn’t have a power of its own, but it’s the inner energy that runs through the mind to manifest life. If you are not aware of your mind, the mind can think anything, and direct the energy into his direction. With the power of energy and mind, even the physical body remains helpless.

The awareness can be Measured.

Your awareness at the moment can be measured. The thing is only you can measure your level of awareness. Before you measure your level of awareness, you need to know, how you perceive life.

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Every individual has a unique way to see life. You too have your own way to perceive life. You have to sit with yourself and observe how you see life? How do you see yourself and your family? How do you see life?

Each day, you have to spend some time to observe your perception towards life. More and more time, you will spend with yourself, more and more you will learn, how you perceive life. Once your own perception towards life, will get clear, you will learn the ways to improve your perception towards life.

The wisdom of life doesn’t come from outside, but it comes from within. No one else can ever know, what’s going on in your mind, except yourself. All the inner work, one has to be done by himself.

In the normal circumstances awareness of the mind changes from morning to noon and from noon to evening. In the morning time, after thirty minutes of you waking up, your awareness remains at the peak. If you can read your awareness in those moments, you can make use of that awareness, throughout the day.

As the day progresses, the level of awareness gets down, and thus it’s advisable to do, all the important things, early in the morning. In the noon time, your awareness remains dim, and thus you can do more of the physical activity in the noon time. In the evening time, your awareness again begins to rise higher.

If you consciously work towards your presence, you can notice the shift in the level of your awareness throughout the day.

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More and more your presence grows in the moment, more and more you can hold the higher level of awareness at the moment.

All the experiences, impressions, situation, people, and events serve you with life. All the joy and sorrow, pain and suffering, stress and emotional burst, are there to take your attention inward.

The mind is trained to remain lost in the external reality, and unless something major wrong doesn’t happen inside, you never take your attention inward. All the experiences of life exist to connect you from within, and especially the experiences, that brings you pain, suffering, and stress with your life.

When your presence remains at the moment, all the different experiences of life gets elevated. If you are experiencing the joy of the moment, it gets elevated and if you are suffering at the moment, then your suffering to increase at the moment.

If you can manage your presence in all the different facets of life, the time comes when all your sadness and all your bitterness will turn into a blissful experience, and all your stress and anxiety will turn into a wisdom of life.

Your attention at the moment decides your level of awareness at the moment. The attention and the awareness is one and the same.

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