Blame Game from the Eyes of Spirituality


This happens with everyone. No one’s world is perfect and everyone feels somebody else is responsible for his or her problems of life.

Does the spirituality look the blame game the same way or it holds some different perspective for the same?

When anything that happens in your life, either good or bad, you take no time to raise finger over others. You feel it’s the fault of other, and not you. You never ever imagine that you could be at fault ever in your life. Now, if you try to see this thing from the neutral perspective, you will realize that you hold a biased perspective towards life.

When you are part of any situation, everything should go your way. If anything that doesn’t go according to your plan, your mind starts to raise the finger over others.

When you see the situation from the eyes of spirituality, i.e. from the neutral perspective or the perspective of a whole, you will observe that in any given situation, it’s never the single person, to blame, for any losses or failure, but it’s always a teamwork.

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No matter where you are in the situation, either it’s your personal life or professional life; it’s always a collective effort of every individual who is part of the situation, to make it either a success or failure. So, when you raise the finger over others, you simply miss to see the error of the moment and also miss the chance to rectify those errors. The life is fair all the time. It’s always we who miss seeing the truth of the moment.

I repeatedly say this, in my previous blogs, that any situation, event or experience you go through in the moment, always carries its past, present, and future. You just cannot experience something, that doesn’t have its tail in the past and the head in the future.

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Even from the time you are born, you lie in the middle, and the past already exists, before you arrive on this earth. That nine months, you have spent in the womb is your past, that you will miss noticing, unless you consciously sit down, and look at the past, present and future of your every aspect of life.

The best approach to any situation or at the time of calamity is to handle the situation with the highest understanding. You may not see the truth of the moment, but to avoid the trouble in the moment is always in your hands.

Life is just and fair in the moment. No matter what the situation is, there is always a way of silence to tackle any situation or event of your life. Once you can handle the moment, it’s easier to see through the situation and later discuss the situation at length.

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The only time the things gets hotter is at the moment. If you try to sort out everything in this moment, you may pay the high price for it. At the same time, if you allow the moment to pass, it might be possible that the situation may get resolve by itself.

All your different situations and events of your life have nothing to do with the right or wrong. The idea of right or wrong is just the belief of the mind.

Every situation carries its experience with it, and if you successfully go through the experience, you move forward to the higher experience and if for some reason, if you fail to experience the moment, you learn the necessary lesson out of it, and simply go through the same experience with a better approach. That’s what the whole process of life is all about. Learning, experiencing, growing and evolving through the process of life.

Whenever two or more people come together, either in their personal or professional life, they come together to share the experiences of life. We don’t see life as an experience, but we see life as success or failure or say profit or loss. Unless we achieve success out of every experience, we just cannot feel happy out of an experience. This ideology towards life separates us from the truth of life.

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The beauty of life lies in an understanding. When you live life for an experience and with the understanding, for you both the success and failure or profit or loss appears equal. You measure life, not in the terms of quantity, but you measure it in the terms of quality.

Living life to savor the experiences of life is to live a quality life.

When you live every aspect of your life with understanding, you just cannot miss achieving whatever you want out of life. If you follow the right process, things are bound to come, out of the process. All you have to do is stick with the process.

When we indulge in something with a group, we become judgmental towards others and expect everything to go according to our plans. Out of these arise the blame game.

When you indulge in something with total involvement and with complete understanding, it’s hard to fail at any task of life and for some reason, if you fail, then there is always a lesson out of the failure that can serve to take you forward with life.

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Life is a beautiful process that every human goes through, with his body, mind, spirit, and source. When his understanding towards life remains limited to the physical world, he misses seeing the whole truth of life, rather only experience the partial life. He only experiences life at the level of the body.

When his understanding rises, from the physical body and connects with the subtle activities of the mind, he rises from the body to his mind. He receives better clarity with the life. Now, he knows that life is not limited to the physical world, but there is also a subtle world that works for the manifestation of the physical world.

Even the subtle activities of the mind don’t reveal the whole truth of life, rather you have to realize the spirit or life energy within the body, that makes the activities possible at the level of mind and body. Physical death is a proof of it. When the spirit leaves the body, both the mind and body dies at the same time. So, without realization of the spirit in the body, you cannot see or experience the whole truth of life.

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Even with the spirit, the search for the ultimate truth doesn’t end, as with the realization of the spirit, you realize that there has to be a source that fills the energy into the spirit and allows the process of life to happen.

It’s only with the realization of a source, you realize the ultimate truth of life and experience life that works as a whole.

We spend our life, by staying engaged in the outside reality, and always remain separated from the ultimate experience, that exists not somewhere else but inside. The path of spirituality allows us to seek the truth behind the body, mind, spirit, and source, and only with the experience of the absolute truth within, we rise above the mundane chaos of our day to day life.

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