Before Convincing the World, Convince Yourself First


If you have experienced, falling in love, in your life, it will be easier for you to understand the above statement. When you fall in love, you don’t jump to convince him or her, but you wait for the love to blossom inside.

You allow the feelings and emotions to grow and wait for the right moment. You imagine the situation, again and again into your mind and try all the alternative path, i.e. possible.

Even after imagining perfect state inside and setting everything up, you don’t jump to express yourself, but you still wait, till the end, and allow the life to respond. You come across your beloved again and again, and still try to hold your feelings, and wait for the miracles.

This is how, you are supposed to respond to life. Life is full of love. It understands the language of love. If your heart radiates love, life is more than willing to make things for you. It doesn’t require efforts, but the deep desire, to express yourself, either to the beloved or to the world.

You can apply the same formula, in all the different aspects of life. All you need is the heart felt desire, to make the things happen into your life, and all the doors of life, gets open for you.

With life, the general tendency of people is to make the things happen and not allow the things to happen, by raising higher from within. When you try to convince others, that means, you are either in the wrong position, or you are not clear enough inside yourself.

Everything comes out of energy. If the flow of energy patterns is not right within, life will not take place, the way you have desired.

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You cannot expect the world to trust you unless you trust yourself enough to run your life. You want everyone to believe you, but unless you believe in yourself, how come you expect anybody else to put faith in you. Before anybody stands beside you, you have to stand for yourself.

Once you understand this truth, you never expect anything from anyone, except yourself, and the time you take full responsibility of your life, you will amaze to see the commitment of the same world towards you. Then you don’t have to make efforts, but as you move into the situation, life tends to respond to you, through people.

Don’t be bothered, how you will convince the whole world. All you need to do is convince yourself, and the world will eventually follow.

If you are sure, what you wish to have with your life, you are less concerned about others, and more interested in figuring out, alternate ways to get the things done. There are multiple opportunities and possibilities in every areas of life, provided you bother to look into it.

Life pulsates out of desire. Any form of expression comes out of inner most desire. If your desire is not clear inside, you will mess it up outside. If you are deep down clear inside, no matter how the outside world rolls over, you simply walk over, with your inner path, to realize your desire.

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Life begins and ends with mind. When you make an effort to convince the world, your energy is wasted outside, and when you utilize the same energy, to convince yourself, you simply save your energy and direct the same energy inside.

The saved energy can be used to take one step at a time, towards your desire’s, and as you proceed further step by step, you begin to develop trust on your path. Once you are convinced from within, and simultaneously keep on moving on your path, in no time, you reach far away, leaving all your past behind. When you stand on your path, your position on the path, simply speaks of itself.

With others, always and always you waste energy. Only working on oneself, you tend to direct the energy in a direction of your goals.

” Give me six hours to chop the tree, and I will spend first four hours in sharpening the Axe. – Abraham Lincoln. “

To convince yourself, before the act is like, sharpening the axe. If you simply jump into an action, without a conviction, you simply waste your efforts, without a desired result.

This is the only difference between the people, those who are successful with their life, and the one who gave up on life at early stages. Everyone is born with the desire to make it big with life, but in the middle, looking at life, majority of them gave up and there are very few, who tend to strive with life, and move forward breaking all the barriers of life.

“The success or failure happens inside first. If you succeed, you succeed inside, and if you fail, you fail too only inside. Outside world, is the simple projection of what’s going on inside of you.”

Joy: The Happiness That Comes from Within

No one else on this earth can decide your success or failure, except yourself. There is no parameter for success or failure, and it specifically depends upon the individuals. Everyone chooses for themselves.

The psychology of life and mind is the same. If you allow the seed of a thought or an idea to grow inside, and nourish it, to become a tree, no power of the world, can keep you away from the desire of your heart. Always and always strive to get better inside, and life will respond.

Then you don’t have to convince, anybody else, but you will always remain one with life, receiving the response from all the different corners, to take you forward.

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  1. <3 This has been a theme my friends and I have been discussing for the past few months. I recently quit my job with the trust that what I wanted to do in life would come, and it did before my two weeks were even half over! Love the positive messages! Much love!

  2. Exactly, it is simple to change ourselves. Just change ourselves, we can change the world. Don’t try to change others to prove that we can overcome the difficulty.

    Simple is right. Always.

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