Becoming is the Ultimate Goal of Life

Becoming is the Ultimate Goal of Life

What life really stands for is the biggest query for everyone. Anything you create, whatever you express with life, changes with time. Some things take the time to change, while others change frequently.

More importantly, your life into your body too is limited. You are not here to stay forever, so the query arises, what is the real purpose of life, or what is the ultimate goal of life?

The primary goal of life is, becoming.

What is becoming?

We all are born with the potential to experience God and to become God. In general, we understand God, as a person who creates, operates and rejuvenates the whole life in the universe and is also the creator, of the cosmic order of the universe.

The process of becoming is, to become God. God, not that who runs the whole universe, but to experience that state within ourselves, where we become one, with the life of existence, and flow with the cosmic order of the universe.

The ultimate experience helps you to understand the process of brain, heart, and body, and the life on the external world, moment by moment, and simultaneously you also understand the back end process, that goes to the brain, heart, and body.

Life is not limited to the physical reality, but it’s the subtle reality that allows you to experience the physical one.

Although it’s only because of the physical reality, you form the subtle world, but unless you understand the mechanism of the subtle reality and what lies behind the subtle reality, you can never grasp the understanding of life, from outside.

Trying to understand life from outside is like trying to understand the machine, simply from its output. The output is a consequence, and whatever the input will be into the machine, the same output you receive, out of the consequence, but unless you understand the mechanism of both the input and output, you will never understand the process behind it.

You too are a machine. With the senses, you gather experience and impressions from the external world, and the external world creates the subtle reality, in you and with the choices from the subtle reality, you create your life.

Now, unless you understand both your external and internal reality, you will never really get to the process of life. The man is a conscious being. All the different situations, events, people, experience and impressions of your life are the input for your mind that you receive from outside, either consciously or unconsciously.

The same input gets churn inside, and you make the choice and decisions from the input you have gathered from outside. Now your choice and decisions with life are your output to life, to which you can call it an expression or action that carries its own effect or consequence with life.

Now, your life rotates in a circle of input, that you receive from outside, output or expression and its consequence, out of which, you again give output to life. Now, this circle of life goes on and on, unless you become conscious of all the input, output, and consequences of it.

You can remain conscious with all the different situations, events and people you come across, throughout the day. You have the power to choose, what kind of situation, events or people, you would like to meet throughout the day.

When you become conscious, with what you allow your mind to experience throughout the day, you simply drop half of the waste from your life. With the unconscious state of mind, you are not bothered about, what kind of experience or impressions you allow your mind to go through. You never realize that this waste can become your future.

Once you become conscious with the input, you also become conscious with the output. That means you only act or express, yourself considering the consequence of your output.

Once you are clear with the process of input-output and its consequence, you become more careful with every choice and decisions with your life.

Life is not limited to the process of input-output and its consequence, and there is much more to realize with life, beyond it. The process of becoming doesn’t end with the action and its consequence but takes you beyond the repetitive process of life.

The process of life is repetitive, and your past, present, and future, simply stretch into one another. The process of becoming is, to understand this repetitive cycle of life, and experience that being in you, which is absolutely separate from this process.

The being is a source of life, and it’s constant. All the movement of life is possible with the spiritual energy carried by the subtle thread, which is too, is part of that being. Remember, the spiritual energy too flows, through you, in its purest form, and it all depends on you, what you create out of it, and what kind of cycle you form within.

The process of becoming is to realize the being and come closer to him, with each passing day. On the path of becoming, the life-cycle still repeats itself, but while going through the life-cycle, you uplift the life-cycle and rise above it, with each passing day.

The realization of happening on the path of becoming, which is also known as the state of enlightenment. Enlightenment is a single experience of a being. Life doesn’t end with an experience and for the first time, the mind begins to understand the actual process of life.

Life before the realization is, life at a sleeping state, as we don’t really know, what is going on with our life, and all our thoughts, feelings, and actions happen, simply out of the sensation that moves the physical body, to get the things done.

All your thoughts, imagination, feelings, emotions and sensation are part of the mechanical process that can be understood, at the state of self-realization.

The process of becoming is an eternal process. The primary goal of life is to move towards the state of realization, of a being. Till you are alive, you are always something new with life and fresh experiences of life are always waiting for you.

Life doesn’t end with death unless you realize there is no death to life. It’s the only life that changes form. It just like, one machine wears out, but the process of input and output never stops. The old machine gets replaced by the new ones.

All the individuals carry the being within that is part of eternity. With the realization of being, you too become part of the eternal life, and all your limited beliefs with the mind shed away.

You live each moment of life with eternity, and allow the process of input, output and its consequence, to happen through you.

The way you form an organization. Run a process, and separate yourself from it. If you choose, you get into the process, go through the process and out of choice, and move out of the process. The process doesn’t bind you because you are the creator of the process.

In a similar way, with the realization of being in you, you become one with the creator of the process, and thus no process of life, can binds you, either internally or externally, and you can consciously choose to move in and out of the process.


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