Be, One with the Natural Flow of Life

Flow of Life

With the natural flow of life, you don’t do things, but the things get done. If this thing seems like a philosophical statement, then ask the president Barack Obama or Richard Branson, the business tycoon, do they make every task possible, by working on it, or most of the things are managed by one or the other, in their system, of which they don’t have any idea about.

The understanding of the natural flow of life is, that you don’t do anything but the things happen. You simply act as an instrument. The more you are attached to your body, mind, and heart, the more you feel like a sense of doing.

The life doesn’t initiate with mind, heart, and body, but there are energy and vibrations that drives life within you. Nothing beyond the body is visible, but everyone has to agree that the whole lot of other things, goes inside the body, in the subtle realm, is experienced only through sensation.

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On the contrary, everything in life is only experienced through sensation and there is no other way. All the different experiences of life are experienced through sensation, and the pain and pleasures are defined, with how you feel in the moment through sensation.

To realize the vital force in the body, that allows the functions of body, mind, and heart and rise above the energy to realize the vibrational space in the mind or pure consciousness.

As the attention of the mind comes closer to the breath or sensation of the body, you come closer to the natural process of life.

“There is a big misconception about life, that thoughts, emotions, and body runs the show, but in reality, the subtle energy and vibration are the source of life.”

Kundalini Yoga: The Flow of Eternal Power

The life in the existence needs two things. The matter that already exists in the existence in different forms, which again is made up of same vibrations and energy. Different matter vibrates and carries different level of energy, according to his creation.

The second thing that needs to manifest life is the human awareness. The man can create the specific things out of the matter, according to his or her requirement.

The humans are special because humans have the choice to raise the energy and vibration level and realize it, within themselves. When you realize your own energy and vibrations, you understand the natural process of life in everything that exists on the existence.

The science is the attention of the mind shifted outside, while spirituality is to direct the same attention of the mind inside.

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Anything that you desire to know, you keep your mind on the object, and the mind will start revealing the information about it.

All the useful information, creativity, innovation, and all different discoveries do exist, out of the focus and attention on a specific subject or object, over a period of time.

It takes time for the mind to get in tune with the subtle or physical reality. At the same time if you know how to hold onto it, the mind can reveal the amazing information, that you can never think or imagine in your wildest dream.

“You have to ask, what you want to know about life, and your mind is capable enough to provide you the information, about anything that exists in the universe.”

You Can Ask The Universe Anything

The energy and vibrations that are needed for the functions of the mind, the same energy and vibrations create the matter on the existence.

The mind and matter are connected at a subtle level and if you move deeper within the self, you will find deeper subtle connection, between everything that exists in the universe.

Everything that exists in the universe is made up of same vibrations and energy and follows the same natural order of life.

The mind is a part of the natural order of life and there is something exists beyond the mind, through which the natural order of life initiates, i.e. energy and vibrations.

The thoughts and images of the mind, is not the space through which the natural order of life takes place. You have to look for the energy and vibrations, that works beneath the mind. Its only by reading the inner flow of energy, you can get the truth of life.

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The entire brain is not utilized for the logic, imagination or thought process. Only part of the brain is utilized for the above purpose, and rest of the space still remains vacant for other evolutionary processes to take place.

The life can be understood beyond the mind and senses, i.e. through pure intelligence or consciousness that exists in all of us. With the mind and senses, life is limited to our experiences and impressions of life.

Above the mind, we have a wisdom eye, through which the life is visible without the mind, and which is the part of the eternity. With the wisdom eye, you view the past, present, and future of all the subjective as well as the objective reality of life.

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The life with the thoughts and images of the mind is very niche and gives a single perspective towards life. To rise above the mind, you have to connect yourself with the inner energy and vibrations.

The life is not only perceived through mind and senses, but you also have the perceiver within you, that can perceive the internal process of life. From energy to thoughts of the mind and from feelings and emotions of the heart, to breathe and sensation. Everything is visible to the perceiver.

With the perceiver, the life always follows the natural order. The mind and sensation compels you to take action, while with the perceiver, the mind, heart, and body follows the natural process of life.

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life

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