Everything in moderation works

Everything in moderation works

This post was most recently updated on June 6th, 2020

When you stay moderate, you can cover almost, all the different aspects of life. The life with the moderation, allows you to have control over your mind, heart and body. If you live extreme, it becomes easier for the mind and heart to carried away, into different desires of life.

With moderation, you develop understanding towards different aspects of life and along with it, develop wisdom and joy for life. Understanding towards life comes through experience and experimenting with life.

When you stay moderate with your actions, it serves you to move step by step into different process of life. The fear of failure or unknown arise, when you simply jump into the things without understanding or remain out of control, at the time of action.

There are very few who can hold their mind, heart and body into the moment. Moderation allows you to stay in control all the time, and you carry forward your growth from this day to another.

When the mind can understand the continuous process of life, it becomes easier to connect with the natural process of life.

When you are in moderation with your life, with your better awareness in the moment, you tend to realize which part of your life, needs more attention, and you take care of your daily situations of life.

Balance in life.

To stay in moderation and hold balance with life is possible with the right state of mind. The mind likes to wander into different direction, if you don’t practice enough with it, to direct it in a right direction. When the mind, heart and body is control, only than you can create something useful, out of life.

Everyone is struggling with his or her own life and thus, no option remain for them to serve others.

Unless, you clear the chaos from your life, you cannot be useful to others, and the time you develop the balanced life for yourself, it begins to impact your surroundings.

The way bad habits, gets spread into the circle, in a similar way, if you have some good message to share with the world, the part of the world, is waiting for you, to share your message.

Once you are clear inside, it becomes easier to bring it into the expression. Its only the inner doubt that creates the hesitation to bring the best out of you.

The importance of attention.

Life needs attention on a daily basis. Moderation in your daily life, allows you to look into every aspect of life and serves you to make your every aspect of life better.

Life follows the process of evolution, where you grow and expand with different situations, events, experiences and experiments of life.

Life provides an opportunity to every individual to grow with his life, and with it, each one has a choice to accept or negate with every opportunity of his life. Understanding allows you to choose what is possible, with your capacity in the moment.

It’s not necessary to accept everything that comes your way, and it’s not the idea of wise to negate everything. The life’s decision has already been made in the moment. In the moment, you always know what is right and what can work for you, in the moment.

The moderation with day-to-day life and a balanced attitude towards everything, allows you to connect with the eternal process of life.

The life is not limited to the bodily experience, but there is something more that can be experienced, when you connect from within.

“The creativity in life is beautiful, to enhance the beauty of life, but in the process, if one can work towards self-realization, than that adds wisdom and bliss to life.”

The Wisdom of Insecurity

The growth is possible with the moderation. Nothing needs to be forged with life, but everything should be accepted with a proper balance.

The balanced life is a state of mind, and before you experience the life in moderation, you have to create the balanced state of mind. If your thoughts fluctuate every moment and it becomes hard for you to put your mind at one place, you cannot create a fine balance with your life.

The balance with the life comes from inside. The mind needs to know, what it wants for the moment. Life has to have a goal and purpose and this goal and purpose of life should be revived from time to time.

You direct your life, from inside out. If you simply switch the direction of life from inside, the flow  of life tend to move into that direction outside. The thoughts and feelings can hold control over the body, unless it has a goal or a purpose. The goal and purpose develops a specific path for the mind, heart and body to follow.

“The wealthiest person is not one who possess everything, but the one who knows himself and can direct his life, into the direction of his choice.”

The Wisdom of Crowds

The potential of life with the mind, heart and body is unlimited, if you know how to explore life. Don’t look for the options outside, but simply explore life from within, and the right options will be available to you, at the right time.

Have the courage to walk into the unknown step by step and you will reveal the different possibilities with your life, along with the help that you have never imagined.

Life happens to those who are ready for it. It’s not your past beliefs that allows you to experience life, but its the courage and faith in your ability, that allows you to have the real experience of life.

When you simply repeat the process of life without awareness, many things gets unnoticed. With the balanced life, you never remain out of the energy, but always have little energy left to remain awake and aware in the moment.

The awareness in the moment comes with the energy. If you have a habit to completely exhaust yourself, you will not be able to hold your awareness in the moment. The moderation or a balanced life never allow you to completely get exhausted and you always save little energy, to hold your awareness in the moment.

The experience of your daily life depends upon your awareness, and the awareness depends upon your energy level. Even the last moment of the day, should allow you to perceive life with the same energy, the way you have perceived life, when you initiated the day.

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