Be Conscious About Supreme Soul, Soul, Spirit & Body.


To remain conscious is to stay awake, aware, to know, understand and imbibe the experience, as a part of your life. You have ample time, both in your personal and professional life, and most of the time, you spend, either in day or night dreaming. This time can be utilized for self-enhancement, and to have a better understanding towards life.

Life is all about awareness. You might have all the knowledge of the world, but if you cannot apply right knowledge at a right time, it doesn’t hold any utility purpose in your life.

Only if something has a utility purpose and can be useful to you, on time, be it in the physical or subtle world can serve the purpose, otherwise its only remain as an accumulation, both in the physical as well as the subtle world.

Be it the thoughts, ideas, imagination, feelings, emotions, knowledge, or information of the subtle world, or anything of the physical world, if it doesn’t have any utility purpose in your life, or on the contrary if those things, serves to pull you back with your life, then its better to get rid of them, rather than to wait, till  it turns out, to be the cause of your destruction.

There is no reason to drag something unnecessarily be it in your physical or subtle life. Either you make a shift with it, improve upon it, or you entirely drop from your life.

Life is not limited to what you experience in the form of different experience, impressions or that you see, as a manifestation of physical world outside, but much more than that. If you already carry a large chunk of waste, inside, your awareness will remain dim with the reality of life.

Your consciousness or awareness of life either grow or remain dim. If you are in the process of evolution, your consciousness or awareness constantly grows with time, and this you realize, if you are connected from inside.

The awareness in the moment allows you to experience, the body, spirit, soul and supreme soul if you choose the process inward.

The attention of the mind is so choked up with the daily situations and problems of life, that the mind doesn’t have space, to look beyond the normal course of life. You are not even familiar with your own body, and how it works. The spirit, soul and supreme soul are far-fetched things, for many and most of them might not have been familiar with words. People are so engrossed in the physical mode of life, that they do not bother to look into the source of it.

When you look at yourself, you cannot see beyond your physical appearance and that physical appearance too, is an accumulated stuff of perspective, that you have created over the time, by going through different experiences and impressions of life.

You have breathed, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, intuition, imagination and the constant flow of energy, that allows the smooth flow of inner functions of mind, heart, and body. The culmination of all creates a spirit in the body. Spirit is made up of breathe, sensation, heart, mind, and subtle energy. It cannot be seen as its made up of energy, but can easily be realized in the physical body.

To realize the spirit in the body, all you have to do is put the attention of the mind inward. You have to go step by step process, beginning from breathe to sensation, and passing through different subtle part of the body, to realize the spirit.

You also have a space inside your body, that simply vibrates at a higher level and which is the source behind the constant flow of energy into your body, i.e. known as soul. The location of the soul is, on the forehead region, and the space around the soul constantly vibrates at a higher frequency. The source of spirit is the soul.

The spirit holds all the past experiences, impressions, feelings, emotions, sensations and more and more you become aware of the inner process of life, all the past impressions and experiences of life, begins to dissolve, and you come closer and closer to the experience of the soul.

The soul and spirit are not located outside your body, but when your attention is so diverted into outside life, your concern less remains to know the truth, of whats happening inside.

If you show little concern to know the truth of your inner world, all the mystery of life can be resolved.

If you can experience soul, within your body, the same experience can also give you the confirmation of the supreme soul. The supreme soul, is the creator of life, on earth. For the mind, it’s difficult to understand anything beyond the physical form, and thus, god or supreme soul is projected by many religion, in one or the other physical form.

> “Its hard for the mind to accept pure space of vibrations, as a form of god, but its the experiential truth, and can only be realized within, if you jump into the experience, by yourself.”

You don’t have to go anywhere else to experience the spirit, soul and supreme soul, to have an experience of it, but all you have to do is, move inward.

To experience the supreme soul, soul, spirit, and body, you have to begin the process by remain aware at this moment. There is no way to understand outside life unless you understand yourself. It’s very important to understand the mechanism of the body both at physical as well as subtle level. Life is hundred times deeper inside, that the accumulated life outside.

The process of life initiates at the level of vibrations, that allows the process of entire cosmos of the universe to take place. This vibration is termed as God, Allah, supreme soul or by different names by different religions.

The same vibration at a lower level initiates the life of a human, its called soul. Every human body has a soul or pure space of vibrations, which holds the power to lift an individuals life. A single soul has the power to change the life of millions.

The spirit with its constant flow of energy and with the process of mind and heart helps the physical body to grow and expand. The spirit is connected with the physical body through sensation. The soul is the source behind the process of spirit.

It takes subtle energy, thoughts, feelings, emotions and outside intake of food, to form physical body. All the thinking, imagination, ideas, feelings, emotions be it positive or negative, become the part of the physical body, over the time. All the immediate reaction and response with the physical body is due to the long lasting impressions, that gets stored in the physical body.

If you don’t make any effort to understand the inner system, that allows you to experience and create life outside, you will simply lead a monotonous life, without developing any real purpose out of it.

Remain in a conscious state of awareness, about yourself, and slowly step by step grow with your awareness with the body, spirit, soul and supreme soul. These different experiences of life will reveal all the mysteries and all the hidden secrets of life.

The real purpose of life can only be served by self-awakening and later transmitting the wisdom and bliss to the world.

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