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To be an observer is to be conscious every moment. With the consciousness of the moment, you are more responsive towards life. With the consciousness, you understand the patterns of life and see how things get manifest on earth and how life grows and evolve with time.

The mind, emotions and senses hold control over the physical body and direct the actions out of the data stored in the unconscious mind. When you follow the old life, without noticing any progress with it, you can make a shift in your consciousness, by activating the power of choice.

The thoughts and emotions only hold power over the body, until you remain unaware of it. The time you connect with your inner world and notice the things happening in your life, your awareness begins to shift in the moment. Your mind, heart and sensation cannot force you to act, in the moment of awareness. You only follow the impulses when you are carried away by your mind.

When you accept that you are the creator of your life, and life will not move on unless you take active steps towards it, you start to execute more choices with your life.

God has gifted two qualities to every human. The power of choice and will-power to execute that choice. Very few realize the power of it and execute in their life.

All the unconscious thoughts of the mind come to the surface to form a dream in your sleeping hours. The process of thoughts and emotions continues during sleeping hours.

Even if you think your life is happening differently from yesterday, when you look closely to your daily routine, it reflects the similar picture of your past.

The life gets change by working on the root level, i.e. mind. The thoughts of the mind can be replaced by knowledge and fresh experiences of life. If you allow the knowledge to put into practice, it will create new experiences and will allow fresh experiences to follow. Understanding is the essence of life.

The person’s action is drawn by a pull of thoughts and emotions. To be an observer of one’s own action allows the process of thoughts and emotions to slow down and you become more responsive in the moment.

Daily actions of the day define your life. The life of the past, present and future cannot be different from your daily actions.

The daily activities of the day serve the process of life, while being an observer of one’s own life makes you more aware and takes you deeper with the internal and external experiences of life.

The experiences of life don’t happen only outside, but out of the experience, you learn the necessary lessons of life inside. From the time you are born on this earth, there is no way to get backward, but the only place you move is forward. You grow with your understanding towards life.

Usually, we have the tendency to judge ourselves or others, through wealth, but that’s not the actual parameters to measure your growth with life. Every individual grows with life, without exception. Although some are born to take a leap, while others registered slow growth.

The best way to understand life is to observe each day of your life and try to bring more awareness to each action of the day. This way you add quality to life and hence improve upon life.

The life is continuously changing outside and within us, but the one who observes the changing nature of life, can slip back beneath the changing nature of both the internal and external reality.

When you relate yourself with something that is constant in the midst of all the things that is changing, you can see and understand life with more clarity.

To be an observer doesn’t make you free from the actions. Actions are the laws of existence. Actions not only with the physical form but to think and feel is also considered as a subtle action. The subtle actions of thoughts and emotions do derive its fruits in life.

The growth and improvement in life happen with an understanding. When you repeat the process without any awareness to it, it becomes monotonous. The people get bored and frustrated with life because of it. But if the same process is followed with more awareness, the rigidity, and fatigue out of the process break down and you add something new, with every action.

The whole process of life is an understanding. The understanding takes us to the next level. By being an observer of life, you can allow the things to unfold in a natural way. The biggest obstacles of life are our own thoughts, that stops the natural process of life.

To play a role of an observer is to observe one’s own life. It asks for the sincere efforts and daily practice. The mind plays its part to deviate from the moment every now and then and drives the attention in different directions. But once you learn to remain in the moment, you bring your mind again and again back to the moment.

The mind only slips from the moment, if your attention slips away into the imagination. If you can hold yourself at the moment, no way mind can run into any other direction.

Physical exercise serves to calm the activities of mind and control the senses. With the physical exercise, the energy level of the body increases, and that serves to create more positive thoughts and healthy emotions in the body. With the higher energy, the awareness also remains high, and the alertness is observed in a natural way within the actions.

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