Be an Observer, and drop the Illusions of Life


To experience life as an observer requires you to undergo a process. The process that allows you to shed away the past and future from your mind and you experience life from the pure state of mind.

The observer in you is your purest state of mind. To become an observer of life is to experience life from the empty mind. To experience life as an observer, you have to undergo a process. You have to practice enough with the mind to stay present at the moment.

With the mind, you can practice being an observer of the moment, and slowly you will drop all the illusory part of your mind.

What is the illusion of the mind?

The mind likes to live in a story. For every situation, people and experiences of life, the mind has its own story. It’s mind made story. The mind made story has nothing to do with the reality, but sometimes it happens, that mind believes in such stories, and try to form his reality out of it.

The problem with life occurs when you chase the story of your mind, which is created by your mind. It’s good to foresee the future and act to create the fresh future. It’s always good to follow your gut or intuitive feelings, as it helps you to connect with the inner self.

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But, when it comes to the stories of the mind, it’s not the reality of life, and if adds negativity to your life then certainly, you need to look out the ways to drop them out of your mind.

When you experience the present reality with the mind, you don’t see or experience what exists, but you only see and experience what exists in your mind. You just don’t connect with the present reality, at the level of your mind. The reality always remains separate from your thinking mind.

The only reason behind this is, your mind lives in the stories while the reality of life has nothing to do with the stories of the mind.

When you consciously choose to connect with the present reality and become an observer of life, you act less and observe more with life. You participate in life but out of conscious choice.

You don’t jump to everything but you stay aware of life every moment. Everyday you take time out to reflect back on life.

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If you wish to experience your personal reality, then what happened yesterday, was your individual reality and not what you thought about it.

See what kind of experiences, you went through yesterday. Just reflect back on it, and you will see your personal reality.

The only difference between reality and illusion is, the reality is something that happens, while the illusion is something that you think about. It’s not necessary that everything you think will never take place. No that too is not correct. Sometimes you will plan something and the things will go according to your plan.

When the things go according to your plans, try to compare the actual reality with your plans of the mind, and you will realize that you were easy with your plans.

Your mind was not rigid with the plans. You were nowhere attached to your plans. You were almost flexible with your plans.

One thing that needs to be clear with all of us ISthat life is never going to work according to our plans, so the best way to go with life is to understand the wAYS of life.

The Way of Life, According to Laotzu

See your past, and observe how your life unfolds and try to get one with it. Don’t give your plans to life but try to imbibe life’s plan with your daily living.

The observer limits you to yourself, and doesn’t allow you to get caught up with the surface reality of mind or outside life.

The life’s illusion is not part of the external reality, but it’s a part of our mind. The external reality is perfectly fine and all the corrections with life are required inside.

To become an observer of the moment is to get accustomed to the environment of the external reality. You allow your mind to get used to your present environment. You keep your mind present TO the external reality. Slowly you take your attention inward, towards your presence.

The act of observance is a mere presence at the moment. All the deception with life occurs with the mind. The mind shows you even that which doesn’t exist. If you create your life keeping mind as a benchmark, you go on hitting the illusions of life, that will lead you nowhere.

Each individual has a right to choose his own path. When you stop others from experiencing their freedom, unknowingly you lose your freedom.

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On the top of that, if you can hold your presence with the external reality, gradually with the practice, you can also notice the inner movement caused by the external reality.

The observer is not separate from the mind, but it’s the mind that observes life. When you remain lost with the thoughts and imagination of the mind, you cannot experience present reality in its natural form.

All the dreams and desires of life are different colors to your perception. When you hold a certain desire for life, it only allows you to see the present reality out of that desire. For everything that exists outside, you only look for your desire.

The life only appears to be as it is if you can see life without your personal dreams and desires. There is nothing wrong with the desires of life, but before you look for the desires, it’s important to understand the process of life.

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Knowing the process of life, allows you to achieve your desire at a faster pace. It’s only when you disconnect with the process of life and only look for desires, you get into more illusions of life.

The illusions of the mind can only be drop, by connecting with the present moment. In the present moment, life flows in a natural way. If you can hold your presence in the present moment, by keeping your desires aside, and living with an intent to know life, slowly you experience the natural flow of life.

The illusions of life are not required to be dropped. All you need is to experience the life in its natural form. When you develop a perception in you, that can directly look into life, the illusions from your life will be dropped without you being aware of it.

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