Balance comes Experimenting with Life



Life is a process, and unless you understand the process of life you cannot have a balanced life. The life as a whole is not bifurcated, but when it comes to our mind, life seems divided.

We have a personal life to take care of. We have professional obligations with life. We have social responsibilities and many more things, hovers into our mind. When it comes to life, the life is not limited to ourselves, but our life is extended in many ways.

We have to figure out the right balance, between all the different aspects of life, and you cannot find the balance unless you know how to experiment with life.

The experiment with life begins with the body. Unless physically we are fit enough to face life challenges, we cannot do justice to all the aspects of life.

The most important thing that needs to be taken care of, with the physical body is eating habit, sleeping habit, and exercise. Unless you have a fine balance with the above three, you will mess up with your body sooner or later.

The mind is separate from the physical body, and the needs of the physical body have to be understood separately.

On the spiritual path, the physical body is considered to be an instrument to experience life. But the most important thing with the instrument is, that if you don’t have the instrument in proper shape, you just cannot move forward with life.

Moving further from the physical body, the next thing that needs to be taken care of is the mind. The physical body can certainly impact the mind, but if you take care of your physical body, still the mind needs to be nourished separately.

A mind is a tool that allows you to experience life. The mind is your intelligence. The mind and body are everything when it comes to life.

The mind depends on the physical senses of the body to experience life. You need to be cautious with what you give to your mind, because whatever you fill in your mind, reflects in your life sooner or later.

“The nature of the mind is such that, it arranges and rearranges your daily experiences and impressions of life, to create your future. So you have to be careful with choosing your daily experiences and impressions of life.”

Unless you know life beyond mind and body, the mind and body become the ultimate truth for you. In that case, you just cannot ignore the way you treat your mind and body.

You can only create a fine balance between the mind and body if you are open to experiment with life. The daily life comes with its cause and effect. All your past, present and future you experience in a single day.

If you wish to create a balance with your life, you have to initiate from today. Whatever you do today, will become your future reality.

To experiment with life is to check and evaluate your daily living. You need to see, how each day of your life unfolds, and each day you have to experiment with yourself to make it better. Only with the experiment you improve and grow on a daily basis.

The life grows with the awareness. When you look into your daily living, you bring awareness to it. Sometimes it happens that, we go on doing things, that we are unaware of, but the time the things come to our notice, we immediately take action for its correction.

This happens with the daily living. When you begin to remain aware of your daily life, you will notice things, that you might have missed previously. With the awareness in the moment, you see more. You don’t live in the mind, but your attention shifts to the moment.

When you observe your daily life, you come across the activities that you repeat on a daily basis. This activity should serve the purpose of learning, growth, and improvement.

Each individual is free to choose his own life path, and create his destiny for himself.

You only grow with life, if you are ready to travel the unknown path. The unknown path is the one, that you have never traveled before. This is what experiment is all about. You do things, that you have never done before.

The experiment gives you the experiences with life, and with the experiences comes the clarity. With the experiment, you may succeed or you may fail, but you reach the definite conclusions with it. Daily living becomes the joy for you with the experiment.

You cannot make something the part of your life unless you understand it within your mind. To experiment with life is the best way to develop understanding about anything.

With life, one law precisely follows. If good things come to you, it follows the chain of all the good things and the same applies to the bad things. When you consciously look into your daily living, you can break the chain of bad experiences of life and turn it into the good one.

The life only seems like a mystery, when you disconnect yourself from life. When you connect with your daily living, you come closer to the natural process of life. In this case, life doesn’t happen to you, from anywhere, but you consciously make a choice with life at every step. You only pick that you really want out of life.

“Experimenting with your daily living allows you to keep the curiosity alive and you develop the attitude of learning and knowing towards life.”

Life is not limited to our limited perception of the mind, but there is much more for us, to explore with life. If we follow step by step method to come closer to life, we can realize deeper mysteries of life, that we can never imagine exist inside of us.

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