Awareness is Light

awareness is light

Awareness is light. With awareness, we drop the mind and look the things as they are. Awareness creates quality in life. When we look at the things, as they are, we drop all the pre-conceived notion about things, and perceive things, without a web of the mind.

The mind holds all the past beliefs, experiences, and knowledge that doesn’t allow the present life to appear as it is, and we view life through the glass shield of our mind.

I have a friend, who borrowed some money, before six months, and didn’t pay back, although I was expecting him to pay back on time. Next time, for some reason, he again came to ask for money. Now, this time, I can remind myself of the past situation and refuse to lend him money.

This way, I can look at the present situation, from the past happening of the events, and ignore what is in front of me. Now, there are many possibilities, that can occur from a given situation.

I can lend him money, refuse him, can ask him to give the previous one, or he might have come for some other work. An ample number of possibilities may occur from this situation. The point is whatever the decision, I will take, Is it based on my past experience, or I am looking at the situation, in the present moment?

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The positive outcome may come out of the above situation, and we may learn a lot from this situation, or we can avoid the situation, by judging and taking a decision, from our past experiences.

We look at the life situations, from the past perspective, and negate any hopeful possibility or fresh perspective in a moment. Fresh life can only be created, if we are hopeful in all the situations, and look at life from a fresh perspective.

We can only create something new and hope to get the things better in the future, if we are hopeful in all the different situations, and look at life from a completely fresh perspective. Past experiences of life can either take you forward with life or can become the obstacle in the present moment.

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We create a habit, to evaluate all the present situation from the past experiences, and this creates the same future ahead for us. When we try to do something new or live with better awareness, we drop the past and look at the situation from the fresh perspective. The point is to have faith in the present moment.

It Creates Clarity with Life.

With awareness comes clarity. When we look directly into the situation, we see the things as clear, as our face in the water. Once we see the things as it is, even if the things has its flaws, we can correct them, and make it better with the passing of time.

When we are aware of what we do, we rectify our mistakes, at every step and improve upon it, as and when required. This prevents us from avoiding the past error, and simultaneously we register growth at every step. When we are aware, about what we do, we get clarity, for how to go about things.

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We never get lost in the outside activities of life, but we are only lost in our mind. Once we bring awareness to the things, we can see the things, by putting the thoughts of the mind aside, and start taking practical action on it. The complex thoughts of the mind create negative emotions, that prevent us from taking powerful actions in life.

How so ever, complex life situation seems like, sit and look into it, drop all your past assumptions, and ask yourself, what you want from this situation and how you want the things to move, from this moment and take practical action on it.

Awareness brings us, into the present moment.

Meditation, silence, yoga, and pranayama are the techniques to get deeper in awareness, and grow awareness about life and around us. The present moment is not possible, at the level of mind. Mind knows how to think, and thinking only leads to the past or the future. When we act, we act for the future, or out of imagination.

When I am aware, while reading this sentence, I am into the present moment. My mind doesn’t create any thought, about the reading, but all I am doing is the reading in this moment. If I continue, reading this sentence, without deviating my mind, even on the noise, that is happening around me, then I am growing my awareness into the present moment.

The present moment not only connects to life at the moment, but also to the path of lord.

The way to God (Truth)

If we develop this positive and powerful knowing about the present moment, only then we can make a real effort to make it a part of our life. You only grow with the present moment. Start trusting whatever, you have and wherever you are, at this moment, out of your awareness in the moment, you can change your world, and in the near future, serve others to change their life.

With Awareness, we utilize time, Effectively.

When we are aware, we utilize every moment of life, effectively. We don’t waste time, here and there, and make most out of our time, in realizing our goal or serving others.

Life is made up of time. The more we utilize our time, out of awareness, the better we see the result in life. When we are aware of our schedule, slowly the quality of life, comes into our schedule, out of awareness, and the things that take up our unnecessary energy gets drop from our life.

When we live with awareness, we only serve the actions with our energy and time, that serves the life purpose and hold real meaning in life.

With Awareness, Expression Expands into the Universe.

We all express our self in different ways. All the actions, we take in the outside world is our expression. When we are aware, about the expression, it grows and expands into the universe. The deeper our awareness in the moment, the better we can express our self, to the world.

Awareness polishes the expression, add quality to it, and make it better, every time, we set to work upon it. With awareness, we can get deeper into the expression, and create the fresh expression out of it.

Awareness: The Key to Living in Balance

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