Awareness in the Moment leads to Constant Growth in Life


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Awareness is your presence at the moment. It’s not the perception of the mind, but the direct light that perceives without the perception of the mind. Awareness towards the path of life leads to constant growth.

With the awareness at the moment the process of life gets slow, and thus you see more options with life and have more choice to act upon. Two things need to be clear to the mind. The destination and the path. Once the mind is clear with the destination, all it requires is to remain present at the moment. Your presence at the moment always knows one step after another. The confusion with life only arises when your mind tries to see all at once.

For many people, it’s hard to figure out what they want out of life. The easiest way to know about your life’s path is to look at the daily or weekly activities. Your life is what you do on a daily basis.

You might have big dreams and desire’s for life, but those dreams can only manifest, with today’s effort. Life doesn’t lie in the future but in the present. Whatever is possible with life is only in this moment.

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When you are alert, you start making positive changes in life, as everyone likes to improve and grow with life. When you know what you do with your life, your awareness grows even in the moment of action. With the expanded awareness, you improve upon every aspect of life. The awareness plays a key role, to keep you stay focused on the path.

You create your life by walking. You can only walk on the path if you have already created it in your mind. The actions come into the picture if you carry the image of it into your mind. Once you have created the path in your mind, it’s necessary to be aware of it, so that you can walk on the path, and also direct your efforts in that direction.

Alertness is a sign of an open mind. When you are alert with life, you are more confident with your action plan. With the closed mind, you don’t receive the thoughts, that takes you forward, but the fear and doubt creep in, that pulls you down in life.

Humans are the creator of physical reality. Nothing exists on earth other than the natural elements, and it’s only the humans understanding that has created the physical reality on earth. You need little awareness in the moment to take your life forward.

In the outside world, all the natural elements exist to form the physical world, but to create a physical reality, it needs human’s mind and his imagination.

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Say for e.g. the child has been given the drawing board, and coloring chalk to paint his imagination, in a similar way the human being has been offered the existence as a drawing board and his mind as a coloring chalk to express himself. The more you sharpen your skill with the coloring chalk in the form of experience, and expand your imagination, the better you express yourself on earth.

Growth happens with life, out of intent. Just the intention is enough for you to grow and expand your life, both in the inside as well outside world. The path of life comes out of intent. When you hold the intent to grow, you see life with the ascending perception, and everything you experience takes your life higher.

Your intent guides the inner world to form the right imagination and direct the life energy towards its physical manifestation.

The Power of Intention

If you look only outside life, you miss the source of it, which is inside, and thus whatever you accumulate outside, you never really get satisfied with it. When you understand the projection of your mind of the outside world, you work to improve upon your inner world, to make the difference in the outside world. There is no limit to life. The mind and heart have an immeasurable capacity to expand. At any moment of time, you decide your own limit.

When you grow you rise above your present situation and develop the higher perspective to view your present life. The best minds adopt the process of life, which is for constant growth and constant improvement.

The sages always move with the same state of mind in all the situations of life. They are never bothered with the outside situation, as they hold the power to change their inner situation, and with it, the outside environment of life. They understand the continuous process of life, and so they don’t fight with it, but go along with it.

It’s always your inner and outside resistance keeps you away from the natural process of life. The change in the life happens if you choose the right thoughts and emotions and act on them. It has to be a constant process.

Life doesn’t believe in one time wonder, but follows the continuous process. The constant growth is only possible by becoming one with the daily process of life.

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The physical reality doesn’t have a life of its own. It’s the humans that make it alive. Don’t allow the outside reality to overpower you or sabotage you from inside. Connect yourself from inside, and stand tall in different situations and events of your life. Your inner reality has to reflect outside.

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