Awareness in the Moment breeds Better Awareness with Life


The life you live is no more than a day. Awareness in the moment, allows you to rise above all the momentary sensations, and you don’t give into different situations of daily life, rather you stay in control of yourself.

Awareness in the moment breeds awareness. Slowly and gradually, if you observe awareness with your daily life, and stay with it little longer, it takes over your entire life.

Life is only the experience that you have in a day. Life is no more than a day. Whatever you have experienced over the time, you have a single day and this moment, to express yourself. Your every expression further leads to future experiences and impressions. So, if you are not aware at the moment, you never know, what kind of experiences, you have called for, in the future.

All the mystery of life can be solved by remaining awake at the moment. Awareness in the moment, allows you to experience life, beyond sensation, thoughts, and feelings. You directly look into life, and experience it, in its natural form. This allows you to connect with life, that takes place naturally, and not by any force.

Awareness in the moment breeds to better awareness of life. When you are aware, you see things that cannot be seen, when the mind is occupied with the past and future. The mind only creates perception from the past and your idea about future for the present events. Whenever you perceive life, in the present moment, you don’t see life, as it is, but you simply observe out of the experience and impressions, you carry from the past.

When you live with your own idea of life, you remain limited. You cannot be bigger than your thoughts and ideas of life. Howsoever, you expand your idea for life, it always remains limited to your own perception. An individual has a choice, to break all his boundaries of life, and connect with the existence. Awareness in the moment is a key to connect with the natural process of life.

Awareness doesn’t allow you to repeat the same process of life. Most of the energy of a person is wasted on repeating the same circle. When you are excited about something, you extract more energy from the inner system, but when you repeat the same circle, you tend to lose the little energy, that you carry for the day.

People are afraid of life, not because of fear that exists outside, but because of their own inability to understand different aspects of life. The man finds himself caught up, into different situations of life, and couldn’t find a way out for himself.

Awareness doesn’t mean to look at a life in a certain way, but to drop all the ideas of life, and look at life, the way it is.

Everything is perfect in the moment, and moves out of natural order, and even the things that are not perfect, in future will attain its perfection, out of natural order.

With awareness, you don’t judge things, but you accept the natural process of life. Everything is going through the transformation, out of the natural process. Unless your attention shifts to yourself, you will not notice the perfection outside.

With awareness, you don’t lead, but you follow. You see the flow of situation or an event and simply follow. You remain loose from inside. When you already know, how the life functions, the mind, heart, and body becomes rigid, but when you don’t know, how the life responds every moment, you don’t wait to react, but you show patience, and allow the life to happen, on its own.

Life takes place in the most natural way, and this truth can be understood, when your understanding becomes one with the natural process of life. All pull and push is the realm of the mind, heart, and body.

The mind can be confined to time and space, and when you limit your mind, it does everything to escape from the prison of the moment. Look at yourself. You don’t like to be, at one place for the longest time. You want to run. Any situation, event or person cannot entertain you, for a longer period of time. The things, people or situation that you think joyful, can turn into a nightmare if you stay with it little longer.

Life is not joyful or chaos outside, but it simply presents to you, what you carry inside of you, in the moment. You can never be free, unless you understand life, and rise above it. Only the understanding of life can set you free forever.

If you are caught up inside, the world too seems like a prison, but if you are free from inside, you can experience the bliss and wisdom, in any space and time.

Once you are free from inside, then you always have a choice, to enter into the game of life, and play the game following its rules. The natural principles are the rules, that life follows. Everything has a pattern, and life to has its own pattern.

Awareness in the moment, allows you to break your repetitive patterns. When you break the repetitive patterns of life, you create a fresh path. You don’t simply follow what exists from the past or your idea about the future, but you pick the fresh response to every situation, events, and experience.

You become more creative and innovative with life. You handle all the situations and events of life, as it comes. You look at life, with the open mind.

With the awareness, you remain open to life. Whatever comes to you, you improve upon it and make it better with your response. Awareness, itself makes your outside world better.

Your perspective or perception with the mind and senses depends on upon the quality of energy, you hold in the moment. If the quality of energy is good, anything you perceive in the moment, will appear as beautiful. Remember beauty lies in the seer, and not in the object, people or scenery.

If your energy level is good inside, only then the world appears beautiful to you, but if the inner world is not in order, even the most beautiful thing or place cannot help you to bring joy and happiness to your heart.

Life is a series of events, whereby one event precedes another. The mind always likes to carry one step in advance for life, but when you live with awareness, your attention is not directed outside, but on the mind itself. Awareness in the moment is to remain aware of yourself.

> “The role of the mind is to remain focused on the action, while the awareness in the moment, is more interested, in the process of mind itself. Awareness in the moment, observes the process of mind, into a different situation, events, and experiences.”

The real change with life takes place, once you understand different aspects of life. Understanding happens with awareness. Awareness breeds better awareness of life. The process of the mind is to move into the circle, while the awareness, allows you to break the circle and directly look at the things, in its original nature.

More and more you remain aware at the moment, more and more you respond out of awareness, and more your response comes out of awareness, more you come closer to the natural process of life.

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