Awaken your Inner World, to Brighten the Outside World


The majority of people struggle hard in the outside world, to put the things in order, but unless you put your inner world in order, again and again, you come across the same problem in the outside life. Awaken your inner world, to lighten the outside world. The external reality couldn’t be brighter without the inner light.

The mess is actually not in the outside world but in your perception. Say for e.g. you have been asked to arrange 100 chairs in order. The chairs are already placed in order, but from the angle you see the chair, it seems like it’s not, and every time you arrange the chair and look at it, it again seems like not in order, but the time you change the angle, the same 100 chairs seems to be in order.

Change your perception towards the things, and with the improved perception either things get in order or with the improved perception you can get them in order.

You see the World from Inside.

When you observe the world, you see the impressions and experiences that you hold inside. All the memories and life experiences exist in you, and thus you perceive the physical reality from your mind.

When you look into your head, you can see how you perceive life.

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Imagine a friend or a situation of your life. You can only see them from the impression or the experience that you carry inside.

When you come across the fresh situation or people, the mind captures the impression of the person or pick the experience out of the situation. Next time when you come across the person or situation the mind act from the past experiences or impressions.

When your attention is outside, you live with the limitations of your mind. You cannot perceive more than what you have experienced in the past, and thus miss to experience life beyond the present state of your mind.

You are capable to drop the past from the mind, and experience life afresh. It just needs little presence in the moment.

The Presence Process: A Journey Into Present Moment Awareness

Your action has to be fresh. You have to travel a new road, to create different future for the self. When you travel a new path, you connect with the deeper self.”

On the traveled road, you may come across the same people and life follows the same routine, while on a new path, you go out with an intent to explore different facets of life.

The path of life is created in you. You act outside, but the path is created inside. If you are conscious enough to look at the inner path, you can improve upon it and get better with it, with time. There is no future lies ahead in advance, but with the conscious choice and decision you create your future.”

To take a fresh path and push yourself on it, needs courage. When you understand that as soon as you take that first step, the mind creates further steps ahead for you, you can fearlessly walk on the unknown path.

Walk and Create your own path, Within.

Even the wealthiest people on earth don’t know the real essence of life. The life comes from within. If you don’t live inside out, sooner or later you lose meaning in life. Life flowing inside out adds meaning to every step.

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The inner world holds the solution for everything that exists on earth. Everything that happens on the existence comes from within, so the inner world also holds the solution for every problem of the external reality.

When your focus and attention is inward, you are less bothered with the outside obstacles and overcome everything that comes to your path.

You get stuck in the situations or problems of life if you spend too much time thinking about it. If you know the art, of moving forward, on the way the solution emerge by itself.

The Light Reveals from Within.

When your inner world expands, you make a better choice in the outside world. With the inner expansion, you see more. You see the external world with clarity. You always remain in control with your outward expansion, as the understanding of the inner world makes the outside process clear.

Life goes out of control only from inside. Once you connect from inside, first thing happens, that you set your inner world in order.

Organizing from the Inside Out

Once your inner world falls in order, sooner you experience the external reality in order. Even the external life can only be set in order from inside.

There are very few who are fortunate enough, to even think about the inner world, while the rest spend their lives running after the needs and wants of life.

The inner world holds the higher intelligence of life. With the inner light, you not only serve the external world, but you also brighten yourself from within.

The inner path is a gods path. You move towards god. At the end of the path, the light of God is revealed to you, and the complete purpose of life becomes clear. With the inner revelation, you realize the importance of the outside life. Life is like a rhythm. To attain anything in life, get into the rhythm of life, and flow with it to accomplish your heart’s desire.

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