Awaken your Inner Light, to remove the Darkness from Life



The inner world carries layers upon layers, that doesn’t allow us to see and experience life with absolute clarity. All the thought process and imagining things of the mind is due to the surface layers of the mind.

The awakening of light happens, when you can move deeper beyond the floating layers of the mind. The darkness is not outside, but it’s the ignorance of the mind, that doesn’t allow you to perceive life with clarity.

The light exists inside and the darkness too prevails inside. All the life’s work is required inside. The confusions with the people, situations, and different aspects of life happens because of the way we understand life.

The different layers of the experiences and impressions set the limitations for the mind, beyond the boundaries of which, it becomes impossible to see the world. Every person carries such boundaries inside, and each one sees and expresses his view, from his own boundaries, without even realizing the actual truth of life.

Each one carries their own lies inside, and consider it to be absolute truth of life. Nobody knows, what the actual life is, but everyone is more than eager to prove what they think, is the absolute truth of life.

Break the Norms

The external perception of life comes from inside. You perceive the external reality from the inner perception. The more clarity you have inside, the better visibility you have of the external world.

Everyone carries light within, that bound to direct him in every moment of his life. The light is your awareness in the moment. With how much clarity you can see the present moment?

The inner light can directly see through life, without the interpretations of the mind. Remember the light too belongs to the mind. The consciousness, or awareness in the moment comes from the mind. There is only one mind, that carries the light of life, awareness in the moment or cosmic consciousness of the universe.

When the mind is engaged in the external reality of life, it has doesn’t have time, to perceive life, beyond the surface reality. It remains engaged with the thoughts, and feelings, and dreams, and desires and different pleasures of life, but never bother to seek the truth within. The same mind when directed inward to know the truth, it reveals all the mysteries of life.

The light is full of understanding, and less of ego. The light is not knowledge, but the light is understanding, awareness, alertness and knows where to look for when it needs something with life.

When you look at the world without any pre-conceived notion, the world appears as it is, without your perception. People may seem to be moving on the road, and you don’t hold any impression of them, rather you enjoy the flow. This happens when you visit a new city and see the crowd on the path. You see the city with a sense of amazement.

The mind doesn’t force his perception on you when you come across the fresh thing. It gives you a clear picture of what already exists, and how it exists.

Only with the experiences you already have of the situation, people, or events, the mind comes in between. The mind doesn’t know, how to respond to the fresh thing unless you have a similar experience in your mind.

Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously

When you observe the city, you understand that it took many years to build a city, and at the present moment, the buildings and monuments of the city are, as it is.

Looking at the city, you realize that people just like you, have filled the life in the city and the city is alive just because of the people who reside in the city. No world or nation or city can become alive without its people. It’s the humans that made the universe alive.

The earth has its own life, with water, mountains, breeze, gardens, fountains, Valley. They are alive in their own way, but they don’t come out of mind and heart, and so manipulation cannot exist in them. It’s only with the individual mind we manipulate. The sense of “I” knows how to manipulate, otherwise, the life is just fine.

When you come across animals, you see the joy of them being on earth. They don’t think, the way the human thinks, and their only concern is the momentary joy.

The right query allows you to explore your mind.

What is the right query?

The right query is the one, that connects you with yourself. The right query always brings your mind to itself. The right query doesn’t allow you to deviate from the present moment. The right query has nothing to do with the past or future, but it belongs to this moment. The right query is not about death, but the right query is all about life.

How’s the experience of pure mind?

Say if you walk on a straight path at a dark night, with a torch in your hand. You cannot see more than ten feet ahead and nor ten feet backward. This is the experience of pure mind. All you see is the present moment. The only place where you can live and walk upon. You don’t have to see beyond this moment for life. If you can honestly serve this moment, the future will be taken care of, by itself.

The life is all about trust, and the biggest misery of every human is, that it cannot trust himself and neither the life as a whole. It only knows how to act out of fear and distrust, and thus, he attracts similar life for himself.

God has filled you up with all the qualities that he possesses for himself. You need to figure out the ways, to pull out those qualities from within and utilize it for yourself.

The Book of Awakening


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