Your Attention is a Solution to all your Problems


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When you feel, you are caught up in the problems of life, look at your attention. Wherever you put your attention, your life energy begins to move in that direction. The life energy is a driving force of your life.

The same life energy can be utilized to your advantage if you can consciously direct the attention of your mind to your choice.

There are three factors that play a major role at every moment of your life. Your mind (attention), life energy and your goal. Your goal could be anything, be it your dream, desire, or something that you want out of your life.

When you put the attention to your goal, the life energy starts moving in that direction. It starts arranging and rearranging the things for you, to take you to your goal.

The only thing is, you need to stay with your desire, for the longest time possible. The way to your goal may not be known to you, but the life force that works through you always knows how to take you to your desired destination.

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With life you need patience. Your mind knows what you want and the life energy will start working in that direction but at the same time, you need to show patience with life. Life has its own process and it unfolds out of its process. When you show patience, the life unfolds naturally for you.

Life shows you the signs that lead you to your goals.

In a way, life is mysterious, as you don’t know how life will unfold in the future. But at the same time, one thing is certain that if you are sure of your destination, the life as a whole will do everything for you to take you to your destination.

You need to trust the process of life. Whenever you create a desire, it takes some time for the life to create the way for you, to take you to your desire. When you trust the process of life, the life as a whole is sufficient enough to take you to your desire.

Force is not the way of life rather natural flow is a way of life. Our inner life energy follows the mind. You don’t need force; rather you need to direct your mind in a right direction.

Absolute Tao: Subtle is the way to love, happiness and truth

Whenever you face the problem, do you think about the solution or you think about more problems, that you may face because of the present problem?

When you give energy to the problem, you will certainly call for more problems in your life. At the same time, if you give energy to the solution, then you not only receive the solution to your problems, but you also understand how the life functions.

Whenever we encounter the problems, we simply give up in the moment. We never show patience in the moment, and look for the solution for our problems.

All the negative thinking along with the suffering is due to the attention of our mind. When you direct your mind towards a negative situation, your mind obviously thinks negative thoughts, and along with it, even the life energy in you starts moving in the direction of creating more negative energy.

Remember, you attract your life’s situation not on the basis of your thinking, but on the basis of the energy you carry in the moment.

If you are filled with negative energy in the moment, you will attract the similar life around you, but when you know how to direct your mind to the positive things, then you can consciously attract positive things into your life.

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Life serves you at every step, provided you move along with the natural process of life. It moves in a circle of cause and effect. You remain the cause of life and everything that happens to you is an effect of it.

Many of us are very good, at playing the blame game. We are not interested to take responsibilities of our life. We always wanted to blame someone, if the things are not going right in our lives.

When we blame others for our life’s problems, we simply miss the opportunity to make a correction in our lives and take it in a right direction. With the responsibility comes control and with the control, we gain power to make necessary changes in our life.

When we blame others for our life’s problems, we also miss the opportunity to bring the necessary change in our lives. Responsibility itself allows you to push the things in a right direction.

Our daily problems are a part and parcel of life. But when you keep yourself engaged only into the problems of life, you will never have enough energy to work on the solutions and come out of the problems of life.

There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

Whenever you try to achieve something or want your desire to be fulfilled, you will certainly face obstacles, as life will not happen your way. At this point in time, your mind has to be absolutely focused on the goal.

When your mind is clear with the goal, it’s easier to overcome the daily obstacles of life, and move forward towards the goal.

Life shows you signs at every step that can help you to move forward. You have to pick those signs and make them a stepping stone to reach to your goals.

It’s the clarity of your goal that helps you to direct all your energy in one direction. When you direct your mind in one direction, you gather all your energy from the different direction and push it in one direction.

The mind should always be guided in a positive direction to receive the positive result. Remember you receive what you give to life and you attract what you gather inside in the form of energy, be it positive or negative.

It’s always you who create your life and even attract life towards you, whether it’s a sad-full or a joyful one. So, if you think, you need to change your life, initiate with yourself and you will see the effect of it, in the outside world.

Mindfulness in the Modern World

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