Attention on the Path, leads you to the Destination.


You certainly are not hovering around in the no man’s land, and you have the destination to achieve. The destination may be hiding somewhere inside of yourself, and you have to take the whole round of the world, to figure out that truth within you.

The destination, path, and purpose of life exist in you. Few prefer to move inside, and realize the truth within themselves, while others like to search the same truth outside, to reach to the ultimate. The one who looks inside, realize their truth within them, but the one who looks outside, are also guided inside sooner or later to reach to the ultimate.

You have to look into your life, and see what path you have opted for, to realize your higher truth of life. For many, the life’s path remains outside, and they go through different experiences in the outside world, to realize the higher self, while the others straight way dive inside to realize the truth within.

Life is too short to go through the repetitive process, without learning anything out of it. When your attention is in the outside world, make sure you learn the lessons of life from your everyday experiences, and if you are searching something inside, go step by step following your breath and sensations.

Learning, improvement, and growth happen, exploring both the inner as well as outside world. No matter what you choose with your life, be attentive on your path. You receive the signs, that can help you to grow and rise higher with life. Life serves you every day. Each day something happens with you, that either teaches you a lesson or take you higher with life. Be attentive on the path. The lesson is the scope of improvement, while the growth is to take you higher with life. You either grow or you learn. Both moves in a parallel circle, inside of you.

” Life follows the internal laws. It takes into consideration, your innermost thoughts, emotions, and energy, to give you what you want out of life.”

Life happens in silence. You have a lot of time to have fun with your life. Take time out for yourself, to be silence, so that life can talk to you. When you are into real life experience, it’s hard to look at life from different perspective, but when you take time out for yourself and check & evaluate different experiences of life, you can see your life from better perspective and figure out the mistake that you have committed in those moments, or probably you could have responded much better, into those situation’s.

“With the proper checking and evaluation, you can improve upon your present from the past and this is the key for the natural growth and it too serves with the process of evolution.”

“When you look for the spiritual growth with your life, the best way to start is, with the attention on your breathe and sensation.”

When your recognition is with your physical appearance, the breath and the sensation in your body is the thing to which you can easily connect yourself with. It doesn’t matter either you move inward for your spiritual growth or you look for the truth in the outside life, the connection with your breath and sensation, serves you to open the door of the inner world.

The attention on the breath and sensation of your body allows you to stay in the present moment. You can see the things more clearly. Once you are clear with what’s happening around you, you pick the best things from the situation.

Life is made up of small events. When you pick the best from every situation and each experience of your life, you set the flow with life, that takes you higher. Everyone intends to grow and improve upon life, but they don’t know the process of life. People go on repeating the same process every day, that leads them nowhere, with their understanding.

Unless you try something different with your life, that too on a repeated basis, you never discover something new with your life.

“Life can be explored both outside as well as in the inner world, and both the path leads you to the same destination, i.e. the realization of the higher self.”

The manifestation of the physical world is an expansion of the subtle world that you carry inside of you. Whatever path you choose, as your understanding grows with life, you connect more inward, as you proceed with your life.

When you connect with your outside life from within, you actually experience the outside manifestation of life happening inside of you. When your attention lies only in the material accumulations of things, you never reach to the source of it, and only dwells in the outside world. To understand different aspects of life, you have to connect with your inner world and grow your awareness towards it.

By connecting more with your inner world, you connect more with the life outside. When you are not aware of what’s happening with your life, it’s easier for you to get distracted, as in the outside world lot many things are happening at a time. If you are attentive on the path, as soon as something comes that serves you to grow, you pick it up and add it onto your life. With the attention on the path, you see more than anyone else.

Life follows a certain pattern. To understand your life, look at the patterns of life, your life has followed till this moment. Evaluate the patterns, learn out of it, see what are the things that excite you and connect you more with yourself. Spend more time on the things, that creates love within you and remove the things that you hold onto without any purpose. This will serve you, to make you more aware of the patterns of your life and will bring you closer to it.

A little understanding is enough to connect with oneself. When you make more choices and decisions of your life, based on understanding, you grow with your understanding towards life.

“Life can be understood not by living, but consciously living, checking, evaluating, learning, improving and getting better with it.”

Life is a continuous process, and no moment or place in your life, you can take it for granted. You have to continuously grow and evolve with life. Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine our responsibility towards life beyond our-self. People take their life so lightly, that they allow it to let go, without doing anything significant with it. The human’s mind is part of the divine consciousness and its the birth right for every human to experience the divine within himself.

People don’t have a tendency to look beyond the basic needs of life, and they keep on increasing the needs. The actual need of life is much lesser, but out of ignorance people create not so useful needs and spend their entire life to meet up for its expenses.

Understanding towards life picks you up from all the chaos and puts you at a right place. With the attention on the path, you see more opportunities, and with more opportunities, you have more leverage to choose the best for yourself.

Life holds a purpose and purpose is hidden in the moment. If you have no purpose in life and your life doesn’t hold any meaning, then you have to search for it. You have to look for something, that asks you to rise higher, than what you are at this moment.

You have to prepare yourself to push forward with life. It’s not that the existence is born out without any meaning. When you connect more with yourself, you see the meaning in every aspect of life. You have to search for the meaning in your life. This meaning could be anything. This meaning helps you to discover the best out of you, that you have never come across with.

“Each day you should feel the growth of life. Even the natural process of existence, shares the message of growth and evolution.”

If there is any hindrance in life, it’s you. Either you wish to achieve the outside goal, or feel your inner contentment, the thing that stops you from becoming who you really are, resides in you. You have to transcend your very identity, that creates different impressions of yours, into your own mind.

Your original identity holds the divine attribute. Every human is born to create with his mind, feel with his heart and utilize the energy of the body for the manifestation of the physical world.

You decide what you want out of your life, and be open and attentive on the path. Once you reach your goals, you will not be able to stop yourself, to serve others to reach to their purpose of life.

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