Attention on Breath is a doorway to Heaven


The divine creator is in as much love with his creation, as a mother to his child. The love of mother comes from the same source. From the inflow and outflow of breath to sensation, everything is part of the source. The source is in you and you are in the source. Both the statement stands true for itself. You are in the source, and the part of the source is in you.

The attention on the breath is a doorway to heaven. Heaven is the realization of the source. When you realize the source, you experience the heaven on earth.

When the process of life is revealed to you, what knowledge of life still remains for you to know?

Wisdom is not something you accumulate all of it together, but your response out of understanding the situation in the moment is what wisdom stands for. It grows and develops slowly with the time.

Breathe allows the Mind to bring to Oneself.

The mind has a nature to wander in past and future and never really able to hold itself in the present moment. The life repeats each day as every thoughts and emotion come from the past experience and no new experience is experienced out of choice.

Focusing on breath breaks the thought patterns of the mind and mind becomes more responsive in the moment. If you have a new response to every situation, you certainly travel way beyond the time and create the life of your dream in a recorded time.

When the mind tries to figure out the ways in the outside world to fulfill the desires, attention on the breath allows the mind to connect with the cosmic consciousness.

You rise above the pleasures & the needs of Existence.

Life is enjoyed in its purest form. We all look for pleasures in life, but when we seek pleasures with the unconscious state of mind, it overpower us and we lose the power to overcome them. The pleasures of life are to savor them, but one needs to have a complete control over it.

When you lose control over your desires, in those moments of life you disconnect yourself from the higher intelligence. No matter what you do with your life, always stay in control of yourself. Life is for your experience, but you should not be carried away by the experiences of life. You are bigger than your daily experiences of life.

Every human-being is secured with nature and god. Only with the ego, we separate our self from the laws of existence. We always have more than enough, than our understanding and life always offer us right thing at a right time. It’s just that we are so lost in our mind-made thinking, that we miss seeing the reality of life.

The time we connect with the inner world, we rise above all the little pleasures and pointless desires of the existence.

In life, everything holds its own importance and the physical reality holds its own importance too, but if thoughts and emotions get so stuck with it, that it refuses to acknowledge the source behind the physical reality and get overpowered by the physical reality, then in that case, the person lose the opportunity to grow with life.

Try to accept and surrender to this moment, and you will notice that something inside of you has expanded. All the complex puzzles of mind and emotional debris of the heart does melt away with the state of surrender and complete acceptance of life.*308/master-your-breathing-to-perform-better.jpg

The heaven on earth is experienced when the soul is realized. The soul realization fulfills the purpose of life. The soul is the source of life. The life energy and the awareness field that flows within the body are part of the source. All the wisdom and bliss comes from the source. The soul or source is nothing but an empty space in the body. The importance of the thing is derived from its utility purpose and an empty space of source in you, is the space from where life flows.

The natural process of life is understood out of awareness. It’s the awareness in the moment, that reveals the secrets of life. The awareness in the moment is to observe life from the no-mind state. The no-mind state is not a dull state of mind, but it’s the state, where you don’t hold any personal concept in regards to life. Your mind is absolutely empty.

Your mind is like a mirror, where it reflects whatever you place in it. If you already have something in your mind, your perception in the moment will depend on what exists in your mind. At the same time, if you can keep your mind absolutely empty, the truth of life is revealed to you in the moment.

With life, you don’t create life out of thoughts and emotions, but you create life out of understanding. Your thoughts and emotions don’t give you understanding, but it’s the understanding that allows you to think and imagine life in a right way.

Your heaven very much exists inside, if you spend some time, each day to take your attention inward. Breath is a doorway to heaven, and attention on the breath can take you to the source. Breath is a first step that can serve you to connect with your inner world, and once you learn the art of taking your attention inward, all the mysteries of the external reality will be revealed to you, inside.

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