Asking right query solves the Mysteries of Life



The right query solves the mysteries of life. The mystery you try to search is not somewhere outside but within. The kingdom of heaven on earth is from within, and nowhere you will find it outside.

The more you search outside, far you move away from the creator and the laws of existence. Everyone has his role to play on earth. Some are following the descending order and some ascending order by aligning their life with the laws of existence.

The right query helps the mind to get the right answers for life. When you ask ” Why life ” the logical mind comes into play and doesn’t allow the mind to go ahead and raise the bigger queries for life.

Ask ” What is the situation” and ” How to move out ” and you will move out of any situation of your life. What is for understanding and how is for the solution.

Understanding the situation and looking for the solution is the best way to look at any situations of life.

” What ” and ” How ” is the solution for any query on earth. The solution for inner problems or outside queries can only come when you know how to raise the right query.

How to raise the right query in Life?

When you go on asking, ” why Life ” you think from the narrow perspective and you don’t receive any solution for your query.

The query is always raised from the left side of the mind, i.e. more logical, calculative and judgmental. The left side of the mind is too narrow to give the solution for the query. It knows how to raise the query, but doesn’t have any solution for it. The solution appears from the right side of the mind, i.e. imaginative, creative, intuitive, and is directly connected with the universe.

When you receive intuition anytime from the heart, remember you are receiving the signal from the cosmic universe. If you follow your heart often, your relationship develops with the intuitive heart and you become more confident and trustful towards life.

The problem of life is not the problem, but you don’t know how to get the solution. The right query to your mind is the solution.

The life cannot move forward without problems. The problem is the situation, for which you don’t have the answer in the moment. You only face the problem, or encounter the problem, when you try something new or face something absolutely fresh.

When you face new situation every day, each day you are bound to face the problem. Life happens each day. Each day life doesn’t repeat itself but comes in a new form. If you appear in front of life, in your old form, you are bound to face the problems with life.

Life is a process, where you have different experiences for your development and as the mind and heart evolve with the experiences of life, the life gives bigger experiences to the mind and heart for its growth.

Life is like a movie, where you don’t ask ” why ” it’s going on, but you ask ” what’s ” going on and ” Hows ” the best way to live and enjoy it .

Life is a process where human beings grow and evolve with the mind out of different experiences of life. The more you are aware of the experience the quicker will be the process of evolution. Most of the time, if you see your daily schedule, you repeat the same process without considering does it serves the natural process of evolution, or will I receive from my efforts what I have desired for life?

Most of the time, if you see your daily schedule, you repeat the same process without considering does it serves you in anyways with your life?

When you follow the same daily routine, that doesn’t lead any progress, you slow down your growth with life.

The life begins and ends with the mind. The mind is the source through which things takes place on earth. The source behind the mind can only be revealed, if we work towards in understanding the process of our own mind.

There are certain techniques that works wonder with the mind, and if practice religiously on a regular basis, enhance life both at the inner and outer level. Any form of physical exercise, have a direct impact on the mind. breathing technique ( Pranayama ) also serves to bring the balance in thoughts and rhythm in breath. The breathe, feelings & emotions and thoughts are interconnected and if one things changes, it creates impact on other.

Breathing technique ( Pranayama ) also serves to bring the balance in thoughts and rhythm in the breath. Meditation is another wonderful tool that can help you to slow down your thoughts and improve the quality of thoughts.

The best way to deal with the life situation is to avoid the momentary response and plan and schedule the things in advance so that you have enough time to respond to life.

As per  Gautama Buddha’s teaching, asking ” how ” can only help you to open the door of wisdom.

When you ask the right query, you come across life’s situation, people and circumstances that can give you the understanding of life. No matter what your query is, your mind knows how to look for the ways to get you to the solution.

The mystery of life is to realize the self within. To develop the spirit that takes us to the other shore of the world. The divine arranges and rearranges the existence with his energy and vibrations, and the part of the divine exist in each one of us, that is beyond the grasp of the mind. Mind forms pictures, images, think thoughts and does everything that  the divine within is beyond all the activities of the mind.

Mind forms images, think thoughts, and does everything that takes the life on earth forward, at the same time, if the same mind is directed inward, it serves you to take you on the path of self-realization.

The spiritual path is formed and developed with the intent towards the self. The mind and heart follow the intent. Mind and heart fails to keep up the path, and falls many times, as mind and heart have been trained enough to look only outside for life. No mystery of life can ever be found outside but only be revealed inside. In the outside world, you can only have the experiences of life that can serve you to bring you closer to the divine within.

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