How do you Ask, Believe and receive?

Ask, Believe and receive

The life on the existence is very much alive, and receive your every call. The thing is, are you aware about the life around you? The life has its strange way to communicate. It responds to your every call, provided you stay aware and awake in the moment.

Ask, and you shall receive, but here one thing, that needs to be added is, ask and, hold patience and you shall receive. If you ask with all your might, you certainly receive. You may receive in different forms, and it may not be, the way you have thought in your mind.

The mind works with its past. It only knows life, out of its experience from the past. If you wish to experience something new, or you want fresh solution with your query, you have to drop, what you already know, with life.

If you live with what you know, you simply repeat the same process of life. To do something new, you have to rise above the patterns of mind.

Life talks to you, in the form of symbols, images, words, people, situation and many different ways. You simply have to remain alert with life. You ask, and you don’t have to search, but life will bring things to you, at a right time.

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Neither sooner nor later. But, if your idea suggest to have everything in this moment, than you simply disconnect yourself with life.

When you ask something, from the honest heart, you receive the solution at a right time. The mind lives in time and space. Life has nothing to do with time and space, and it moves into eternity.

You need to know, what you have asked from life, and if it requires work, than life will show you the path, that will take you, to your desire. If its just a query, than life will provide you the solution. In the first place, you have to be clear with your query. Life responds to everything.

To remain open with life, you have to have the least desires with life. If you don’t have the desire, than all you want, will be available to you, but if you are, full of desire’s, than you only remain puzzled with your desire, and receiving nothing.

See, the mind can put his focus on one or two things. Now, if you engage your mind, into your own desire, than he cannot remain attentive, about whats going on outside. You can read the response from life, if you remain attentive to outside life. If your mind is lost in your own desires, than you miss all the response from life.

know how to ask, and how to receive. Asking the right question to the universe, is just like throwing a ball, in the air. It has to come down. When you ask, response comes, but you wait, and allow the response to come to you.

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You have to trust life. The nature is your mother, and your relationship will depend upon your response, to the mother. The mother nature is always responding to you, but are you listening to her call? Do you feel connected to life?

Ask anything from life, and wait for the response. Life will certainly respond to your call. Don’t hurry, don’t get frighten, simply remain relax and trust life. Stay aware, so that when life respond, you can listen.

Don’t tire yourself, for your desire’s. Learn the art of patience. Allow the life to unfold. Do what is possible in the moment, with love. Life happens in its own way. It will tell you, everything that you need to know about life.

The mother nature is always there for you. If you stay aware, she can communicate through anyone, to provide you the solution. You can only listen to your mother nature, if you are open to life. If you are aware, it speaks to you, in many different ways.

No matter what your query is, the mother nature has a solution for everything. Don’t worry about the immediate problem. Go with the pace of nature. The nature knows, how to prolong your present problem into the future, if you can trust life enough.

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Don’t worry about the pace of the outside world. If you really look into their life, they are heading nowhere. Simply taking a circle with life. The real progress, is to get in tune with life. To become one with the natural flow of life.

See the pace of the sun. Have you see him hurry with life. Sometimes, he too get sick, but than its alright. Go as slow as possible, so at-least you are moving and along with it, you also enjoy the beauty of life.

Anything that you think, can be accomplished, and that too at your pace. There is no competition, when you are, one with nature. For the mother nature, each individual is unique, and it offers everyone, what they ask for.

If you can really look into your life, you will realize that, you don’t need much for life. Whatever you need, you already have, and for some reason, if you get stuck with life, mother nature, is always there to serve you. You are always protected by the invisible power, that exists in the universe. 

The mother nature provides you, what you want with life, provided you are clear within, with what you really want, out of life. The wisdom with life is, not to have everything but to reach with an understanding, whereby, you hold the power in the moment to accomplish anything in life.

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When you look within, you realize that you don’t need everything with life. Say, for e.g., a painter likes to paint, an actor likes to act, businessman is interested in business, an entertainer likes to entertain and a singer likes to sing, in the same way, we all are looking for, only specific things with our life, and for which the nature is accountable to fulfill our needs.

In our hearts, we all have different music, and we all are here to play our music. it has nothing to do, with anybody else, but our music is, solely depend on us.

Mother nature is open and flexible. When you remain closed with the mind, you only look, into, what you have experienced in the past, and thus you don’t have any fresh solution with life. You only choose, what you have opted for, in the past. With the closed mind, you cannot trust life.

Unless, you drop the past(mind), and look for something new with life, you cannot interact with life. To create something new, you have to trust life.

The mind lives with the solution from the past, and for some reason, if life doesn’t penned out, the way mind has imagined, than the fear creeps in.

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When you trust life, you already walked down the unknown path. When you know, you are on an unknown path, you know, you cannot go back to the mind. Mind has no clue, whats going on, on the unknown path.

On the unknown path, you are always searching for something new. When you create something new, you connect with the nature. This allows you to flow with the process of life. Things happens in a flow, effortlessly.

Only with the nature, you understand the art of asking,believing and receiving. With the mind, life is limited. Its only when you look for life, that is beyond the perception of your mind, you connect with life, as a whole.


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