Am I the Body, Mind or Spirit?

Am I the Body, Mind or Spirit?

There are many who relates themselves, with how they appear, which is fine in terms of presentation, but if your physical body becomes your identity than you simply disconnect from the truth of life and creates your life around the illusions.

Am I the physical body?

What if somebody takes down one of my hand, do I still remain?

What if somebody takes down both of my legs, do I still remain?

That means the physical body is part of me, but I exist more than this physical body. The physical body that you have is an addition to your personality and not your limited identity.

You are more than your physical body, but then who you are beyond the body?

If I am not the body, then am I the mind in the body?

Whatever the mind thinks, imagines, dreams or forms desires belongs to us. We attach ourselves to everything that happens in our mind. We also build our individual identity, around the things of the mind, which gives us an idea that our personal identity lies in our mind.

If you spend some time everyday to practice meditation, you can experience no-mind state.

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What is the no-mind state?

The no-mind state is a state of mind, where your mind becomes absolutely empty. Nothing remains in your mind except emptiness. You experience the mind which is absolutely empty without any thoughts, imagination, dreams, desires or anything that you experience as a natural aspect of your mind.

This will confirm you this truth that you are not your mind because even when you experience no-mind state, after losing the identity of your mind, you still remain.

When your mind becomes absolutely empty even losing the personal identity, still you exists in the absolute emptiness of your mind.

So, if you are not your body or mind, then who are you?

Are you the spirit in the body?

The no-mind state can be experienced with a little practice of meditation and you can drop yourself from all the identity attached to your body and mind.

If you are not the body and mind then you must be the spirit, right?

If you take time out for yourself every day to slip into the nothingness of the mind, you can awaken the spirit in the body. The spirit lies dormant at the bottom of your spine and doesn’t awake unless you consciously direct your attention inside, and slip into the empty space of your mind. The spirit is awakened when you practice meditation within the absolute empty space of your mind.

The no-mind state is an empty space of the mind. You really have to be a seeker of life to look beyond the emptiness of the mind.

Even after awakening the spirit in the body, you cannot conclude yourself as a spirit, as the deeper truth is yet to be unveiled inside the body. You are not the body, mind or the spirit but you have to seek inside and explore every corner of your inner world, to realize the self.

The point here is, we never try to understand ourselves beyond the body and mind. The majority of people lives to serve the identity of the body, while others remain lost in serving the identity of the mind. The life happens from much deeper level and unless you consciously seek the truth, beyond the identity of the body and mind, you will never be able to realize it in your lifetime.

The identity of a human grows from the child to adolescent to an adult to an old age man. The whole process of personality transformation happens into the mind. As the person goes through different experiences of life, his personality too grows and evolves along with the experiences of life.

The identity of a person remains limited to the confinement of the mind, and to experience the truth, you have to seek deeper beyond the personal identity of the mind.

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When your attention moves deeper and deeper beyond the things of the mind, you unlock the spirit in the body and if you continue to explore your deeper layers, you experience the source of the spirit and the mind.

It’s you who has to break the barriers of the mind and free yourself from the limitations of body and mind. When you see the self beyond the identity of the body and mind, for the first time you will experience life as a whole. The life which is not divided at any point rather works as a whole in the Universe.

When you live your life with the limited identity of the body and mind, your life’s choices and decisions too comes out of it. It’s all about how far you can see with life. With the identity of the mind, you can see at the most into the past, present, and future of your life, but when you experience the truth beyond the mind, you can directly look into the eternity of life.

The life with the identity of the mind is just like the water that refuses to come out of the lakes or ponds, as it has no clue about the existence of the river or the sea.

When you refuse to open up to your nature, as the basic nature of every human being is to grow, evolve and experience the eternity, you call for the pain and suffering in your life. Life doesn’t ask you to go through the pain and suffering, but you never allow you to expand yourself from inside, and as an effect, you suffer from different situations and experiences of life. Life is pretty simple every moment if you develop an eye to see through life.

As you slip inward for the deeper understanding, you also bring deeper satisfaction and contentment with life. The process of self-realization, gives you all the understanding along the way, which is useful for the long-lasting happiness in life.

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