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Either out of attachment or out of ego, we try to hold back the people in our lives. The process doesn’t happen consciously, but everything takes place in a subtle manner, of which sometimes, even we are unaware of.

We all are connected but at the same time, we all carry our individual lives. Our lives are both interconnected as well as independent, and this truth of life needs to be understood.

We do everything in our lives to hold the things together, but never allow the individual freedom to grow at the same time. We respect the united spirit of the people, but at the same time, we forget that every individual is on its own, and have its own spirit to guide him and take him through his battles of life.

Sometimes to protect our loved ones, we kill their personal freedom, and unknowingly hinder their personal growth.

Every individual has the right to go about his own path and makes his own mistakes in his life. The life is all about experiences and you can only move to a better experience if you have chosen your life’s experiences on your own.

When you choose your path, you certainly commit an error and you do make blunders on your path, but that comes as a part of the life’s process. With the mistakes, you pay the price for it, and when you pay the price, you learn the life lessons out of it. These life lessons allow you to choose better experiences for the future, and you grow and evolve along the path of life.

Most of our lives are rolled down in our old aged beliefs, and that force us to make certain choices and decisions with our life. We never see any different future, other than what happened in the past. These add fear and insecurity in our life. We forget that to bring something new to life, you have to make different choices and decisions in the moment so that you can see some different results in the future.

When we take away others freedom, somewhere down the line, we also lose our freedom in the process. We not only bound others out of our beliefs but at the same time, the same beliefs also hold us back to move forward in our lives.

Every individual is born with his path and has to go his own experiences of life. He learns the lessons of his life, by making different choices and decisions on his path. Thus our role remains with everyone around us, only of a facilitator. We cannot act more than a guiding force for the people around us.

Unless we stop showing an absolute control and authority towards the people in our lives (By any means: either out of love or force), we cannot allow our people to grow and evolve in their lives and allow them to be, what they are meant to be.

Life as a whole doesn’t carry a fixed plan, and thus we always have an option to correct our errors on the path.

When life itself doesn’t follow the fixed rules, why we all are so bothered to follow the things of the past or live life out of the influence of the outside world?

We remain concerned for our loved ones and sometimes our concern itself becomes an obstacle on their path. Every individual likes his freedom and wants to express himself freely in this world.

When our mind remains engaged in others lives, we separate ourselves from our individual truth that could have become the torch to take us to the other shore. The light of life exists in all of us and more we let lose the people in our lives, more we see the flowers blossoming in their lives.

After all, our concerns remain with the happiness of our loved ones. But until we give them the liberty to move out in the world and choose to become, what they want to be, we cannot see the best out of them.

Life blossoms in every individual the same way. Every person holds the highest intelligence possible to go through his process of life.

If we can just become the guiding force for the people around us, and help them, as and when needed, and allow them to unlock their inner potential so that they bring their best to the world.

Life is all about perspective, and we all have our own perspective to view life. No perspective of an individual match with others. We all perceive life in our own unique way.

It’s not necessary that the things that are visible to us, has to be visible to everyone around us, and at the same time, it also stands true, that if someone else sees something differently, doesn’t imply that we too see the same thing in a similar way.

Everyone should have a freedom to choose their own path of life and make their own mistakes and learn the lessons out of it. It’s only the path that has been searched and traveled by one’s own effort, takes him through the process of life and connects him with the source that exists in him.

Life is, after all, a journey, and on the journey we come together to support each other, care for each other, relish the moments, make memories, and pass on this journey of life each day, by holding an intent to get better not only individually, but also as a group, along with improving the external life, for the future lives, that are yet to come.

Freedom: The Courage to Be Yourself (Osho Insights for a New Way of Living)

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