Allot time to Meditation, in your Schedule.





When you allot time, to anything in your daily schedule, you add commitment to it. If I will ask you to sit at one place for 10 minutes, your mind and senses will turn your body upside down.

Your inner system will not allow you to hold yourself at one place, but when you add meditation to your daily schedule, and give specific time to it, you train your mind and senses to be in the present moments, rather always in hurrying to look to catch something.

The mind is highly volatile and there is no direct way to either access the mind or to control the mind. If you choose to make anything out of your mind, the process has to begin earlier. You have to tell your mind in advance, what to expect out of him and only than you expect a proper response in the moment.

The mind is like an untrained animal, that needs inner training and needs to be prepared, for everything in advance

When you make meditation your daily habit, you bring back your mind again and again to the present moment. The experience in meditation is, of a coming back home. The outside world with the mind is a ride and when you bring mind back on breathe, you come back home. You are the home for the mind.

When the attention of the mind is shifted outside, it runs to manifest his dreams and desire’s of life, and when the same attention is shifted inside, the speed of the thought process gets reduced, and you understand different movements of the inner world.

The life initiates with one thought of the mind. One thought give rise to many, and the chain of thoughts gets created to form the process of life. All the dreams and desire’s originates out of one thought.

In meditation, when you take time out, you can reflect back at your life, and observe the way mind has guided you towards your dreams and desire’s.

“Any correction that’s needed on the path is possible in meditation, and any error that has been committed can be rectified and improved, when you sit and observe your life silently on everyday basis.”

The life is a process of evolution. The mind expands in the process of evolution and meditation is a wonderful tool, for the expansion of mind. Your daily quality of thoughts depends upon the stage of your evolution process. Meditation serves as a wonderful tool to accelerate the process of evolution.

“The life situation is neither good nor bad. It all depends upon your perspective, and the level of understanding in those moments. The highly developed mind, never see anything as a problem, but always consider every situation of his life, as a prospect for the better future.”

Every individual when connect with his inner self, develops his or her own power to face his life situations more positively and efficiently, but the time you deny the learning as well as growing process from your life, your mind, body and heart gets stagnant, and you find yourself in getting caught up in one or the other situation of life.

“The karma or action certainly creates life, but when you come out of non-action or meditation, the mind expands and produce high quality of thoughts and images for the action. In meditation the rational mind gets sharp and the imaginative mind expands to foresee the future actions.”

It becomes easier to act, when the path is clear to the mind.

In the morning when you get up, your thoughts are fresh and alive, as if the mind, heart and body is rejuvenated with the fresh energy. As the day precedes further, the energy tends to get down, and your awareness gets deem to perceive life.

In the evening, again you notice the improvement in quality of your thoughts, but not in a similar proportion, the way you have experienced in the morning. If you allot yourself some time to meditate both in the morning and evening, you can consciously elevate your energy level and the quality of your thoughts.

The life is never understood when you simply roll out in the physical world with your mind. You have to take time out to understand the mechanism of mind. Only than you can make the most out of it.

Meditation helps you to connect with your innermost being. In meditation when you observe your life, you realize how mind and senses directs you in different direction, without your notice and all sorts of different fears and agitation towards life, arise due to ignorance of one’s own function of mind and senses.

The mind and senses controls a person’s life, unless he becomes aware about it. You can never realize, how the mind and sensation can direct you in his own way, unless you learn the mechanism of it.

Your identification and attachment with the body, makes you vulnerable with your mind and sensation. In meditation, when you move inside, slowly you observe the sensation and different parts of the mind. The mind and sensation works within the body, but you as an individual identity, are separate from the body, mind and sensation.

Meditation helps you to understand the inner mechanism of your body. When you don’t know your mind, it gets easier for you to attach with the body, and anything that happens to the body through thinking, feeling and sensation.

The mind, heart and sensation holds a separate subtle body, while the physical body is the one, that is visible. The subtle body gets adjoined with the physical body, at the time of birth and can be separated consciously, through various different techniques, developed by the sages.

All the religion or spirituality, have one or the other technique, to experience the subtle body and detach oneself with it. Meditation is a wonderful tool, to experience the subtle world and realize the subtle body.

Life is only understood with the mind, but before we understand the nuances of life, its very important to understand ourself from within and the very mechanism of it. Only than and than we can experience the real beauty of life, and develop the wisdom and bliss out of it.


  1. High quality post as always. Just note that we can meditate anytime and anywhere. Of course, schedule meditation time is suggested but that is not mean after half and hour, you could go unconscious. ; )))

    Really thank you for sharing this post.

  2. “the time you deny the learning as well as growing process from your life, your mind, body and heart gets stagnant, and you find yourself in getting caught up in one or the other situation of life” – I could not agree more!

    Thank you for your posts

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