All you Need to Know of the Kundalini Energy

All you Need to Know of the Kundalini Energy

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Two questions are relevant to the kundalini energy. One is what is Kundalini Energy and the second is how to Activate Kundalini Energy?

When you observe the physical body from outside or even you try to look inside the body, no way you will find anything other than that which is physical in the body. Kundalini energy is the subtle aspect of the body.

It’s the Kundalini energy that carries out the different functions of the body and mind and it’s only the Kundalini energy that creates and nourishes the whole physical system of the body.

Kundalini energy is the spiritual energy which is part of the source and directly works through our body and mind. The Kundalini energy resides at the bottom of the spine and connected with the different centers of the body so that the proper care and nourishment can be delivered to the body and mind.

Kundalini energy serves the whole body. Even during your sleeping hours, Kundalini energy remains active in the body.

Kundalini energy is different from the vital energy in the body. It’s the Kundalini energy that allows the digestion of food and extracts the vital energy from the food for the body. The Kundalini energy is part of your system and serves the body from the time of its inception till the time of death.

When the Kundalini energy leaves the physical body you experience the mortal death of the body. All the religious, spiritual, philosophical, and psychological wisdom of life comes after the awakening of the Kundalini energy.

The truth behind all the religion and religious scriptures becomes clear to you, after the awakening of Kundalini energy.

Kundalini Awakening: Heal Your Body Naturally

For every living being, Kundalini energy is the source of life. Kundalini energy acts as an electric current to charge the body, as and when required. It also takes care of all the functions of the body and mind. The body and mind cannot operate without the presence of Kundalini energy.

With life, there are things that can be known, and there are things that can never be known by the humans. With the awakening of Kundalini energy, you have an access to all the things that can be known by humans, and you also figure out the things that can never be known by the humans.

The process of life is not limited to the physical body and mind, but you can also activate the Kundalini energy or life energy in the body, that opens a completely new perspective of life to you.

Before the Kundalini energy awakens, you remain in confinement of the body and mind and how hard you try, but you never realize the truth of the life, that exists just beneath the body and mind.

When the life energy awakens in the body, you experience the life which is constantly moving just beneath the surface level of the mind, and serve the mind and body from the back end.

 Whenever you enter into the premises of the hotel or any property, there is a back-end process and there is a front-desk process. On the front-desk, everything is visible to you, but back-end process is something that remains hidden behind.

The work of the Kundalini energy is just like the back-end process that works through the body and mind, without us realizing even the existence of it in the body.

Enlightenment Through the Path of Kundalini

The Kundalini energy remains locked at the bottom of the spine, and serve the mind and body from that space. When the Kundalini energy awakens within the body, it starts moving upward and downward and you can observe the complete movement of the Kundalini energy in the body.

It passes through the different parts of the body like a current and you experience its presence all the time in the body.

Before you think to activate the Kundalini energy in the body, I will suggest you consult a master, who can assist you throughout the process. The awakening of Kundalini energy is beautiful, but the Kundalini energy is the powerhouse, that has to handle with care.

Unless you have done the real work with your body and mind, the awakening that can become the boon for you can turn out to be a curse.

With the awakening of the Kundalini energy, it passes through the body and mind, like a current, and if your body and mind are not ready to absorb that current, you may experience the side effect of it. Sometimes it gets difficult to carry out, even the normal functions of the day-to-day life.

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It’s highly advisable to consult the experienced practitioner, who has already activated his Kundalini energy and is familiar with all the pros and cons of it.

We will see further, how to activate the Kundalini energy and make most out of it, for the individual benefit and the benefit of all.

Every individual’s basic structure is the same, and this can be realized after the awakening of life energy. Every person has the source, spirit or Kundalini energy, mind and the body.

The source exists in the body in a constant form. The Kundalini energy or spirit and the mind come out of the source, and create and nourish the physical body. It’s the spirit and the mind that gives shape to the physical body in the womb.

The process of life flows this way. The source remains constant in the body. You can consider the source as the space in the mind, which vibrates at the highest frequency.

It’s the space in the body that vibrates at a higher level. From the source, first, comes the mind and then follows the Kundalini energy in the body. The physical body is that you are familiar with.

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If you see the process of life from outside in, then first comes the body, vital energy, mind, Kundalini energy, and source. If you see the process inside out, then there is a source, Kundalini energy, mind, vital energy, and the body.

At the time of conception, the source, spirit, and mind enter into the womb and the process of life starts within the womb. The spirit and the mind work within the womb to create and nourish the child’s body.

As you begin to grow with the process of life, you develop the personality into your mind out of the daily experiences and impressions of life. The memories of life get stored in your mind that allows you to develop a personality.

That personality of your mind becomes your identity. Over the time, with your personal and professional life, you robust your personal identity, and never even realize the life beyond it.

In the past, the sages used to take time out for themselves, and look for the truth, beyond their personal identity, and in the process awakened the Kundalini energy and realize the truth beyond the personal self.

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Initially, it was a treasure of the few, but nowadays life as a whole has been evolved to the point, where many can experience the truth of the Kundalini energy for themselves. The body and mind are strong enough to handle the pressure of life either it comes from outside or inside.

For awakening the Kundalini energy, you have to reverse the life-cycle.

For instance, when you closely observe your everyday life, your mind is occupied with the worldly things and don’t hold even for a second. It continuously goes on and on and this directs all your energy to the outside world.

Taking care of your personal and professional life is not at all a bad thing, but if you are interested in experiencing life beyond the self, and rise above all the pain and suffering’s of life and experience the truth, you have to plan and schedule your life.

Slowly you have to initiate the process of reversing the life-cycle.

Once you are done with your personal and professional commitments, you have to bring your energy back to yourself.

Remember to awaken the Kundalini energy, you not only need the vital energy of the body, but you also have to stop all the unnecessary energy that you are wasting through your thinking and acting in an unintelligent manner.

When you consciously pull yourself from all the unnecessary activities of life, you will have more time and energy for yourself.

Returning to Oneness: The Seven Keys of Ascension

The same energy can be utilized in taking care of your body and mind.

As I have mentioned above, the body and mind should be in a prime condition before you activate the Kundalini energy in the body. Thus, few things need to be kept in mind, while taking care of your body and mind.

Physical exercise on everyday basis can help you to strengthen the body and mind, which serves the process of activating the Kundalini energy.

Remember everything in moderation is the key.

After the physical exercise, practicing meditation on everyday basis, and bringing the attention of the mind to the self can increase the speed of the process of activating the Kundalini energy.

If the process of awakening the Kundalini energy quickens by adopting the right habits than its fine, but no way should you adopt any alternate method to quicken the process, otherwise no sooner your heaven can turn into a hell.

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As you go through the process, be familiar with the process of life that is happening inside. This will help you to work well when your life energy awakens within the body.

By following your daily activities of the day, usually, the mind wanders in different thoughts or remains lost in the outside activity. When you are in the process of activating the life energy, while going through the daily process of life, keep your attention inward.

This will help you to stay connected with the inner world as well as the changes of the inner world, and your mind will be less driven by the thoughts of the outside world.

As you move on with the above process, you will notice the inner changes that are happening inside. You don’t have to do anything with it, rather simply observe everything that is happening inside, and become familiar with all the changes of the inner world.

Before the awakening of the life energy, you will become familiar with the mind. You will understand the nature of your mind.

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The whole process of activating the Kundalini energy will be of participating with the life that is happening inside as well as outside, and no way you have to judge any aspect of life, either it’s the outside world or the world of your mind.

When you come in contact with your mind, you will encounter the thoughts, memories, dreams, desires and many things that you have never encounter in yourself or even if you have experienced in the past, you never had the courage it to accept it as yours. No matter what you observe in your mind, you will have to adapt the quality of acceptance and surrender.

You don’t have to evaluate or contemplate your thoughts, rather your role will be to simply accept your mind the way it is, and explore the deeper truth beyond the mind.

Once you realize the empty space of your mind and show courage to move deeper into it, you will come closer in activating the Kundalini energy of the body.

The Guru’s Gift: A Kundalini Awakening

The empty space of the mind is the last step before you awaken the Kundalini energy in the body. All it requires at this point is the patience and courage from your end. If you can hold yourself to this space of your mind, for the longest time possible you will experience the magic of life energy in the body.

Once you awaken the life energy, all you need to do is surrender yourself to that energy and allow that energy to take over your life. No matter where you stand at this moment in your life, from here on, the life energy will create a balance with every aspect of your life.

The life energy in you is part of the cosmic energy that works in the universe. By awakening the life energy and becoming one with it, you become one with the cosmic energy that runs the universe.

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