All the Expressions, is for this World, Except your Personal Divine Experience

divine experience

Only your personal divine experience is absolutely yours, and rest belongs to the world. Even your expression, about the divine experience, belongs to this world.

All the expressions, in any form, belong to this world. Personal divine experience is a unique experience, beyond which no experience remains for you to experience.

It’s the only and ultimate truth, that exists on earth and rest are the expressions in one or the other form. The entire spiritual or religious path is to take you towards that experience. At the end of the path, you realize yourself as divine.

As you proceed on the path, initially part of you seems divine. More you move deeper, more you realize the divinity within, and when you reach to that ultimate experience, you experience yourself as divine.

It’s a long inward journey, where a different veil of life gets uncovered, for you to experience the divine within. To experience you as divine is an internal experience. But that single experience holds the power to transcend every part of your personality.

Personal divine experience is different, and all the expressions, including the expression of the divine, are part of this world. All the wisdom and bliss of life belongs to the divine experience.

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After the personal divine experience, all your life’s expressions limit itself, to express your experience of the divine to the world.

It’s no fluke, that after an experience, it’s hard for the person, to live the normal life, and look for different ways, to express the divine in him, to the world. Nothing holds more important or dear to him, than to experience and turn it into an expression, to share it with the world.

This is the nature of life. It gives not for the sake of giving, but out of its nature. The nature of life, itself is giving. It knows only to give. It gives for the sake of giving and for no other purpose, and to understand this truth, is to understand the nature of life.

All the religious and spiritual path is the journey to that ultimate experience. The reason, why the ultimate experience is, hold with high regards, is because, once you experience the ultimate, there is nothing remain, for you, to experience life, and mind, again and again, gets drawn towards the same experience.

No query of life remains puzzled to you, and for the first time, you experience the source of life within you. With life, we have fear of one thing, and that fear is of unknown.

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With the mind, that fear persists forever, and that’s the only reason, why man always seems striving with his life. This fear never subsides, unless you experience yourself, beyond the identity of mind and experience the divinity within.

With the experience of the divine, all your illusions in relation to life shed away. You can create all the hallucinations around life, but unless you experience the eternal truth within, your mind is always there, to create more such hallucinations for you.

All the ideas of heaven and hell, holy and unholy lie within you. Personal divine experience stands alone beyond all the beliefs of this world. Divine experience is an experience, and any idea, imagination or story around it, is merely the hallucination of the mind.

It has to be the experience of every individual, and the expression of the divine experience, either by the person, books or in the form of information, is just a pointer to that experience, that each individual has to go through within.

All the expressions in regards to the divine experience, in any form, are only the signboards to the destination, to which the path lies only from within, and nowhere in the outside world.

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No person can claim to give you an experience, which is already inherent in your system, from the time of your birth, and the only effort that is required from your end is to look in the right direction.

Life expands and contracts within you. When your spirit expands inside, you enter into the world of mind, and experience the outside life, and when the same spirit, contracts, it experience itself, as divine.

One thing that needs to carry in your pocket, all the time, by going through all the different experiences of life, Whether its spiritual, religious or with your daily life is, unless you experience yourself as God, there are more steps to cover ahead, on the journey called life.

God or Divinity within you is not some kind of image that you hold in your mind, but it’s an experience of pure consciousness, where you experience nothing, but pure bliss. The view of life, from this experience, gets absolutely clear to you, without any confusion.

You become part of the eternity, within you and the first time, you experience the absolute freedom. All the freedom of life, at the level of mind, is nothing but the nonsense. It’s moving from one trap to get into another.

Unless you are free from your own mind, you can never truly experience the freedom in life.

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Where is the trap of life?

It’s in your mind. Life begins and ends with the mind. The experience of the divine is to experience you beyond mind. To experience the divine is to shed the illusions of life. Other than the divine experience, everything that exists comes out of the mind. All the creation of the existence is part of the expression in one or the other form.

Any form of expression requires either thoughts or imagination. Once you realize your true self, you can understand the basic nature of mind, and once you understand the basic nature of your mind, you can understand the nature of every mind, that exists on earth.

With the divine experience, you simply realize the truth of life. There are things that you can know, and there are things that you cannot know. After the experience, you become clear, with what you can know, and what you cannot know, with life. What is possible and what is not possible with life.

Your desires and the process to attain the desires gets align with the nature of life, after an experience. You don’t expect something that you have not acted upon and your life remains close to reality.

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The experience of the divine is, not at all magical, mystical or esoteric, but it’s the simplest experience, that you ever come across, in life. There are no flares attached to the experience, and it’s the most basic, but an eye-opening experience of life.

With the mind, you can imagine anything, and you can run your thoughts in the moment, for next twenty or thirty years forward or backward, but after experiencing the truth, you don’t bother yourself to experience life, beyond the present moment.

This doesn’t mean you don’t plan, or think of the future, but your attention never remains, on the consequences of the action, rather you focus more on the actions, in the present moment. Certainly, you plan. But you plan your actions in the present moment that can serve the future humanity, for coming hundred or two hundred years.

Life has nothing to do, with your awareness. You can choose, to experience life in this moment, or you can separate yourself from life, and live into your mind.

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Planning and scheduling your life, never puts you off, from the present moment, but it serves you more to connect with this moment. Once you are clear with your action plans, your role remains, to execute your plans, rather think continuously about the consequence of it.

Each individual knows that it’s the action that derives the result, yet, everyone trusts their thought process, by thinking over and over about the result, as if, just by thinking, about the consequence, they may manifest their life.

The truth of life, either in experience or expressions is revealed with that ultimate experience. Only when you come to life, from that ultimate experience, you can truly bifurcate between the illusory experience and the reality of life.

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