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Understanding towards every action and acting out of wisdom, is a sheer path of enlightenment. It allows you to align with the natural principles of life.

Once you complete the process of understanding with your life, every action that you take comes out of deep understanding & higher wisdom and each step is simply aligned with the natural process of life.

With the mind, when you perceive life, you simply have your own perspective to view life. When you begin to understand life, you initiate with your own perspective, but as you try to understand things, you simply put yourself aside, to look at the situation from all different perspective, that’s available to you at the moment.

By and by you move deep into the actions, to develop understanding, that allows you to see the situation from a different perspective.

Wisdom with life is to choose the best option from a different perspective, suitable for the moment, and act accordingly.

The average mind thinks that the wisdom of life is simply out of his reach, and he cannot imagine it to be a part of his life, while in reality every soul who walk this earth, holds an access to the wisdom.

“The wisdom of life is to be spontaneous at the moment. To keep aside your ego or self for the moment, and simply look into the situation without any bias. With the mind comes the ego, and with ego, the feeling of biased.”

It’s natural for the mind to be biased towards oneself, but it’s also natural for the mind to rise above one’s own perspective, and simply view life, with its absolute reality.

There is nothing right or wrong with life. It’s just that few people cannot tend to think beyond themselves, while for others it’s easier, to put themselves aside, and see the same situation with the broader perspective.

A thief is not a thief in his own eyes, but he always has a certain justification for his act, while the police who runs after the thief, also has his own justification in the public interest.

It’s all about collective perspective with an individual one. The collective interest remains higher than an individual one unless you can drop all the perspective of mind behind, to see the world through the third dimension.

Any situation, result, events or experiences of life comes out of many probabilities. What you sow, you reap, but the time to reap comes out of many probabilities.

When you understand the situations, events or actions of life, it may not be necessary that you pick all the probabilities of life.

If the situation or events of life include more people, that means, the result will come out of many probabilities. With such situation, it’s very much possible for you to miss the actual calculation of the result, that you derive out of the situation.

The best way to move forward with life is to use your understanding towards the actions and not the result. With the actions, you can always be certain, as it all depends on upon you. Only with the result, you can never be certain with life.

The sages round the corner of the world, after being enlightened, always drives the people, towards themselves. They want the people, to look for the light within themselves. The reason is simple, with the life, you cannot control anything other than yourself, and even when it comes to you, specifically you only have a control over your actions.

But when your every move or each action, comes out of understanding and wisdom, you are less concerned about the result and become more confident with the action part.

The time you become aware of your daily actions, and raise all the fingers on yourself, for every action, situations, events, experience or even impressions of life, that comes to you, or for some reason you are part of, you consider yourself accountable for everything that happens in your life, and take the responsibility to change it.

No matter what the life brings to you, you have the power to give your best to life, and then even if the situation, people or life remains the same, you grow with the same situation, people or with the experience of life.

The understanding of your life allows you to create heaven on this very earth, while with ignorance, you create your own hell in this life.

“If you really get to the point of understanding life, the first time you realize that heaven and hell are not somewhere you find at the top of the sky, but it’s very much the game of different thoughts, feelings, and emotions that go inside of you.”

When you realize this truth, you don’t try to look anything outside of you, but for everything, you simply look within yourself. Heaven comes out of you, and hell too comes out of you, if you live your life without understanding.

The process of life never releases you from the life on earth. Once the life leaves you, you have to come back to this very earth, to repeat the process of life. You simply grow and evolve with life, and once you realize the entire process of life, you simply drop yourself to align with the patterns of life.

Imagine the life, where you or “I” or ego don’t exist, and just the way the sunrise, you also come to life, to simply repeat the process of life.

Remember when you repeat the process of life with understanding, bliss comes naturally to you. It is not a simple act, but the act that makes you one with eternity. That’s the whole purpose of life, to get one with the eternity. The bliss every moment of life. This happens when you transcends all the lower energy of life, reach to the pure blissful state of vibrations.

The understanding and wisdom of life take towards the natural laws of life, where the self or ego gets a drop, to become one with the natural process of life. When the ego gets the drop, no personal choice remains for the person, but everything that comes on the path is embraced out of sheer joy and love.

Neither the action nor you remain, but what remains is simply the process of life.

“With the natural process of life, the life becomes effortless. You don’t do things, but things happen through you. You become the medium for life.”

The wisdom aligns all your actions, with the natural process of life, and you simply allow the energy to flow through you, to get the things done. When your life simply becomes the medium, for the life itself, inside you experience the bliss, while outside life happens with sheer wisdom.

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