Add Power to the Self, with Each Breath



The inner transformation plays an important role for the outside change in life. A single step in a right direction allows a chain of good things to flow into our lives.

Sometimes, it may feel how small situation, little choices or decision can impact our life, but that’s how the life is formed and that’s how the journey of thousand miles gets completed. Everything matters with life, and every breath counts.

With every situation of life, you are standing on a crossroad. Whatever the decision or choice you make, will decide the further path for you. Either you make yourself weaker or add power to life it all depends on you.

When you uplift your body, mind and emotions everything around you get uplifted. The result you see outside is the result of the cumulative thoughts, emotions, and energy that formed inside. Once you uplift your inner world, the result shows up in the outside world.

The life doesn’t work with the magic bend but what you do with every moment, counts with life. When you are aware of the moment, you drop the things that don’t serve you and keep the things which are essential. You need to understand your life. Unless you understand, you never know, what serves you and what pulls you down with life.

The choice with life is needed at every step. Learn to make more choices with life. It adds alertness to life.

Life follows a rhythm, so does the mind, body, and emotions. If you allow the life to flow in rhythm you can accomplish anything in life. The rhythm should not break, or even if it gets break, you make sure to get back to the rhythm of life.

Life has a natural way to unfold. The external reality matches with your inner moving energy. You attract life. When you know, how to arrange yourself from inside, the external reality get in place by itself. The real work is needed inside.

Your thinking, feeling and actions from morning till evening sets a rhythm for life, and you experience life out of it. Mind, body, and emotions need to flow in synchronization. With the inner chaos, you just cannot have perfection in the outside life. The rhythm of life flows inside out.

Power to internal and external life comes from within. You don’t need any other power than what you hold inside. You can manifest anything with life, once you understand your inner world.

Once you explore your inner world, you realize your true potential to express in the external world. In the internal reality forms an expression and in the external reality you express your internal expression. Unless you know yourself from within, you will never know your true expression for life.

In a day, you come across many things, that consume unnecessary time and energy, and doesn’t add any value to life. You need to choose your action well so that you only add power to life.

Always Improve upon Life.

When you think to improve upon life, you become more watchful with every step. You don’t jump to life, but you only pick things that take your life higher. Life is a waste only to the ignorant. Once you begin to understand the patterns of life, everything and every moment counts with life.

The existence follows the laws of attraction, where you attract the quality of energy that you hold within. Your inner flow of energy comes out of your daily living habits. Your life doesn’t come out all of a sudden, but with your daily living. You create life moment by moment, knowingly or unknowingly.

If you can bring your awareness to the present moment, your life begins to transcend effortlessly.

The process of life is designed to overcome the internal struggle. Many times people think that outside situation or people are the cause of their downfall, but if they look inside, they can find no other cause than themselves.

You are the cause and effect for everything that happens in life, and once you understand this truth, you stop wasting time on others and start focusing on your life.

The struggle of life doesn’t end till the mind exists. Unless you know the mind completely and learn how to direct the mind in a right direction, life will always remain a chaos for you.

The life has been formed in a way, where the mind is directed outside. Whatever we learn we learn for outside. Whatever we create or manifest, we do it in the outside world. The mind gets trained to look outside for everything.

This is true that the life is possible outside, but this is also true, that life comes from inside. It’s necessary to follow the dreams and desires of the external reality, but at the same time, one should not forget that the attainment of the dreams and desires, is only possible with the inner understanding.

Unless you are connected from within, life is neither possible outside nor inside. You always remain stuck with life at every level. Only with the inner understanding you form your external reality. It’s very important to make yourself stronger and choose the path that serves you not only in the external world but also nourishes your inner life.


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