Action and Nonaction are the ways to Transcend the Mind


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Action and Nonaction are ways to transcend the mind. The action is when you act and Non-Action is the time, when you allow yourself to relax and evaluate your past act and contemplate your future act.

Action and Non-Action are the roots for the spiritual growth. Life happens out of expansion and contraction. It’s the natural process of life. With action, you create, you manifest, you allow your subtle world to give the physical form, and with Non-Action, you reflect back to your life.

This way you grow both in the material as well as spiritual world. The spiritual and material world is inter-connected. The material world is a physical reality of life, while the world of thoughts, images, feelings, emotions and energy are part of the spiritual world.

Non-Action connects you with the Subtle World.

Non-Action helps you to touch your spiritual part of life, that is your subtle world of energy, feelings, emotions, thoughts and images of your mind. The root of the physical reality lies in the subtle reality. The physical reality serves to form the imagination and create desires, but the process of imagination and creation takes place in the subtle world.

The physical and subtle world is inter-dependent and so does the action and non-action. Unless you know, how to relax in life, you cannot give everything to life. The quality of your action depends on how well you relax.

Once you understand the inner mechanism of your subtle world, the physical reality seems like a play. The life is only a trouble when you see only one aspect of it, and another aspect is hidden from you.

The subtle world is the primary reality that manifest the physical life on earth. Unless you know your subtle reality, you cannot create your physical reality out of choice.

When you get in touch with the subtle world, the physical reality gets crystal clear to you. You can only play the game well if you know the rule of it. If you play without knowing the rule, you get thrown out of the game again and again, and these create pain and suffering in life.

Not knowing the inner world, adds pain and suffering to life.

The game of life can only be known with the action and non-action. If you go on running in life, without knowing where you are heading towards with life, then you only add mess to your life.

With the action you manifest, and with non-action you transcend. Unless you transcend your past, you cannot fulfill the purpose of life. All the solutions of life are available in the process of transcendence. The time you transcend your past, the past becomes clear to you.

Non-action not only helps you to evaluate and contemplate your life, but it also serves in expanding your mind, body, and emotions. Once your inner world expands, you increase the capacity to receive more and give more to life.

In non-action, all you do is surrender yourself. You allow the things to unfold within. The process of life unfolds inside first before it appears outside. Non-action or a simple state of relaxation gives you clarity in every aspect of life.

The mind is the space, from where you see the world, so if the mind is not relaxed, your perception gets narrowed and you react in the situation rather be more responsive towards life. Once you know how to move into non-action, the action becomes effortless.

Non-action is not just a technique to relax or have a peace of mind, but it can transcend your mind to the highest level. Non-action is a process that takes you towards of self-realization. With the self-realization, inner mechanism of life is revealed.

Non-action is a skill. Just like any other skill, non-action too is a skill that needs to be practiced on an everyday basis. You need to learn to spend with yourself in silence. Staying alone is a blessing while feeling lonely is a curse. Non-action teaches you to stay alone.

In practical life, people are busy being busy, but when they evaluate their entire day, they actually realize how much time they spent on the productive things, and how much time they waste on non-productive stuff. Sometimes, people do consider the non-productive action as the productive thing, out of ignorance. Unless you spend time each day to evaluate your life, you will never realize in which direction your life is moving.

There are two ways to go about life.

Either you start dropping things that don’t serve you in your life, and so whatever remains will uplift your life, or else put attention on the things that are important to you at the moment, so the things that don’t serve you, by itself gets drop from your life.

Life beyond Action & Non-Action.

Action and non-action remain limited to the subtle and physical reality, but there is also the world beyond the physical and subtle reality. Non-action doesn’t serve you to manifest your physical reality, but you simply allow yourself to shift beyond the state of non-action, you can also have an access to the world, which is beyond the physical and subtle reality.

This space in you is the source of both the subtle and physical reality. From this space, the entire process of action or non-action gets clear to you and you perceive the world with the heightened awareness.

The real confusion of life is not how to manifest the physical reality but where to put an end to it. You may spend the entire life accumulating things, but if it doesn’t serve your inner world than it doesn’t fulfill the purpose of your life.

The subtle world is primary while the external reality is secondary. The external reality exists to serve the inner reality and not vice-versa.

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