Accept Your Life in Totality, to begin the Process of Transcendence.


You want to reach somewhere. Everyone wants to reach somewhere. You want all the solutions of your problem, in this moment. That’s how the mind thinks. It might have taken years to create a problem, but once you choose to improve your world or make your life better, you want all at once.

When the mind wish to have everything in this moment, he moves away from the present moment and start dwelling in the past or the future. But the mind is more efficient, when its focused and into the moment.

When you already choose to be somewhere in the future, your mind carries you in the future, and you try to create your future, out of the ideas that you have carried from the past.

“The connection with the process of breath moving in and out, confirms the present moment awareness.”

Try to observe your breath. If your mind can connect with the movement of the breath, that confirms your state of mind, in the present moment. Now, try to hold your mind with the breathe, and see how long you can stay with it. The time your mind deviates from the movement of the breath, your attention has been shifted to your past and future. When you accept yourself absolutely in the moment with all the flaws, slowly your awareness shifts into the present moment.

You have to develop great trust into life. Lesser understanding towards life, makes you run without any purpose. When you develop understanding towards life, you only pick the actions, which is important and no longer spend your time, on the things that doesn’t serve the purpose in the moment.

Everyone carries its own interest and liking’s with life. It’s not necessary that the dream that you perceive, and are willing to die for it, other person too feel the same. For him, it may be utter waste of time.

“Each one carries different level of understanding, when it comes to the process of evolution, and thus everyone looks at life from different perspective.”

It’s no issue, with what perspective you view life, as long as you accept life whole-heartedly. Total acceptance means to accept this moment of life, as it is, without any changes. No regret or resistance towards life. Life is in perfect shape in this moment.

Everyone is walking on the path of life. When the sun shines, you begin your journey and at night, you rest for a while to continue your journey again. When you have already covered the path from your past, and if you still wander about, to move into the past, than you train your mind with incorrect information.

“The life is such that you cannot move back, and so the only way possible is to move forward. Once you are born, you cannot go back to the womb. You have to move ahead in life.”

The same thing applies to the future. While you are already on the journey called life, you have no idea what’s lie ahead on the path. So if you plan or prepare for the long future, you spend unnecessary time in the present moment. No sooner, you prepare your mind to be only in the future, and you miss the present moment. Your future is shaped by your present moment, but if you repeat the actions in the present moment from the understanding of your past, you see the same future. No one likes to walk the same path over and over.

The life is an adventure, thrill, fun, love, happiness, creativity, innovation and life is also about, fear, insecurity, sadness, bitterness, anger, stress and depression. Life comes with all its colors. Any moment of time, both the colors are present to you, and you have to choose, which color you like and later form a chain of it.

Whatever you choose, say if you choose love, you cannot deny the sadness, as its part of love. Everything that takes place in the inner world moves parallel in circle. Love is higher, sadness is lower and anger is much lower. The inner energy moves in a parallel circle, and the location of your energy decides your feelings in the moment. With the acceptance, the energy shifts to a higher level and whatever you may feel in this moment, but with the acceptance, you rise to the better feeling.

This is the magic of acceptance. Your energy transcends on a higher level. Without acceptance, the part of you, resist with everything. If anything that happens against your nature, your inner system resist. But with total acceptance, you surrender yourself completely. With acceptance, you don’t live with a choice. You are not dependent on the outside event, as you have already accepted this moment, and with acceptance you embrace both the outside as well as inside life.

In reality outside as well as inside life moves simultaneously. With the acceptance of the inner self, outside life too is accepted.

“The resistance towards life happens from inside and not outside. Its not the outside things that bothers you, but your inner state of mind.”

Life happens in a day. As the day change, the quality of life change from within, either on a higher side or on a lower side. If you are sliding down on a lower side, everyday you slips down with your life. But when you slip down, there is an end to it, below which you cannot fall, or at-least human cannot fall.

Say, for e.g. if you don’t like someone, at the most what worst you can think for the person, that he should leave the world, and once that happens than?

Than what else can you think for him. That’s it. You have sent him out of the world, and no more lower level, you can slip with life. To the lower life, there is a limit, but to the higher side, there is no limit. You can rise higher with life, as much as you want.

A beggar cannot go beyond, not having anything, while the rich man can climb the ladder, as much as he wants, and there is no limit to it. Life is contrast. You can move higher and you can fall on the lower level. But to the lower level, there is an end to it, but when you choose to rise high, you can go expanding with life.

The process of rising high with life and falling down from grace happens with the mind. The part of the mind, holds the personal identity “I” that relate itself with everything of the past, present and future. The “I” of the mind, gives you the sense of attachment.

The “I” of the mind relate itself with the body, mind and heart and develops his own image of the past and the future. His present actions too depends upon the idea he carries in his mind about life. When you consciously make the choice to accept life, and live with the sense of surrender with all your actions, the personal identity “I” that carries his own idea for life, gets drop in this moment and connect with the natural process of life.

Everyone carries his personal identity into their own mind, and carry their own idea of life. When you drop your own idea, you can observe the natural process of life, and rather forcing the situation, people and experience according to your way, you allow the life to happen with total acceptance.

This doesn’t mean you don’t make choice with your life or you don’t take decisions, but when your understanding becomes one with the natural process of life, you make a choice with absolute detachment and you make the best use of the situations and experiences in the present moment.

“When you live with the total acceptance, you are not interested in the past or future, but in this moment itself.”

The time seems lesser, if you fill your mind with different idea’s of success and failure, and purpose and goals. If you choose to live absolutely in the moment, dropping all the bifurcation’s of time and space, you have ample of time to do any task and you can add quality to your every task. The time and space limits your perception towards life. You cannot see life with different dimensions, but you only see with what you have acquired from the past.

It’s very important to trust life. When you are born, life sets up all the things that you require on this earth. Its only your own little perception towards life, that becomes the hindrance for your growth.

Life is a process, where you learn, grow and evolve. When you accept, where you are with life, the shift occurs in your perception. The shift may be little, but that little shift is enough for you to take higher with the understanding towards life.

Life doesn’t expand with your manifestation in the outside world, but in reality you grow and evolve inside. Your outside life revolves around the growth that took place in your inner world. The different situations, people and experiences of life gives you a glimpse of what you carry inside of you.

“With the total acceptance, you figure out your resistance with different things, situation or people and as you accept life more and more inside, you start to notice the changes outside.”


  1. No I do not. The use of the words ‘you’ and ‘everyone’ for me, make things that I experience immediately false. I have not experienced, in this moment that I can consider, a generality that is a ‘you’ or an ‘everyone’. Though, I have not yet had tea this morning. What I am reading here would hold so much more impact to me, if it were written as experience from an I, a mirror (or not ) of my own experience. I happen to appreciate the thought of appreciating what you have to say. Your words tell me about You, as one unique individual. I like that. Please let me see just you and how you do and see it. I hope that my request is not too much.

    • Elisa, when you realized something, which is beyond your own identity, and to which you cannot identify, but simply what remains, is an experience.

      When you realize this experience, you will not remain, but only the experience will remain.

      When you live the experience, you share the experience, and surprisingly , others too experience the same, but it would be impossible for you to consider it, your individual experience.

      This experience is universal, and to identify with “I” seems too small. “I” is lost to early, before you reach to the summit.

      When you share your experience with others, you share what you have experienced, not as an individual identity, but simply as an experience.

      I agree with you, when I use the word, you and everyone, I may simply direct to the reader, but that’s whole point of the writing.

      Here is the experience, and here I give it to you. No mind game, simply the truth, from one being to another.

      Elisa, I would request you to stay, with the writing for a while, and please share your heart out.

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